How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

How to Hide Extensions in Very Short Hair

Hiding extensions in very short hair is a little different than long hair, mainly because you can’t just stick them in. But you CAN hide your extensions in short hair! You just have to be a little more creative. So how to hide extensions in very short hair?

Hair extensions are amazing to add extra length and volume to your hair. But there are times they just don’t work well with your particular hairstyle. Whether it’s a fine hairline or if you want to hide it to prevent damage, there are certain ways to use your hair extensions effectively. Hiding the ends of your hair extensions is a simple and easy trick that will make them look like they were cut right into your hair. In addition, it creates a seamless transition between short and long pieces making the process less noticeable.

Besides coloring your hair, adding extensions is the best way to make your hair longer and have a fuller look. Most of you are familiar with extension apps, so we won’t go on that much about it. But few among you might not know what extension clips are.

Hair extensions can help make even the fussiest of styles – something we don’t all wake up with naturally. But they’re not always sustainable or affordable. 

Hair extensions are becoming a more and more popular choice. When trimmed and tucked in, they can look amazingly natural, and you can extend the length of your hair so easily.

Complete Guide On How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair

If you are looking for a solution to hiding extensions in very short hair, this article is for you! We will give you some tips about blending extensions into your hair if you have really short hair. We will also talk about why extensions don’t blend with short hair and the solution.

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

The most important thing about hiding extensions in very short hair is finding the right length of extensions. You need to pick the right length, so it doesn’t look unnatural and has a seamless blend with your natural hair. For example, if you have a pixie cut shorter than 2 inches, we recommend that you go with a clip-in extension set that is around the same length as your natural hair.

If your short haircut is slightly longer than 2 inches, we recommend that you pick an extension set that is one or two inches longer than your natural hair length. This will make your shorter pieces blend in seamlessly with your natural hair, having a more voluminous look overall.

Why Do Extensions Not Blend With Short Hair?

The trick is to know what works and how to apply it. There are two main types of hair extensions, clip-in and permanent. Permanent extensions can be glued on or weaved in. The better quality clip-in hair extensions are made of real human hair and come in various colors and lengths. The advantage of using clip-ins is that they can be added or removed as required.

You may want to use extensions just for a special occasion such as a wedding or ball and only need them for one day. Why spend the money on permanent extensions when you can get clip-ins instead? This saves you lots of money and means your natural hair doesn’t have to suffer from glue or sewing stitches.

Hiding Short Hair Extensions

It can be quite difficult to blend extensions into your natural hair when it comes to short hair because there isn’t enough volume to cover the extension clips.

How To Hide Extensions In Very Short Hair?

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. But they can be tricky if you have short hair. The good news is that it is possible to still use hair extensions in short hair.

1 – Cut Hair Extensions To Blend With Short Hair

Clipping in your extensions can be a challenge if you have very short hair. The trick is to cut the weft or clip-in pieces so they will blend better with your natural hair.

Cut the pieces in varying lengths, from 1 to 4 inches long. Mix up the lengths of the wefts as much as possible so that it looks more natural. This will help them blend with your shorter hair better, making it easier for you to hide them when your hair is down.

2 – Select A Suitable Color

You must choose a color for your extensions that matches your hair perfectly. If you choose an incorrect color, it can make your extensions extremely noticeable and look very unnatural with your hair. Take into account any highlights or lowlights you have when choosing a color for your new extensions.

3 – Go For A Heavier Weight Set

If you want to hide the extensions in very short hair, you should opt for heavier weight sets. This makes it possible for the extensions to cover all the gaps left by your short hair, which would have been exposed when you go for lighter-weight sets.

4 – Curl Or Straighten The Extensions

You can go for straightening or curling the hair extensions. This will make the extension blend with your hair. If you have straight hair, curl the extensions and if you have curly hair, straighten them up. This will make it blend perfectly with your current hairstyle.

5 – Short Curly Hair Extensions

You can use short curly extensions to hide them from others. These are easy to manage and don’t take much time to style or maintain. You just need to buy a few short curly hair extensions and then apply them according to your current hairstyle. They will not only offer you a wonderful look, but they will also remove any questions you may have about the visibility of your hair extensions.

6 – Hide The Bases

You must make the bases disappear when the haircut makes it tough to hide extensions. You’ll notice small edges underneath the extensions while wearing them. Use a hairpin near the bottom of your hair to address this problem. Braids are another option for getting over the base. Make sure the extensions aren’t visible to passers-by.

7 – Pile Them Up

The best approach is to stack wefts one on top of the other. This method can be used to give the wefts more volume. Then, clip the wefts into your hair for smoother results.

8 – Make A Lovely Braid

If you notice any unattractive layers beneath the extensions, hide them with braids because people can tell the hair isn’t natural. Begin by shaving the hair around both of your ears. Then, make a lovely braid and secure it to the head with pins.

Braids allow you to move freely without touching your hair or hiding the layers regularly. Furthermore, when women braid their hair extensions, they appear completely natural.

How to hide extensions in short hair

  • Your extensions should be trimmed and/or layered.

While it may appear to be a waste of money to chop off the hair you’ve acquired, it’s critical to have that natural flow so it’s not visible where your natural hair ends and the extensions begin. While the extensions are in your hair, we recommend having them cut by a professional hairstylist. It will also be beneficial to number the wefts to know which one goes where.

  • Hide your hair’s bottom layer.

One of the most evident symptoms of wearing hair extensions is when the bottom layers of your natural hair show through underneath the extensions. Also, if you have a lot of hair, you may need to pin back a part of it to make the blend more smooth. To begin, section the bottom of your hair (from the middle of your ear to the middle of your ear), braid it (or tie it back with an elastic band), and fasten it against your head.

Continue clipping your hair extensions in from there, starting with the bottom-most weft just above where you’ve secured your hair. You can let your hair down once all of the wefts are in place, and the effect will seem much more natural!

Curl or wave your extensions to make them look more natural. Although Luxies look great with straight hair, wavy or curly styles can assist in concealing the gap between your natural hair and the lengthier extensions.

  • Make sure your extensions are clean.

If you haven’t already, we recommend that you do so. Many of our customers report that washing their hair causes it to fluff up and expand, making the set appear and feel thicker, which may help it blend in better. Furthermore, some consumers believe that washing their extensions improves their blend with their natural hair texture. You may also try out different curl designs without having to buy a bunch of different curling wands.

  • Curl your extensions in the same direction as your natural hair.

Take a strand of your hair and a strand of the extensions and weave them into each curl. This will help blur the gap between your natural hair and the extensions. That way, when you brush your hair out, it will flow into the extensions seamlessly.

  • Wefts should be clipped in higher on your head.

Alternatively, simply stretch them out more in the spacing to blend. Although there is a general order in which extensions should be clipped in, we all have various hair kinds, head sizes, and shapes, so this will not always be the case. Experiment with the wefts to see what positions and sequences work best for you and which wefts.

  • Make a strong foundation for the wefts.

This means you’ll need to construct something at the roots of your hair that will allow the clips to stay in place throughout the day without sliding or straining. Before you clip in your Luxies, try teasing each area of hair at the root. Then apply a hairspray, sea salt spray, or volumizing spray to finish each part (you may even use dry shampoo). This will assist your Luxies in attaching to a better surface and eliminate the slippage.

You can ‘twist’ your hair around like a twirl if you don’t want to tease it, so the clips have plenty of hair to clip on to. If that doesn’t work, try braiding the hair part where you want your Luxies to clip in so the clips can catch on the braid for stability.

  • Wefts should be stacked.

When wearing extensions, stacking the wefts on top of each other is a great trick. This adds volume, but you’re still only clipping in one weft to your natural hair. Nevertheless, this is a terrific method to free up some space on your scalp while also hiding part of your haircut’s bluntness.

  • To frame your face, clip a two-clip weft diagonally.

An easy method to make your extensions less noticeable around your face is to clip your wefts in a diagonal line. This procedure creates a natural high-to-low appearance in your hair that will fall organically and frame your face.

  • Locate your secure haven.

This is especially crucial for those with fine hair, preventing the wefts from showing through. The clips will not be seen in this part of your head. Anywhere below the line of your brows is a safe zone. Make a circle around your head from one brow to the other; your wefts will be clipped in anywhere below that circle.

How easy is it to hide tape-in extensions in thin hair?

Tape-in extensions are one of the most effective ways to enhance your natural hair. You can change the length, volume, and style of your hair. This method is popular since it is simple to implement, even by oneself! Furthermore, it achieves excellent results even in girls with very thin and low-density strands. Like the rest of our extensions, we want them to look as natural and authentic as possible. Nobody wants to be out and about or on a hot date, only for their extensions to start sticking out and revealing all of their hidden hair tricks!

1. Curl your locks

You may simply conceal the tapes by softly curling your tresses. Unfortunately, it also increases the volume of your hair. However, if you know how to curl hair properly, the effects will be stunning. In addition, a wavy tape would be more difficult to detect than a straight one.

However, when utilizing heating tools to curl the extensions, you must be cautious. Applying too much heat would damage both your real hair and the extensions. To avoid this danger, it’s a good idea to use a heat protector.

2 Tease the layers of your hair

Another way to properly disguise hair extensions tape is to tease your natural strands in certain locations. Then, find the strands between the tapes and strategically tear them apart. Of course, go easy because overdoing it will result in odd bulges.

Tapes should not be applied to your scalp.

Keep the extensions away from your scalp as much as possible. It not only prevents your natural strands from developing freely, but it also restricts your hair’s movement. The tapes should be placed approximately an inch from your scalp to allow your natural strands to breathe and flow more freely.

As a result, everything will seem as it should when you flip or play with your hair. Windy weather can also be tricky. As a result, if your hair is stiff and resembles a large hairy helmet, others will notice something wrong.

Learn how to lay bricks in a specific pattern.

Another crucial consideration is the bricklaying pattern. When taping your extensions, you should stick to this pattern. Why? Because it assures that the cassettes themselves are not seen. Also, avoid going too high up when taping.

The closer the tapes are to your hairline or the top of your strands, the less probable they will be well hidden. Another thing that obstructs your locks’ natural mobility is this. You want your hair to flow freely at the top, while the extensions are mostly on the bottom., which is normally immobile. However, even in cases of very low-density hair, the tapes can be disguised if the positioning is done correctly.

There are a few reasons why extensions don’t blend well with short hair:

The weight of the extension will pull on the very short hairs causing them to lay down and not blend well if they are already layered.

The weight of the extension also causes tension and damage at the root, where there aren’t many hairs to help distribute the weight. This will cause breakage as well as shedding over time.


You can tuck it in or clip it back if you want straight hair. If you have curls, try a top-knot or bun. You can also layer it over your hair or twist it into a braid. The key is to make sure that no one knows that there’s extra hair hiding under your real strands.

The best thing about wearing wefts for women is easy and quick to install. They don’t take hours of styling and fiddling like other methods do, so if you wear them for an event, they will not be uncomfortable for long periods.

When you purchase wefts for women, first decide which type of texture would be most suitable for your natural texture. Some options include: straight, wavy, and curly. Then determine what color would look best with your skin tone and how many inches long you’d like your extensions to be.

We hope you now have a better idea of concealing extensions with short hair. Women with short hair should use this weight, and the hair extensions should look natural. Don’t cut the extensions yourself if you’re not sure about the layers or alternative hairstyles.

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