How to measure the hair length

How to measure the hair length

One effective method for determining the ideal length of your hair is to measure it. You’ll also need a measuring tape for this, and you’ll want to write down your measures so you can compare them to the following measurements. This is also an excellent technique for naturals who are taking supplements or other development advisors to check if they are genuinely assisting you in increasing your natural hair growth.

The natural hair length check is usually required to be measured regularly to maintain a healthy and good hair condition. The present hair length is approximately 8 to 9 inches all over. Whether you’re going through a hair growth phase or not, you need to restore your hair to a healthy state. One of the greatest ways to understand your natural hair passage is to see how your hair changes and watch your progress for a year.

Although measuring the length of straight hair is relatively simple, due to its twists, turns, coils, and kinks, it can be difficult to correctly assess the growth of curly hair.

How To Measure Hair Length

How To Measure Hair Length

Measuring your hair length is one technique to see if you are meeting your hair goals.

There are numerous methods for determining the length of your hair. They can include things like measuring tapes, rulers, and comparison photographs. The latter entails taking photographs of your hair over time. Take photos of your hair in a braid out in 2021 and another in 2022, and compare the lengths. Taking photos of your hair over six months will also work for this strategy.

In some cases, the methods listed above may be too difficult or imprecise. The use of your body as a measurement aid has to be the simplest method. As a result, your body acts as a hair length chart, allowing you to track your progress as you strive toward your hair length goals.

●     A Length Checking Shirt is a good option.

For assessing your hair length, length-checking shirts are available on the market. These shirts are ideal for folks who have just straightened their hair or who are using a hair growth serum. Simply measure the length of a strand of hair placed in the measurement spot.

It’s a t-shirt with lines at various hair growth milestones that not only keeps track of your hair length but also serves as a fun tool to set future length objectives.

You can use a length check shirt to check whether your hair has reached a certain length utilizing body parts regularly:

●     Length of Shoulders (SL)

●     Length of Armpits (APL)

●     Length of Bra Strap (BSL)

●     Back Length: Mid (MBL)

●     WL (Waist Length)

The Benefits of a Long Check Shirt

Simple measurement: You can watch your hair development inch by inch if you utilize it appropriately.

Length check shirts are a terrific addition to hair length comparison images because they are easy to click and distribute.

The Drawbacks of a Long Check Shirt:

Inaccuracy: The way you wear your shirt might affect the length of your hair. You may unintentionally pull your shirt up, down, stretch it out, or the fabric may loosen with time.

●     Comparison shots

Comparison shots may be found all over the internet, and they’re among the most interesting images posted. They’re used by curly girls all around the world to track the length of their hair over time.

Hair length does not vary overnight, nor does it change consistently every week. You can examine the visible change, which can be detected with a snap. Yes, you can verify the difference in hair length with your phone camera, but a professional shot may reveal the difference more clearly.

Here are some tips for taking good hair length comparison photos:

●     In both photos, keep your hair in the same way.

●     Make sure your surroundings and clothes contrast with the color of your hair.

●     In both photos, take the shot from the same distance.

●     Allow ample time between the first and second photographs.

Pros of Comparative Photography

➔   They’re a terrific way to see how your hair is progressing.

➔   You can correctly track your hair development.

➔   They have a click and share feature that allows you to share your hair growth progress with friends and family in person or via social media.

Cons of Comparative Photography

They aren’t the ideal solution for getting precise length measurements because they are imprecise. For this objective, other methods are far superior.

Disappointment: Even though your hair has grown, you may not see any difference between two photos taken months apart. This may result in unnecessary discouragement.

The standards are not universally accurate, and depending on your body shape or how you wear the shirt, you may get an erroneous score. Aside from reading accuracy, you should have a body contour that is appropriate for the shirt.

In general, the length is measured using four conventional standards. These are the four benchmarks:

●     APL stands for armpit length.

●     MBL stands for middle-back-length.

●     BSL stands for brassiere strap length.

●     WL stands for waist-length.

●     Soft tape measurement

The most precise approach to measure your hair length is with a soft tape measure (also known as measuring tape). Writing down your measurements and comparing them to future ones is the greatest way to track your development with a tape measure.

Here are the steps in detail:

●     Unwrap your tape measure and look for the lower numbers at the end. Between your thumb and pointer finger, hold the tape measure at that end.

●     Select a portion of hair from which to take measurements.

●     Make sure the end of your tape measure contacts your scalp (near the hair section you chose).

●     Hold the tape measure at your scalp with one hand while stretching and measuring your hair with the other.

●     Take note of the ends of your hair.

●     Recite the instructions above over and over in your thoughts (on each side, the crown, the back, etc.)

The Advantages of Using a Soft Tape Measure

The Advantages of Using a Soft Tape Measure

Accuracy: You can see how long your hair is and keep track of your hair growth rate every month.

Ease of Use: Once you’ve mastered using a tape measure to measure your hair, it’ll become second nature.

The Drawbacks of Using a Soft Tape Measure

Measuring the hair in the back: Measuring the hair in the back might be difficult, especially if you have short curly hair.

At what length is hair considered long?

We all use phrases like “short,” “medium-long,” “shoulder length,” and “long” to describe hair lengths. Do these words, however, effectively convey the message? When someone mentions various hair lengths to another person, there are often misunderstandings, and when this happens at the salon, the results can be rather unpleasant.

Long hair faces a challenge in maintaining its popularity due to the abundance of medium-length hair. When women visit hair salons nowadays, they frequently inquire about “what is considered long hair” and “what is the trendy long hairdo right now.” Instead, because they no longer have time to manage long hair, they are falling in love with shoulder-length hair.

If your strands are longer than your shoulder blade but less than your armpit, you are a medium-length hair follower. As one of my coworkers is a vibrant illustration, it refreshes your look.

Hairfinder made a really useful hair length chart to show us the most common lengths and all of the in-betweens to avoid any further confusion regarding hair lengths and their definition. Because the lengths are measured at the level of body parts from ear to ankle, it’s simple to remember.

When it comes to defining “what is considered long hair,” the strands must be at least armpit length. Long hair has the advantage of being able to have any healthy haircut. Long hair appears to be very attractive at first glance, and there are numerous styles available with long strands.

How many inches is my hair?

The only purpose of doing a hair length check is to see how many inches of hair you’re gaining over a year. This enables you to determine how well your hair is doing and whether it is growing thick and healthy.

1.    Small length: A buzzcut to a chin-length bob are examples of short-length hairstyles. Short hair is usually between 10 and 20 centimeters long.

2. Medium length: This refers to the length of the hair from the chin to a few inches past the shoulders. This hair length ranges from 20 to 40 centimeters.

3. Long hair: Long hair is normal hair that extends from the armpits to whatever length you like. It ranges in size from 40cm to 55cm. If you have very long hair, it will measure between 55cm and 75cm.

How To Measure The Length In The Right Way?

How To Measure Hair Length

Because the hair is straight, the length should be from the top of the head to the bottom. Curly and wavy wigs are manufactured from straight wigs, so curly and wavy wigs will be 1-2 inches shorter (depending on how deep the curl is) than straight wigs of the same length.

Measuring length is a fundamental ability that may be applied to measure the length of hair in the right way.

Select the best tool for your hair

You can measure the length with a variety of tools, but the best one for you will depend on the unit system you want to use and the length you want to measure.

Rulers have straight, hard edges with graduated markings on them. The marks for inches are usually on one side, while the markings for centimeters are on the other. For relatively short durations, these instruments are ideal.

Flexible straight edges with graduated markings make up tape measurements. Because most tape measures only measure one unit system (US customary or metric), you’ll need to find one that does.

These tools are useful for measuring the entire length of an object that exists in more than one dimension since they can bend (e.g., waist measurements, the circumference of a woodblock, etc.).

The manufacture and length of meter and yardsticks are comparable. Both have graduated markings and are stiff straight edges. All lengths up to 1 meter/ 100 cm are measured using meter sticks, while all lengths up to 1 yard are measured with yardsticks (or 3 feet).

One end should be aligned with the “0” mark. On one end of the measuring stick or measuring tape, find the zero (0) mark. Align the starting edge of the object to be measured with this zero mark.

It’s worth noting that the zero mark isn’t always on the measuring tool’s exact starting edge. The zero mark can be found as a long line right above the labeled 0 mark.

Extend the measuring tool to the end of the length. Place the measuring stick or measuring tape flat against the object’s surface. Maintain a perpendicular relationship between the beginning edge and the entire tool.

Find the most significant whole number. Look for the largest whole number that appears immediately before the terminating edge of the object to be measured. Make a note of the entire number.

Make sure you put down the complete number as well as the unit of measurement.

Use the lesser of two values when the edge lands between two full numbers.

If the margin of a measured length is between 6 and 5 inches, for example, use 6 inches as your measurement.

What hair length is most attractive?

Long hairstyles are typically associated with femininity, and most men are said to favor them on women. In a 2008 poll of 3,000 men conducted by The Daily Mail, an overwhelming 43 percent of men chose a long, wavy haircut. Long and straight came in second, with 13% of men choosing it as their preferred style.

Men thought women with long hair looked healthier, according to this study, which tried to explore hair length preferences on an evolutionary level. This, evolutionarily speaking, makes the woman a more suitable partner, thus making her more appealing

Is 18 inches long for hair?

Different hairstyles have a significant impact on how long your hair seems when you have the same hair length. If your hair is straight, you can see the entire 18-inch length.

18 inches is suitable for everyone since it is easy to style and looks more beautiful. It’s the most preferred length since it’s long enough to see the volume and thick enough for the hairdresser to make it soft and shining.

Is long hair attractive?

Long hair is indeed attractive. The collarbone length is just below the shoulder line and adds a few inches of mobility to the hair. You can braid the hair at this length, and it’s also ideal for lengthy layers with beautifully textured tips.

When it comes to a real mane, armpit length is when things become serious. You’ll have a very sensual and alluring appearance if you add extra layers and possibly waves for more volume and drama.

How can I increase my hair length?

How can I increase my hair length

●     Wash your hair regularly with volumes of oiling, the second vital step is to wash your hair regularly to keep it healthy and clean. The oil glands on your scalp create sebum regularly, which builds a coating that inhibits hair growth.

So wash your hair at regular intervals and try to use natural shampoos and conditioners whenever possible. At the same time, avoid over-washing because dryness will result in broken and peeled hair.

●     Maintain a constant temperature in the water

The temperature of the water is crucial. It’s worth noting that hot water damages hair follicles and inhibits hair development, whilst overly cold showers constrict the capillaries in your scalp. Washing your hair with ordinary water is best.

Your hair will be healthy, smooth, and soft as a result of this.

●     Maintain a healthy diet.

Vegetables and fresh fruits, as well as protein-rich foods like soybeans, milk, fish, and cheese, should all be consumed in large quantities. Don’t eat junk food, and make sure to drink enough water.

●     Hairstyles that are too tight should be avoided.

Tight hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, and even buns can cause lasting harm to your strands. Tight hairstyles cause your hair to become loose at the roots, making it more susceptible to breakage.

When you design a tight hairdo, it weakens the hair and leads to hair loss. So, now and then, let your hair down and don’t always tie it up with overly tight rubber bands.

●     Trim your hair regularly.

 The majority of hairstylists advise that regular cutting be done once every three months.

This will significantly increase your hair growth and keep your hair healthy.


Curly hair might be difficult to measure, but there are a few options for keeping track of your hair growth.

Someone might wish to do it for social media shots, in which case comparison photos or a hair-length T-shirt are the ideal possibilities.

The soft tape measure approach, on the other hand, is perfect for someone who values accuracy above all else. We recommend that you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy before deciding which is best for you.

Remember that hair growth requires time, care, and patience, no matter which method you use (comparison photographs, hair length shirts, or a soft tape measure). We recommend that you accept the journey as a whole rather than rushing through the process of progress.

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