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How Long Do Hair Extensions Last

“How long will this last?” This question must pop up in your mind when you’re doing a financial investment.

Indeed, whether it’s hair extensions, shellac manicures, or something more mundane like your favorite night lotion, you’ll discover that people are ready to pay for them. When you invest your hard-earned money in a product, it’s critical to evaluate both the cost and the expected lifespan of the product.

Thus, today we’re going to look at the many types of hair extensions available, as well as the average lifespan of each. To aid you in becoming more informed about the many types of hair extensions available, we’re offering an overview of what these extensions are, how long they last, and how to care for them to ensure they stay as long as possible.

What is the lifespan of hair extensions?

Fusion hair extensions, also known as Pre-Bonded hair extensions, are applied to the root of the hair using an instrument like a hot glue gun; this equipment bonds hair to individual strands of natural hair for a fuller, more natural appearance. Additionally, fusion hair extensions are referred to as pre-bonded hair extensions.

How Long Do They Last in the Environment?

In most situations, depending on how well you take extra care for them, this type of hair extension may last up to 3 to 4 months. These instructions include everything from how to wash your hair to how frequently to style with heating equipment and even how to use the correct hairbrush because the extensions are linked at the original hair’s root.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

While you do not need to purchase additional hair care products such as shampoos, conditioners, or style products (you can continue to use your usual hair care routine), you will need to have these hair extensions adjusted every 2-3 months due to their temporary nature.

Are hair extensions worth it

Hair extensions are a great way to add length, volume, and color to your hair in a very short amount of time. They come in different types. Some of them are made from natural materials like human hair or synthetic fibers like nylon or polyester.

Hair extensions can be expensive, but they are worth it when you consider the cost-benefit ratio. The investment is not just in the money but also in the time and effort that you have to put into getting them done.

Extensions of Hair are Tapered in

There is no doubt about what tape in extensions are: as the name indicates, these hair extensions are physically glued on each side of your natural hair using adhesive weft tape to produce a seamless appearance. They’re popular since they don’t require heat and also enable your natural hair to grow out naturally.

How Long Do They Last in the Environment?

If you use your clip-in hair extensions regularly and take care of them properly, they should last between 3-6 months period of time and sometimes even more than a year. However, as is the case with all hair extensions, the longevity of your extensions is entirely dependent on how well they are maintained.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

Never comb or brush your tape-in hair extensions while they are still wet. This is a critical point to remember. Before brushing them through with a hair extension brush, ensure that they are totally dry. This will prolong their life and make them seem more natural.

Hair Extensions Should be clip in

To put it simply, clip-in hair extensions are the least harmful, most convenient, and least permanent hair extension option available. These are available in strands with clips connected to the base, which makes clipping them into your natural roots incredibly straightforward.

How Long Do They Last in the Environment?

If you use your clip-in hair extensions regularly and take care of them properly, they should last between 3-6 months and sometimes even more than a year. However, as is the case with all hair extensions, the longevity of your extensions is entirely dependent on how well they are maintained.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

We recommend washing them after 30 wears using sulfate-free, all-natural cleaning solutions. Ensure that your extensions are completely dry before brushing them out, since failing to do so may result in breakage and damage, resulting in your extensions wearing out more rapidly.

Hair Extension that is Sewn In

To get your hair extensions sewn in, you must first braid your natural hair into cornrows and then sew the extensions into the braids using a needle and thread, just like you would with your natural hair. Individuals with thicker hair generally choose sewn-in hair extensions rather than clip-in hair extensions.

How Long Do Sew-in Extensions Last?

Sew-in hair extensions are semi-permanent and can last between six and eight weeks, depending on how frequently your hair is washed. It is suggested that you wear a complete weave for no more than four months at a period, as it may interfere with the growth of your natural hair.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

To maintain your weave appearing natural and healthy, moisturize the scalp, neck, and edges of your weave at least once a week using deep conditioning solutions that help hydrate the hair and keep it looking natural.

Micro Links are Links Between Things

Microbead and micro loop hair extensions—alternatively referred to as micro bead and micro loop hair extensions—are applied to natural hair by removing small pieces of hair and attaching tiny hair wefts to them. This technique eliminates the need for heat or adhesive.

How Long Do They Last?

Depending on how carefully you care for these micro link extensions, they should last at the very least 3-4 months. Due to the fact that these beads are linked to the roots of your natural hair, it is important to treat them with great care and to use only natural treatments.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

As with real hair, you may style these extensions the same way you would your own hair. However, similar to fusion/pre-bonded hair extensions, micro link extensions will require repositioning every 2-3 months due to the natural hair pulling the microbeads away from the scalp.

WIGS (Women in the Grass) 

These are most likely the sorts of hair extensions with which you are most familiar, and they may have been your initial exposure to the world of extensions. When wearing a wig, the hair is often connected to a plastic or net base that secures it in place and typically covers the entirety of your hairline.

How Long Do They Last in the Environment?

Natural wigs may last up to a year with good maintenance, but synthetic wigs last between 4-6 months with improper care.

What Should I Do To Take Care Of Them?

Heat styling should be avoided at all costs since it can cause damage to the wig and premature balding. To extend the life of your wig, avoid combing it when it is wet and store it in an airtight case away from dust and other pollutants.

Can you shower with hair extensions?

Allow two days following the submission of your application. Remember to wait at least 48 hours before washing your hair after applying tape in hair extensions! After sufficient time has passed for the glue to connect with your natural hair, they will last longer and adhere more securely to the hair shaft. When you need to shower during the first two days, cover your hair with a shower cap.

How do you wash your hair with extensions?

Allowing hair extensions to grow oily at the root is not acceptable. Regularly wash your hair – just enough to maintain it clean and to keep it from becoming greasy. Hair can only be washed in the shower.

How do I rehydrate my extensions?

While hair extensions are exquisite, they require more upkeep throughout your regular hair care regimen. You may suffer the same level of dryness and damage with your hair extensions as you do with your original hair. Whatever the cause, whether it’s the result of bad maintenance or the use of hot tools, there are easy ways for reviving your extensions!

Shampoo that has been Recommended

Shampoos can have an effect on hair extensions, causing them to slide or fade in color. We recommend using our Daily Shampoo, which has been particularly created for our extensions and will help prevent your hair from slipping while also keeping the color bright and brilliant.

Otherwise, use a shampoo that is free of silicone, oil, or moisturizing ingredients to prevent your panels from sliding about as you work. If your hair feels dry after shampooing, your shampoo may include sulfates (sulfates are a type of chemical). Additionally, rather than washing your hair daily, use a dry shampoo to keep it appearing fresh. Over-shampooing your hair can strip it of its natural oils, leaving you with straw-like hair.

Prevent Thermal Damage from Occuring

We are well aware of your obsession with straighteners and curling irons. However, if you often use hot tools, you run the danger of inflicting harm unless you take measures. Apply a thermal protectant to your hair prior to using any hot tools, to establish a barrier that will keep your hair from getting brittle and dry.

Exercise carefully with a deep conditioner

Occasionally, your hair extensions may require more attention and maintenance. Deep conditioning your hair once a week will assist in replenishing moisture that has been lost due to excessive style and the use of hot equipment. Avoid using the deep conditioner on your extensions’ midshaft to ends; otherwise, your extensions may become prone to sliding.

Include Hair Oil

Hair oils have grown in popularity in recent years, and there is no doubt that they should be a part of your regular hair care regimen. Numerous hair oils are available on the market, including Moroccan oil and natural oils such as jojoba oil. As previously said, always apply oils from the mid-shaft down and avoid getting any oil on the base of your extensions.

Warm-up Treatment with Shine and Leave-In Conditioner

The most prevalent cause of dry and damaged hair extensions is improper hair extension maintenance. When it comes to recuperating your stressed locks, you want items that will keep your hair looking and feeling gorgeous.

We recommend using Heat Treat + Shine and Leave-in Conditioner type of product and it should be regarded as must-haves in your hair care program. Not only will Heat Treat + Shine detangles your hair, but it will also shorten the time required to blow dry it and manage frizzy hair.

After applying the Leave-in Conditioner, your hair will feel smooth and silky due to the nutrients absorbed into it. When combined, these products will totally change your hair, leaving it looking as wonderful as it did when you first left the salon.

What type of hair extensions are best for your hair?

Because the panels’ weight is spread evenly across a greater surface area, there is no harm to the client’s hair. This is the most secure form of hair extension available at the moment.

This is the easiest way to submit an application.

Hair is reusable and may be worn for up to 6-8 weeks per application. It can be used in conjunction with your salon appointment cycle.


I hope you’ve gathered all of the required information on the various types of hair extensions, including their lengths and how long each will last. Which of them would you choose? It would be fascinating to learn more about your extension work.

How Long Do Hair Extensions Last
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