Braiding Hair Colors [Simple Guide For You]

Braiding hair colors

Box braids are so popular, that you’ve almost certainly seen them a countless number of times before. As a result, you may be seeking a way to freshen up your looks. What are the best braiding hair colors?

Adding contemporary colors to your box braids is a great way to spice up your everyday hairdo and make your box braids stand out from the crowd. There are a plethora of gorgeous hues to select from, and we’ve prepared a list of 32 lovely box braids with color to get you started on your journey. Whether you like vibrant colors or bold tints, we have something to suit your style.

Box braids color tips

Colorful box braids are a fun way to alter your hair color momentarily, see how you’d appear with different hair colors, or dress up your hair for a special event. Colored braids are a choice for everyone, whether you’re daring and adventurous or more restrained and conservative, thanks to the huge selection of hues available.

Colored Braiding Hair Options for Box Braids

1. Wodun Boho Goddess Crochet Hair

The Wodun Boho Goddess Crochet Hair is ideal for any event, whether it’s a special occasion or a day at the office. For a gorgeous hairdo for ladies and girls, these pre-looped braids have a charming spiral through the center and bottom. Furthermore, the sultry curls at the end provide a trendy touch while remaining natural. They come in a variety of unusual color patterns that may be utilized to create eye-catching party decorations.

2. AIDUSA Ombre Braiding

Aidusa’s incredibly adaptable bundle of hair extensions may be used to change up your daily hairstyles. This yaki textured hair has a lovely ombre transition that’s perfect for box braids, Senegal twist, crochet, or African twist hair.

3. Crochet Box Braids by AliRobam

To add an ombre appearance to your hairdo, use the AliRobam Crochet Box Braids. These synthetic hair extensions are incredibly silky, simple to use and give the appearance of real braiding. It’s appropriate for a variety of situations, including weddings, proms, parties, and dating evenings.

Choosing a Color for Your Braided Boxes

Each of us has a unique skin tone that distinguishes us from others. Melanin may be found in several forms and concentrations on our skin. Finding out what color hair you should have is the first step in selecting what hair color is appropriate for you and your hairdo. Hair color selection may be difficult, and you must make the appropriate choice the first time around. 

You don’t want your magnificent or wonderful face to seem older or dull because of your hair, so select a style that enhances your characteristics rather than detracting from them. What if you don’t know where to begin? How to go about it is as follows:

  • Determine your skin tone.

First and foremost, determine your skin tone. Warm and cool skin tones are the two types of skin tones. To determine the color of your undertone, use natural light. Blue veins or pink undertones characterize cool skin tones. Green veins and peach or gold tints characterize warm skin tones. Some people have trouble determining what color their undertones are, so don’t worry.

 Which color suits you better: silver or gold? Warm skin tones seem better in gold, whereas cool skin tones look better in silver. Similarly, black appears better on cold skin tones, but brown looks better on warm skin tones. Consider which colors complement your skin tone the best.

 Hold a variety of colored shirts near your face while standing in front of a mirror. If you like tones of blue, green, or purple to be the most flattering, a cool-tone hair color is appropriate for you. If your complexion appears nice against tones of red, orange, or yellow, warm-tone hair color is the finest option.

Choose a hair color that is complementary to your skin tone and eye color. On cool skin tones, black, ash blondes, ash browns, and platinum blondes are all excellent choices for hair color. Colors that compliment warm skin tones include gold-brown, golden-blonde, and warm red.

  • Wardrobe

Consider the colors you’ll be wearing most of the time when choosing a color for your box braids. Consider which lipstick colors suit you best or which top will bring out your greatest features. Consider your work environment as well: do you work in a liberal or quiet office? Do you like a more subdued, neutral hue that will go with everything you choose to wear?

The nicest aspect is that you have many options for playing with color. There are monochromatic, two-toned, ombre, and multicolored braids. If you’re afraid of bright colors, a dark maroon, a deep brown, or an electric blue may be more to your taste. Color changes may have a big influence on one’s look.

Styling Versatility and Color Choices

1. Purple Box Braids

Purple is one of the most popular colors for box braiding. Even though it may seem daunting at first, this hue is suited for everyone. It may be reserved for the courageous, but we recommend giving it a go.

Purple comes in a wide range of hues. On dark skin tones, dark and deep purple tints look excellent, while light-haired ladies should choose lilac or light purple shades with blonde accents.

2. Braids in Indigo Box

The sleek, silky style of these box braids complements the gorgeous blue hue. If you want to emulate this style, Kanekalon hair is your best choice. Indigo is a stunning hue that isn’t often seen.

3. Braids in a Red Box

Women with red hair will undoubtedly get several praise everywhere they go. The vibrant red braids will look amazing on dark-haired females, but they may also look elegant on blonde or light-brown hair. There are many different tones of red to choose from. From burgundy tones, copper tones, and amber tones, to vibrant red box braids that will attract all the attention, there’s something for everyone.

4. Lavender Box Braids

On box braids that extend beyond the waist, lavender makes a bold statement. These braids aren’t completed to the finish, leaving the tips loose but straight. Wear it down or in a half-updo and you’ll look and feel great all day.

5. Ombre Pink Box Braids

These cotton candy-colored box braids will have you looking gorgeous in pink. The ombre hue creates a wonderful color contrast and enables you to match your natural hair color at the roots.

6. Rainbow Colors Box Braids

These box braids come in a rainbow of colors ranging from blue to yellow. This kind of hair is ideal for anybody looking for a fresh style that is both dramatic and exciting. Summertime would be perfect for rainbow braids.

7. Ombre Turquoise Box Braids

If you’ve always wanted to appear like a mermaid, now’s your opportunity. Turquoise box braids are a summer must-have. You may create a great hairdo by weaving box braids of various lengths and mixing blue tones.

8. Candy Pink Box Braids

Two french braids drape over each shoulder from these delightful candy pink box braids. This is a fantastic hue for the summer.

9. Olive Green Box Braids

Olive green hair is fashionable. If you prefer to stay up with the newest fashion trends, this may be the finest hair color for you. The olive green braids, as you can see, are one-of-a-kind and make a statement. This hair color concept is fantastic, and it would work with any braid length.

10. Pastels Colored Box Braids

Have you tried trendy blondes, reds, and other colors? Are you looking for something unique? Then this is the hairstyle for you! A vivid Pastel color was used to make these box braids. The Pastel hue is stunning and makes a bold statement, which is why we adore this style. It’s the ideal hairstyle for women who want to make a statement with their looks.

11. Blue Box Braids in a Variety of Colors

Next, we’ll look at another multi-tone concept. These braids are likewise blue, but they are fashioned differently and employ different tones. We adore how the hair begins off black, then fades into blue hues before returning to dark curls. It’s a unique and imaginative concept that’s ideal for someone looking for a vivid hair makeover.

12. Pink Boxes Braids

Pink is the color of our upcoming box braids. Pink is a vibrant and bright hue. It will give the braids a fashionable and edgy look. With this hue, you may pick any braid length. Long braids are lovely, but you may also try short braids for a more summery style.

13. Blue and Purple Chunky Box Braids

Purple Box Braids are a beautiful deep purple color. If you want a color that is on the darker side of the spectrum but still brilliant, this is a great option. It’s a rich grape purple with pink and blue overtones and a luxuriously silky texture.

If you like hefty box braids, this could be the look for you. The braided hair’s clean, glossy sheen truly brings out the beautiful blue and purple tones.

14. Aqua Box Braids

Do you want to make a statement with your hairstyle? Then the following suggestion could be ideal. We have Aqua-Colored braids here. The blue in this look is vibrant and striking. It’s ideal for those who seek a total hair transformation. This hue will go with any braid of any length.

15. Yellow Box Braids

These yellow box braids in the shape of sunflowers are stunning. These braids, styled into double buns, evoke summer memories no matter what time of year you wear them.

16. Teal Box Braids

Next, we’ll look at a different color scheme. The rich green color of these braids is stunning. It’s a unique hairstyle, and we haven’t seen green braids before. This is ideal for folks who want to make a statement and want to try something new.

17. Light Pink Box Braids

Another pink hair color option is next on our list. The pink utilized in these box braids is a mild shade of pink. This hue will go with any season, age group, and braid style. It’s a hair color that never goes out of style.

18. Box Braids in Black and Silver

Although unicolored braids are lovely, mixing two colors is a unique approach to improving your braiding skills. You’ll adore this color combination if you don’t want to employ colors that are too bright or too drab. Brush more sliver attachments with fewer black attachments when blending these two hues. The gold hue will still shine, and the braids will be even more appealing.

This color combination may be braided in long or short braids. However, make sure your hairdresser carefully combines the two hues, so they transition smoothly when braiding your hair. If you have naturally black hair, the attachment will blend in well with your natural hair. Women who have colored their hair gold may also utilize this combination since the roots will blend in naturally with the braids.

19. Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Another ombre look is our next suggestion. These box braids start black and fade to a pale blonde over time. This kind of blonde braid is stunning and will never go out of style. You may opt for a lighter blonde, like the one shown, or a deeper blonde. Choose a bright, ice blonde for a strong appearance.

20. Black and Blue Box Braids

Although you may not see many dark-skinned ladies in this hue, you will agree that when you do, they are lovely. So, if you’re a brave and confident, stylish woman who loves to make her fashion statements, turquoise braids are the way to go.

It’s crucial to be creative with your style while wearing this hue. Wear them in a variety of ways to show off how beautiful they are. As a result, use triangle-cut braids or lengthy, complete box braids to place them. You may also make a bun or a ponytail out of them.

21. Light Green Ombre Box Braids

Two high pigtails look excellent with these lovely green box braids. This is a terrific summer style that’s both functional and stylish, perfect for a day at the pool or an afternoon out with friends.

22. Grey Ombre Box Braids

Women used to go to great efforts to prevent grey hair, but in recent years, it’s become a popular color trend. It’s easier for you to understand why when you see these lovely grey ombre box braids.

23. Pink and Blonde Ombre Box Braids

Hairstyles with colorful box braids aren’t only for music festivals anymore. No, no, no. Please choose your favorite hue and flaunt it in public.

24. Silver Ombre Box Braids

Next, we’ll show you another stunning ombre style. These braids begin with a dark tint and gradually fade to a silver hue. This silver tone is one of our favorites since it is so vivid and elegant. This kind of hair would be ideal for the summer. Although the strands shown are thick, a silver ombre would also look amazing with smaller braids.

25. Green Ombre Box Braids

Green Ombre Box Braids are a beautiful hairstyle for the fall and winter months. The color scheme is also a fun way to bring contrast to your hairdo without having to use harsh colors that are more difficult to deal with and maintain.

With these beautiful green box braids, you’ll look and feel like a princess. These braids are a good size: thicker than pencil-sized braids but not quite chunky.

26. Lavender and Aqua Box Braids

This hairstyle is distinguished by a combination of lavender and aqua box braids, as you could imagine from the name. It’s a unique and new style that will brighten up your life without overdoing your hair.

27. Thick Green Box Braids

The newest hairstyle for African ladies is thick green box braids. They seem to be neat, trendy, and fashionable. Thick green box braids accentuate your attractiveness while also providing you with an entirely different haircut.

28. Silver Box Braids

Hair braiding has always been a fun and exciting method to show off your personality. Whether you want to do it at home or go to the salon, there is a range of styles to choose from. 

Silver box braids are a popular style that has grown in popularity over time. Silver box braids are ideal for both ladies and children, providing a distinctive appearance that is appropriate for any event.

29. Black and Blonde Box Braids

If you don’t want to go the ombre route but still want your braids to be two distinct hues, these honey blonde, and black box braids are a terrific option. Because the blonde braids are largely at the back, you may style and display the color combination in a variety of ways.

30. Green Box Braids

Two high pigtails look excellent with these lovely green box braids. This is a terrific summer style that is both functional and stylish, perfect for a day at the pool or an afternoon out with friends.

31. Light Blonde Box Braids

Then there are the box braids, which have been formed with a lovely light blonde. Summery blonde tints, like the one shown, will liven up your style. As a result, braids like this will look fantastic throughout the summer and on vacation. You may also use different hues, such as pink.

32. Brown Box Braids

Brown and copper box braids aren’t as flashy as blue or red, but they’re still elegant. Even if your original hair is a similar tint, they offer it a trendy makeover. If you enjoy your box braids but want to try a more everyday hue, brown is a good choice. They’ll all look great, whether they’re light or dark, with copper or red undertones.

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