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Hair Sticking Out of Braids: How To Prevent?

Braids are beautiful, but they have some drawbacks. It’s not simply the pain of getting them done; the hair that sticks out of braids can also be a source of irritation.

So, what’s the greatest approach to stay away from it? Here are some points to remember to avoid this issue.

Is it usual for strands of hair to emerge from your braids?

Is it usual for strands of hair to emerge from your braids

If you’re wondering if hair sticking out of braids is normal, the answer is yes.

Some people’s braids have a lot of hair sticking out of them, while others have very little. It depends on the amount of hair on your head, its thickness, and its length. If your braids are too small or your hair is getting trapped in the rubber band at the end of each braid segment, you may have a lot of hair sticking out.

How to prevent hair from sticking out of braids

How to prevent hair from sticking out of braids

Obtain the necessary equipment.

The correct tools are the first thing you’ll need. If you want to thin out your hair, use thinning shears. Because less hair equals fewer tangles and knots, it will be easier to keep all of your hair under control during braiding. When putting in the braids, use a rat tail comb to keep them from becoming twisted up as much as an ordinary comb or brush would.

Gel or edge control

To prevent hair from sticking out of braids, you need to start with the right products. When choosing a gel or edge control which works well for your type of hair, make sure it’s something that won’t weigh down your hair or cause any unnecessary damage.

The best way to get rid of unwanted frizz is by using edge control. This is a cream that helps tame flyaways and gives your edges a smoother finish without weighing them down or causing further damage to their structure. You can find edge controls at most beauty supply stores or even at local drug stores like Walgreens or CVS.

Make use of clips.

Clips can be used to secure your hair if it is long enough and there are no knots. They’re available in any beauty store, as well as on Amazon and eBay. These clips may keep your hair in place on both sides of your head or just one if you want the other side to be loose.

Use bobby pins

Bobby pins are another option for those who don’t want to use clips; however, they aren’t as effective as clips in holding down your hair since they don’t have any grip on the surface of your skin and can easily slip off if tugged by someone.


Use conditioner before braiding your hair if it’s kinky and curly. This will help to smooth out any tangles and knots in your hair so that they don’t get stuck on anything else when being dragged through your hairline or scalp during the cornrows and/or braid extensions application process.

Reduce the number of braids you do

 If your braids are sticking out due to too many braids, consider using fewer braids next time. This will let each braid spread out more and appear smoother.

Trim the hairs

Trim any stray hairs sticking out at the beginning or end of your braid with scissors to make them even with the rest of your hair. This will hide them and prevent snagging when you tug on your braid afterwards.

Use Hair Ties

If some hairs are still sticking out after trimming, use a hair tie to tuck in those strands. This is especially effective if the flyaway is caught under another strand of hair and needs to be pulled out from underneath before being tucked in.

What should the length of my braids be?

What should the length of my braids be

The next thing to think about when trying to keep your braids in place is how long they should be. If you’re using extensions, make sure they’re long enough to weave through your natural hair without being visible at the end of each section. If you use extensions that are too short, they will appear at the end of each section, resulting in more work for you later on!


Hair sticking out of braids can be a real problem. Not only is it embarrassing, but it’s also not a good look. There are several reasons why hair sticks out of braids, such as the wrong products, lack of care and neglect.

Before you braid your hair, you may not realize that it has already been damaged by flat ironing, curling, or colouring. Your hair will become brittle and fragile as a result, and the style will not last long.

Hair sticking out of braids is a typical problem that can be caused by a variety of factors. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons for this issue and how to avoid them!

Hair that’s too thick for your hair type

If you have thin, fine hair, it might be difficult to get your braids to look neat because the thickness of your hair will make it hard for you to pull them tight enough.

If you have such thin hair, you should look into getting microbraids instead, which are much thinner than box braids. This will give your braids a more natural look and prevent them from sticking out all over the place!

Wrong hair product

use the proper products with the right sort of extensions, to keep your extensions from sticking out or damaging your scalp. Your hair may break if you use the wrong product for your braids, leading to a dishevelled appearance.

Also, do not use too much product at once, as this might cause a deposit on your scalp, making it more difficult to maintain your extensions.

Length of Hairstyle

Stings of hair will stick out if your hair is too short for the hairstyle you want, it may stand out a little. This won’t be an issue if you’re only doing one or a few short braids because they’ll usually hang out at the ends. But, you’ll need a lot of extensions if you’re doing numerous rows of long braids and need them to blend in perfectly.

Type of Hair

Many people’s hair is pretty curly or wavy, whereas others’ hair is straight. How well your hair rests in a braid or other hairdo depends on how it grows out of your scalp. 

Also, If your hair is dry and delicate, it can easily break, resulting in the loss of your braids. In this circumstance, you should use moisturizers daily or even protective oils before braiding your hair. 

Improperly sized braids.

 If the size of your braids is too small for the thickness of your hair, there’s a good chance that the weight of all that hair will cause them to come loose over time.

How do you fix a messed-up knotless braid?

The knotless braid is a great hairstyle for those with fine hair. It’s easy to create, looks more polished than regular braids and can be worn in so many different ways.

Fix the ends

If the ends of your braids aren’t as neat as you’d want, they’ll be the first point people see. The best approach to fix this is to close up the ends of each strand with a drop of transparent gel or edge control. This will prevent them from loosening and popping wildly from your braid!

Tighten up those braids

If you’ve got some rogue strands sticking out or a few loose pieces, try tightening up those braids by pulling each one slightly from both sides until all the strands are locked in place. This should tame those strays and give your hairstyle an overall more polished look overall.

Add more braiding hair

If there’s not enough hair around the edges of your knotless braid, add more braiding hair and continue braiding until all of the ends are covered. Secure with an elastic band and then remove it when you’re done styling.

Add another section of hair from underneath

If there isn’t enough hair at the base of your knotless braid, grab another section from underneath and add it to the existing section. Continue braiding until all ends are covered by adding more sections from underneath or above until you get the desired look you want.

Take care of the braids

When you get your hair braided, it’s important to take proper care of your braids. This is because the condition of your scalp has a direct impact on how well your hair will grow after you take out the braids. 

The first point you should note is to not scratch your head too much. Because not only will scratching your hair make it go rough quickly but also damage the scalp. If you have bacteria on your fingertips, it might potentially cause infection.

Avoid touching any open sores on your head with your dirty hands. If blood accumulates on the braids, it has the potential to enter the roots and cause infections in both the braids and the scalp. As a result, refrain from touching any injuries or wounds until they have completely healed and closed up on their own.

Hair Sticking Out of Braids: How To Prevent?
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Hair Sticking Out of Braids: How To Prevent?
Braids are beautiful, but they have some drawbacks. It's not simply the pain of getting them done; the hair that sticks out of braids can also be a source of irritation. So, what's the greatest approach to stay away from it?
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