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Best Korean Eye Cream For Every Budget!

When I first started my skincare journey,  I really didn’t think that I’d be able to have an eye cream in my routine you know. Eye creams were just so expensive.  It’s the range from $40 all the way up. They were just so inaccessible for somebody like me who was on a budget. 

So when I started to get into k-beauty, I was floored to find all of these really affordable eye creams.  We are talking under $10 affordable and the thing is they worked. I want to share with you guys some of my all-time favorite eye creams for every budget.  We’ve got $10 $15 $20 and $30 eye creams for every age and every skin type.

 Which Korean under eye cream is best

There are many Korean under-eye creams on the market. However, it is very hard to find the best Korean under-eye cream. This is because there are so many different brands and they all have different ingredients that make them unique and address specific skin concerns. 

Here we will discuss the best Korean eye cream that is suitable for every budget. The eye creams discussed contain anti-aging peptides offering antioxidant effects to curb premature aging and also eye creams support keeping skin hydrated. 

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$10 dollars Budget

Okay so first up, let’s talk about our ten dollars and under category and we have to start with the eye cream that started it all for me an oldie but a goodie. 

Mizon Snail Repail Eye Cream

That is the Mizon Snail Repair Eye Cream. Now, this comes in two sizes.  You can get a 15-milliliter tube and that is $7 such a good price. They also have a 25-milliliter jar that’s going to be a little bit more than retails between about $12 and $15.  So star ingredients of this eye cream.

We’ve got snail secretion obviously. Now snail secretion is a pretty exciting ingredient and we love it in our skincare routine. We love it in our essences and in our serums but why do we like it around the eyes so much? Well not only is snail secretion really hydrating and very plumping for the skin, but we do also know that! But it actually does contain some compounds found within the snail secretion that is amazing for fighting wrinkles. So snail is actually a really effective anti-aging ingredient.

Now we also have nice Niacinamide which is an effective brightener for the eye area plus Adenosine. Now, this is a really unsung hero especially you’ll see this a lot in K beauty products but a lot of times when K-beauty products claim to help you fight wrinkles it’s because of the ingredient Adenosine. Now we’ve also got one form of peptides in this one. I love to see peptides in eye creams because peptides really do help support the collagen structure of your skin. We know the collagen structure is what keeps our skin smooth, firm, plump, and wrinkle-free. So anything we can do to support that collagen structure is very good for healthy skin.

This cream also contains hyaluronic acid in the form of sodium hyaluronic which means that it’s going to help our skin retain hydration and plump it up. So the texture of this is very thin it’s almost gel-like in its feeling on the skin and it’s incredibly hydrating. It absorbs into the skin immediately and dries down without any stickiness or tackiness. So those of you who are afraid of that’s kind of sticky feeling from snail secretion do not worry because the finish of this eye cream is there’s really no finish at all.  It’s completely neutral there’s no stickiness in sight.

 So the benefits of this eye cream are hydration. This really hydrates the skin around your eye area and because it does that it also has a plumping effect too.  So this is really going to help keep your eyes looking fresh, keeping the skin looking smooth. If you even have any like minor fine lines. This is really going to help plump them up and improve their appearance of them. Now, this is really what I would call a really good beginner eye cream or like an intro eye cream.

This is going to be perfect for those of you who are in your early 20s maybe even your late teens. You want to include an eye cream because you want to help preserve your eye area.  You really want to maintain and take care of what you have going on not necessarily looking for powerful anti-aging ingredients but just something that is going to maintain your eye area. This is the perfect eye cream for you. Now I also just want to point out there that this eye cream is completely free of alcohol. It’s free of any added fragrances and it’s also free of essential oils. 

Milky Dress Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream

Another really affordable pick under $10 is the Milky Dress Wrinkle And Whitening Eye Cream.  This eye cream comes in one size which is a 15-milliliter tube and it retails for $6 dollars. You cannot beat that price. The star ingredients in this eye cream are Niacinamide. This is a great skin brightener.

This also includes grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and olive oils, really great moisturizers. This has ginseng which can also help brighten up your skin. Also, it contains green tea, mulberry roots and it also has an extract called bearberry, which when I looked into this it with research it’s actually an excellent skin brightener.   The compounds found within bearberry contain about 5 to 15% of Arbutin and we know Arbutin is a very effective skin brightener.

Now the texture of this again is going to be more of thin gel-like eye cream. I almost call it like an eye essence in a way because it’s just so thin and hydrating. Absorbs into the skin so so quickly and there is no finish on this one nothing sticky is anything tacky.  So what are the benefits of this eye cream well it definitely helps to hydrate your eye area?  Definitely, it is a hydrator and plumper but beyond that, this actually has some really effective eye-brightening capabilities.

This eye cream can really help brighten a dark under-eye area. Now I  just want to put it out there because of my personal experience. I’m the one who’s been testing these products and I want to let you know I do not suffer from dark circles.  What I have is actually how it appears on my skin tone is actually red I get quite a bit of redness underneath my eyes as well as on top of my eyelids, especially since I haven’t been sleeping very well, not drinking enough water and not eating like a fairly healthy diet.

If I’ve been eating a lot of junk food, those are the types of things that make my red under-eye circles worse. So because it doesn’t show up as a dark under-eye circle I just want to address here that I can only speak from my experience of reducing redness around my eyes. This is a very effective redness reducer. Based on the ingredients we’ve got Niacinamide, we’ve also got the bare berry with that 5 to 15% Arbutin, we’ve got ginseng, you’ve got mulberry root and we’ve got green tea. These are all effective skin brighteners which is why I really recommend this eye cream.

Still, I’m going to recommend this for those of you who are just kind of getting started out.  I would say in your early 20s but I definitely will recommend this one for those of you who stay up really late at night. Those of you who have dark eye circles you students out there I know you’re not sleeping enough this is the eye cream for you. It’s super affordable and it’s really going to help target any kind of discoloration underneath your eye area. Now this one is alcohol-free but we do have the use of a little bit of fragrance and essential oils

Under $15 Budget

Alright moving into our under $15 category, we will start with an eye cream that is a personal favorite of mine!

Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream

Alright moving into our under $15 category, we have the Purito Centella Green Level Eye Cream. This is a favorite of mine now.  This comes in a thirty-milliliter tube and this retails between about ten and twelve dollars, still an amazing deal. Star ingredients on this one, of course, we have to start with the Centella in here this is the Centella green level line, which means that this actually contains 49% of Centella extract. That is a lot of Centella. So why Centella? 

Now we know this is a really good one for redness inflammation. It’s great for acne-prone skin it really soothes sensitive skin we know that about Centella but Centella is a multi-faceted skincare ingredient. What can’t Centella do? First things first,  Centella can actually help your skin retain more hydration. It’s a very effective hydrator. Number two, Centella actually has compounds found within it that help fight wrinkles. It is an effective anti-aging routine but the most exciting thing number three is that Centella can actually help stimulate your skin’s collagen production.

Remember I talked about the collagen structure. This is the most important thing that we want to think about when we’re talking about fighting wrinkles or preventing fine lines or preventing the signs of aging. It all comes down to the collagen structure of your skin and you want to ensure that your body has enough collagen to support firm skin, and supple skin so that you can fight those wrinkles because the thing is once the wrinkles happen it is very hard to treat them. However, it isn’t that hard to at least take the steps to prevent them right.

The best way to get collagen is to stimulate your body’s own collagen production because applying collagen itself onto your skin, just doesn’t work that well. So when we can put ingredients like Centella or vitamin C. These are two great excellent collagen stimulators on our skin. We’re really taking those necessary steps to preserve our collagen structure by producing more collagen.

Okay, that was the collagen lecture. So remember when we were talking about the meson eye cream remember how that had peptides in it and  I told you that the peptides actually support your collagen structure. So it’s a very good ingredient having skin in eye creams so not only do we have 49% Centella in this purito eye cream that is going to help fight wrinkles but also creates more collagen on your skin.

We’ve also got the use of three different peptides and I’m not talking like peptides thrown in at the bottom of the list. These peptides are in the middle of the ingredients list indicating to me that they’re used in a pretty decent amount in the formula. So three different kinds of peptides plus there’s even more plus adenosine, a really good wrinkle fighter. We have fatty acids, cholesterol, and ceramide. It’s an effective moisturizer for your skin. We also have skin brighteners that include acetyl glucosamine and we also have sea daffodil. This thing is jam-packed full of beneficial ingredients.

The texture of the Purito eye cream is thin and runny. It’s almost like a lotion-like cream and it’s a very moisturizing cream.  Remember we’ve got some really great natural moisturizing factors in the ingredients list so this is a very much more moisturizing cream were the first two that we talked about for a lot more hydrating.

 Now, this does absorb into the skin very quickly because it’s a really thin texture it’s just really easily accepted by the skin and this one leaves your skin really silky smooth, and soft but it doesn’t leave it feeling rich or greasy on the surface of your skin. So this plays really well if anything you want to layer on top of it including eye makeup.

So the benefits of the Purito eye cream are definitely moisturizing. It is very nourishing to your eye area but this is also something that really seems to smooth your eye area the skin around your eyes it really creates a smooth appearance and it really does help plump up fine lines. So that they are no longer visible this really does make your skin look a little bit firmer and smoother.

 I’ve definitely noticed that benefit with this and it’s got to come down to the combination of the collagen-stimulating Centella along with the peptides. It’s a really powerful combination it’s a gentle combination but it’s powerful. This is why I really recommend this eye cream for those of you who are in your late 20s 25 and over early 30s. Beyond this is really the type of eye cream you want to start to look for when you are kind of ramping up your anti-aging or what I like to call well aging routine.

It’s all about preventing damage on your skin and like I said these are powerful ingredients that can really make a difference in your late 20’s your 30’s and a little bit beyond. This is when you want to start using these types of ingredients to help to start to prevent that damage.

I do say that this is great for beyond that too because these are still the ingredients you want to look for when you’re looking to really preserve your eye area to make it look rejuvenated, smooth and plump. Now I do want to give you guys a little bit of a warning here we don’t have any alcohol  being used or synthetic fragrances but we do have a few essential oils being  used in this eye cream

$20 Budget

So, let’s talk about $20.00 category now. 

NeoGen Lair Cure Stick White Truffle

This is the NeoGen Lair Cure Stick White Truffle, that retails around the $20 mark.  Now, this is a multi-use stick. This can be used on your face, on your lips on your cuticles but it can also be used around the eye area and it’s actually a pretty effective eye product as well.  So star ingredients on this one are truffle oil of course but what I was really excited to find on the ingredients list of this one is actually the use of Ceramide cholesterol and fatty acids. The beautiful barrier of loving ingredients.

There’s also vital sphingosine which is really fun to say but if that’s actually a  fantastic barrier to fortifying ingredients.  As well we also have really moisturizing avocado and olive oils being used now.  Big warning here for those who are sensitive to essential oils, especially around the eye area ton of essential oils are being used in this one such as rose geranium,  peppermint, bergamot, and orange oils. 

So the texture of this one is a solid-like balmy kind of stick and then as you glided across your skin it sort of melts into a very thin nourishing layer of oil. It’s almost like a dry oil finish because it does kind of absorb down quickly and it is very moisturizing. Obviously, because it’s the oil we kind of picked up on the fact that it’s going to be very moisturizing. This is why I  actually recommend this for people who have very dry eye areas the skin around your eyes of it’s very dry if you have dry patches this is gonna be a product you may want to look into.  because as I  said we’ve got barrier-loving ingredients in here that can help repair your barrier can help fortify your skin can really help to repair that lipid layer on your skin this is very important.

Now if you live in a climate where there’s a lot of wind even if it’s like dry and arid desert-like climate but with like a lot of wind or even sandstorms or if you live in a really cold and icy dry place you know winters;  I actually recommend this for you guys because this is not only done this have the barrier repairing and loving ingredients plus it’s incredibly moisturizing and nourishing for dry skin.  This also has occlusive capabilities that can really help protect your skin. So this is actually something that you could even if you’d like to layer on top of another eye cream especially if you’re in that type of climate to use as a  protective layer. 

This on its own is actually a beautiful eye cream for travel because think about it there is no liquid here. I’ve used this on my travels before this is actually how I discovered this. This stick for usage around here I area because I like to do carry-on and so I’m always eliminating any area that I can eliminate a liquid in that’s what I’m going to do and this is a beautiful product for travel and it does really nourish your eye area.

The Chok Chok Green-Tea Watery Eye Cream

Alright moving on to something of a cult classic in the k-beauty community, this is the Tony Moly The Chok Chok Green-Tea Watery eye cream. This is well-loved in the k-beauty community. This is a 30-milliliter tube. This retails for around $20. Now star ingredients here are going to be 40% of pure green tea.

Now from my personal experience, I’ve noticed that green tea is actually amazing for reducing redness not only redness associated with like inflammation or acne but also the redness that I find under my eye area.  This actually has been really good for reducing the red discoloration around my eyes so I love to see green tea in eye products. 

This also features Niacinamide and Adenosine. So the texture of this one is going back to that kind of like a hydrating gel-like thin gel-like consistency and this is really easily absorbed by the skin and it definitely feels very nourishing on the skin. So the benefits of this one are definitely to plump up the skin with lots and lots of hydration.  However, this also seems to have a very effective brightening capability. As well like I  said especially if you have red discoloration around the eyes this is going to have really good benefits for red discoloration especially now I do kind of want to issue a little bit of a  warning about this particular one there are essential oils in this. 

This uses lemon as well as rosewood essential oils.   I don’t know if that is quite what caused a little bit of irritation with this cream. Let me explain, I want to issue a warning for those of you who have sensitive eye areas. I  particularly don’t have a sensitive eye area however when I was using this eye cream during allergy season when my eyes were feeling a little bit more inflamed and the eye area itself can feel a little bit more vulnerable. I guess that would be the best way to describe it. I did find that this eye cream wasn’t full-on irritation but it definitely wasn’t the best thing that I was putting on my skin during allergy season when my eyes were more susceptible to irritation.

The other thing I want to note about this one as well is sometimes if I  put eye drops into my eyes like right after putting in an eye cream, there’s like a little bit of leftover essence on my eyelashes he kind of got into my eyes and it’s stung a little bit. The only reason I bring that up is that I didn’t really notice that with any of the other eye creams that I’ve used in the past but I definitely did note that with this one. So if you are sensitive around your eye area, if you’re sensitive to fragrances or anything like that,  you may just want to avoid this one there is a potential for irritation with this eye cream.

So when I wasn’t using this during allergy season,  I loved this eye cream it’s very hydrating. It really plumps up my skin but what I really liked this for was the fact that it really made my eyes look bright. It really decreased that redness around my eyes.  This is why I still recommend this, especially for those of you who have the same issue as me, redness underneath your eye area. I would definitely recommend this for you and this is definitely more of that kind of like beginner eye cream. 

If you’re in your early 20’s this is going to be a really good choice for you even though this contains adenosine. There aren’t really very exciting or promising real you know like star anti-aging ingredients in this one like the peptides and the Centella. So personally speaking I think this is probably best for those of you who aren’t quite worried about the anti-aging and you guys are really looking for hydration benefits and looking for brightening benefits this is going to be a good eye cream to look at.

$30 Budget

Moving on, to our final category which is the $30 price point

Manyo Factory 4GF Eye Cream

This is going to be the Manyo Factory 4GF eye cream. Now this is a 30-milliliter tube and this retails right around the $30 mark and I have to tell you I think this is my very favorite eye cream out of the entire bunch. Let me tell you why? It definitely comes down to the ingredients.  Star ingredients here we have the use of four different growth factors or aka peptides and that’s where the name comes from, 4GF ( four growth factors ) so this has four different peptides.

Peptides are one of those ingredients. I  love to see in eye creams especially if you’re like me starting off on your well-aging routine wanting to really kind of take it up a notch from just hydrating your eye area but to now also helping to fight future you know damage or wrinkles or fine lines on your eye area, preserving your eye area,  keeping it looking at youthful and smooth and firm. This is the type of ingredients you want to look for.  Not only that but this also contains quite a few antioxidant ingredients.

 Now antioxidants are a very good anti-aging ingredient to have. What antioxidants do is protect you from oxidative damage which is very good.  You are getting protection but antioxidants can also help repair damage that was already done on your skin so it’s protective but it’s also reparative. Antioxidants can actually help protect you from UV damage. This is very important.

Now the best thing that you can do to protect yourself from UV damage is to use what’s UV filters and sunscreen however when you can combine those UV filters with antioxidants, you’re getting additional benefits, and additional protection. It’s a little bit more peace of mind so you always want to start to look for those antioxidant ingredients.

If you’re looking to start your well-aging routine not just around your eye area but on your face as well. So it’s exciting to see antioxidants used in this one. My star ingredient we always love is that one Adenosine we know to be great for wrinkles this also has pumpkin firm and extract it also has licorice root another unsung hero of skin brightening by the way mulberry extracts again a brightener this also has the moisturizers a squalane beta-glucan and panthenol. 

Amazing beneficial ingredients in this eye cream.  Benefits of this eye cream because there are quite a few so it definitely is a  moisturizing eye cream and that’s very good to keep the eye area moisturized. but this is also something that is very brightening and it actually really helps me manage the redness of my eye area. 

Now, this also helps dark eye circles. The skincare community who actually recommended this to me have seen benefits with their dark eye circles.  Those who suffer from dark eye circles know it could be hereditary, it could be dietary, it could be lots of different things, it could just be your rest but the fact remains that a lot of people have seen benefits with their dark eye circles. 

They really have responded to this eye cream so not only can it help with discoloration underneath the eyes but  I’ve also noticed that it has helped to smooth and firm my eye area.  This is why this wins at least for now my Holy Grail eye cream. This is really working really well to keep the eye area very smooth and firm I’ve noticed a difference and it’s gotta be because of those peptides that are in here plus the whole host of other amazing beneficial ingredients.

I’m really gonna place my bet here on the peptides in this formula so do I  recommend this/  I recommend this eye cream now this one really is for you guys who are in your early 30s  and beyond because this has some really beneficial and potent anti-aging ingredients in it.


This is really for you guys who are on your well anti-aging eye cream journey. These are great affordable eye creams to add to your routine. It’s gentle and it’s not sinking in any extreme measure.

So let me know in the comment box below how you guys feel about eye creams if you made it this far you probably like them but I know some people feel like eye creams aren’t necessary so let me know how you feel about eye creams and what are you doing to take care of your eye area right now let me know in the comment box if you’ve made it this far


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