5 Best Korean BB Cream 2020

korean bb cream

In this article, we are going to look at the best top 5 Korean BB creams that are must-haves and absolute essentials in your beauty care regimen.

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1. Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream

This BB cream is about medium coverage and it is not super buildable so it is not possible to layer it on itself. It tends to get a little cakey yet the medium coverage is sufficient enough coverage.

This is really easy to blend and works well especially on dry skin. It is not super oily nor is it super mattifying. It has a nice blend and natural finish.

This BB cream lasts for about 6 to 7 hours and hence it isn’t for long wear during night outs or so, but definitely with all of these if you set it with a powder and put a primer on, it’ll last a lot longer.

The biggest selling point is that it has a wide shade selection for BB cream with over 5 different shades.

This is great for all skin types, even for those who have tanner skin, this is well recommended as the shades offer a more diverse choice than most other creams.

It is to be noted that despite it having a great tongue when applied initially, it does oxidize.

2. Clio Water Me Please BB Cream

This is a high moisturizing cream with a perfect coverage effect.  The biggest disadvantage of it is that it comes only in one single shade, thus it is not true to all skin tones and textures, but for lighter skin tones, it is safe to match and blend well.

It’s slightly light when setting with a powder and a little bit of bronzer. It matches pretty well with my skin because it has a really nice amount of coverage to it but this is also super build-able. In case the coverage isn’t great enough; you can layer this on and build the coverage.

It has a great finish despite having a high moisture icing type of BB cream, it has a silky powdery finish to it. It is definitely more on the matte side for BB Creams which is great for those who prefer the matte finish.

This is great overall and again it lasts for about six to seven hours. Thus, it is not necessarily the best for long wear, but with a powder and primer, it will last a little bit longer.

It is pretty lightweight and has a light feel to it when applied to the skin. It just feels like a really light layer so this is wonderful for the minimum glam no-makeup feel look.

3. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

This one comes in two different shades, which is again a downfall for tanner skin tones. This BB cream has a very light feel to it and goes on with medium coverage but it’s also very build-able once you let it dry in between layers you can build up the coverage.

This is another BB cream especially recommended for oily skin types because this has a semi-matte finish so it doesn’t come off really dewy or shiny throughout the day.

It lasts a long time and stays throughout the day. It also oxidizes to your skin during the day and matches the skin tone perfectly after applying it and leaving it in for a bit.

4. Etude House Cover Bright Fit Bb Cream

This has four shades in total and therefore is recommended on tan skin tones as well. This BB cream is really light and again for darker skin tones, it won’t match, unfortunately.

This is sadly the story with most Korean beauty creams as they are built primarily for the Korean national average skin tones. This has a little bit of a higher coverage than others because this is designed to be a covering type of BB cream.

It is extremely comfortable to wear and this is not very buildable as it would get too cakey and heavy after one layer. So, the coverage is quite high enough that I don’t feel like I need to keep building it up. However, it does feel a little sticky on the skin but it works great on dry skin.

5. SHANGPREE Crystal BB Cream

Finally, last but not the least, Shangpree Crystal BB Cream has totally become my favorite BB Cream. This BB Cream new cushion is filled with natural plant-based ingredients.

It provides long-wearing, lightweight, and natural coverage. Although natural in ingredients it covers imperfections and strengthens the moisture barriers and protects from harsh environments.

Thus it’s just super easy to blend into dry skin types.  It also feels very light on the skin and it has pretty high coverage. There is no need to keep building this up as it is a bit of a creamier type of BB cream.

When this does set and dry, this is the most long-lasting and only vegan out of all of the BB creams that were mentioned here.

This also does a wonderful job of making your skin look really bright and radiant without giving your face that cakey or ghostly appearance. This vegan cream is definitely a top recommendation!


With that, we sum up the top 5 Korean BB Creams that we love. We hope this post helps you pick the right BB cream for your skin!

Although most of these BB creams are categorically listed mentioning which ones are more suitable to what skin type, most of them are suitable for all skin types.

So do not hesitate to try any of these as they are all amazing products. Also, don’t forget to let us know which ones are your favorites and f you have tried any of these products mentioned in the article!

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