The Best Korean Eye Cream For Dark Circles and Wrinkles

Best Korean Eye Cream

Eye creams help moisturize and hydrate the thin and delicate area around your eyes so as you begin aging you start to naturally get fine lines and wrinkles.

I do suffer from dark circles and wrinkles. I love Korean products as its gentle to skin. I have a collection of some awesome Korean eye creams that have helped with my dark circles and wrinkles.

When you place eye creams around your eye area, it plumps the skin and makes the fine lines and wrinkles less prominent.

Why do we need eye creams and not just a regular moisturizer around your eye area?

Well, to simplify, the skin around your eyes is much thinner compared to any other part of your face, so it can be a little more sensitive for use.

Which is why it is best to use more delicate products around the eye area. It can be super sensitive and get irritated by products more than any other part of your body. Thus, these eye creams help as they are specially formulated for this area.

What to look for when purchasing an eye cream?

When looking for a good eye cream, there are certain aspects to consider as follows :

Firstly, it is better if it doesn’t have a fragrance. Fragrances can often be annoying to the skin. The most important active ingredient you need is hyaluronic acid, AKA sodium hyaluronic. This is an ingredient that helps to retain the moisture around your eyes, thus, keeping it hydrated while also stimulating collagen production, which again goes down as start aging.

This leads to skin discoloration and causes fine lines or crow’s feet. The next ingredient you need is ingredient is ceramides. Ceramides are found in your skin membrane and they are a type of lipid to prevent moisture loss by keeping the skin plump and hydrated.

Another great ingredient is Retinol. This is a vitamin A derivative which soothes your skin and leads to an even skin tone so as the cells are turning over and regenerating. It also helps to naturally unclog the pores and stimulates collagen production too.

Next, the neuropeptides are excellent if present in eye creams as neuropeptide stimulates the production of collagen in your skin and helps relax the nerve cells. Thus, causing your wrinkles to eventually fade out and look less prominent on your face. This also gives you nice and tight skin.

Additionally, and important to mention, Vitamin C also plays a huge role and is an important part of your eye cream. It is an anti-aging antidote and a super powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen production while also protecting against free radicals. More so, it also reduces brown or dark spots. The benefits of vitamin C are innumerable!

Now coming to vitamin C, there are many types of vitamin C to look out for – the first thing that is a must-have is ascorbic acid. This is most commonly used and it is also the most effective ingredient.

The next is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate or MAP which is effective too. Finally, Ester C is a trademarked form of vitamin C and although it is unclear whether it still works or not, it is still recommended.

Moving on to vitamin E. This has been used in beauty products for a long time to help with anti-aging as it keeps up great with other antioxidants to protect against free radicals along with nourishing and smoothing the skin.  

New Peptides formulas and ingredients are always being added to the market. Other notable ingredients include vitamin K, Kojic Acid, Arnica Hydro, licorice, chamomile tea extract and of course, cucumber.

How long does it take to see eye cream results?

It usually takes about four to six weeks to see the effects of the eye cream after regular application and consistent usage.

How to best apply eye cream?

For the best application of eye creams, the skin around your eyes is super delicate and thin and thus it is important not to mash it or apply too much on it.

It is ideal to just dab a little bit onto your under-eye skin for best results. by taking it onto your ring finger because it’s the lightest touch and dab it into the lotion and then just dab it onto your skin lightly and then lightly.

Best Korean Eye Creams

Next, take a look at the best and most effective Korean eye creams, as opposed to some of the extremely expensive eye creams in the market that may not even be as effective.

These Korean eye creams and products, in general, have really been high-performing and beneficial to use at a very reasonable price and are totally worth the buy!

Most of the eye creams that we have listed here are all around $20 or less so you know you are saving enough and getting quality self-care products! 

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1. Mizon Snail Eye Cream

The snail secretion eye cream comes in a bottle which is really heavy and feels like an expensive product although it isn’t!

This cream is very thick when you put it on your finger but when you dab it’s quite light and silky. It includes hyaluronic acid and three different peptides.

Snail mucus filtrate is honestly great because it includes antioxidants glycol and acid that have many beneficial ingredients for anti-aging.  It’s also good for acne damage scarring and skin tone.

Thus, the eye cream is great overall because it helps to regenerate the skin and absorbs really well into your skin plus it is fragrance-free. This makes it a number one pick for the most famous best Korean eye cream.

2. Mizon Collagen Power Eye Cream

It comes in a purple tube in a gel form which feels nice and refreshing on the skin. This contains hydrologic acid and some peptide in the ingredients.

Moreover, it contains 40% marine collagen and it’s super soothing to your eye and keeps it moisturized as well.

The gel formula absorbs really well into your copper tripeptide that is included in this eye cream and revitalizes damaged tissue with the greater synthesis of elasticity and collagen.

This eye cream is also fragrance-free and can be used around the eyes for getting rid of wrinkling. It is safe for daily use.

3. Skin Foods Black Raspberry Eye Cream

This comes in a cute little container with a paper top. The design is very earthy skins. The main ingredient used is black raspberry so it has a bit of a fragrance and the cream is of pinkish color and pretty thick in substance.

This is a much thicker cream-based solution than the previous two creams and this is actually beneficial as it gives the eye a nice, soothing treatment.

There are 12 different medicinal herbs included in this cream, one of them is raspberry extract and there are three peptides included in this eye cream as well.

It is helpful in making your skin smoother and increasing elasticity by giving an overall plump younger-looking skin. Since it feels organic, it seems very natural and pleasant. Although it is a bit heavy, it actually absorbs into your skin nicely and gives a matte finish without any shininess at all.

4. Tonymoly Panda’s Dream Eye Stick

Tonymoly have the cutest packaging and this eye stick is different from the other eye creams as it is in a stick formula and this can just roll up to be applied easily under your eyes delicately.

It feels refreshingly nice and it is super portable which makes it easy to carry it along as well. It gives off a nice moisturizing and refreshing treatment throughout the day. Eye sticks are increasingly gaining popularity in Korea, more so than any other part of the world.

This cream particularly has a wonderful smell – of light melon, which is very refreshing. The cooling sensation only lasts for a minute yet it leaves you feeling light and hydrated.

5. Missha Geum Eye Cream

This is the most expensive eye cream on this list from Missha. It comes in a wonderful gorgeous gold jar. Although it is expensive it is very popular. This is a super thick formula specifically meant for anti-aging properties.

It is great and it also revitalizes your skin. It has a light fragrance that is not in the least overpowering for your eye area. It is brightened by the powerful medicinal traditional Korean ingredients that are included in this eye cream.

Some of the ingredients are ginseng deer antler extract which is loved by the Koreans in beauty products and an herbal concoction that treats the area around your eyes.

This cream helps hydrate and smooth the while treating signs of aging like fine lines wrinkles, discoloration, and other eye issues.

Important to note here, that there is no harm done to the deer in making this product when extracting this deer antler extract.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to get a gist of the best Korean eye creams.

Let me know your favorites and if you have tried any of the above-mentioned products before!

I would love to hear more from you in case of any more product recommendations.   

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