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7 Best Concealer For Dry Skin

I have unfortunately developed dark circles under my eye and pigmentation. These are common problems facing women. It takes effort to get rid of them completely. Fortunately, there is a solution to cover up and get you out of this situation. The magic is called concealer. Today we will look at my top concealers available in the market that can help us conceal that embarrassing flaws of ours.

Why My Love For Concealers?

I love concealer! I love testing new concealers. For me, concealer is one of the most transformative steps in my makeup. I feel like it makes such a big difference for me whether I’m concealing a blemish, concealing dark circles, or just generally brightening my face and I  also think that it’s one of those make-or-break types of products when it comes to your skin type.

f you have dry skin or mature skin you know that like foundations, concealers can tend to look really cakey, creepy, crackly, and just generally not good.  I find that when a concealer is too dry particularly in the under-eye area it really ages me.  So that’s what we’re trying to avoid. 

I am going to recommend my 7  favorite concealers to you.  These are things that no matter what the type of coverage is because I do have light medium and full coverage concealers to recommend to you. Not all of these are dewy finish but they all are very moisturizing.

Does concealer make skin dry?

Yes, if your concealer has been sitting on your face for too long without applying any other product on top of it.

What Is A Good Concealer For Dry Skin?

The first thing you want to look for is good hydrating concealers. This helps with keeping your skin looking fresh and youthful. Pay attention to concealers with skin-loving ingredients beneficial for dry complexions. 

If you don’t have one already then try using some retinol cream. Retinols are great for helping to keep your skin hydrated. You can also use an oil-based foundation instead of powder. They are much more lightweight than powders which makes them ideal for those who suffer from dry skin.

What do I do if my concealer is too dry?

You should always apply a primer before applying any kind of concealer. Primers are used to even out the skin tone, reduce pores, and give a smooth base for makeup application.

When choosing a concealer, it is important to choose a formula that is suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin, you need a creamy concealer while if you have dry skin, you need something that is matte.

Try to pick a shade that matches your natural complexion so that it blends seamlessly into your skin. You may also want to consider picking a color that complements your eyes.

How To Apply Concealer Correctly?

To start off, take a small amount of your concealer and blend it onto your entire face. Blend well until you achieve the desired coverage.

Next, take a clean cotton swab and dab away any excess concealer. Do this by pressing down firmly against the areas where you want to hide.

Then, pat the rest of the concealer back into place.

Finally, add a little bit of translucent powder over the concealer. This will set it and prevent creasing.

Doing this will ensure that you get the best results possible.

Lighter Coverage Concealers

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Okay, longest intro ever!  Let’s talk about the light coverage concealers first I have two here that I  want to talk about as far as lighter coverage concealers go this is the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer and the  Mineralized Concealer From Mac.

You may be wondering what’s the point of a  concealer that is not full coverage and these are probably two of my most used concealers. If I’m doing a light makeup day where I’m not doing like full foundation and everything I’m just gonna slap on some concealer, some mascara, some lipgloss and run out the door.

I am going for a lighter coverage because it looks a lot more natural when you are not doing the full makeup. I also use these quite often when I am doing a full face of makeup and I’ll use them in conjunction with a medium or full coverage concealer.

Sometimes I opt for some very light shades. They’re probably about one and a half to two shades lighter than my actual skin tone.  So I use these to highlight.

What I’ll do,  I’ll take a medium coverage concealer that matches my skin tone a little bit more closely and I’ll put that in a  triangular shape under my eye. Then I’ll take a lighter coverage concealer in a slightly lighter shade. I’ll just take a  few dots of this and kind of go right along the lower edge of that triangle and then when I blend everything in it gives me sort of a lifted look to that under eyes without being super pale completely. 

In that under-eye area, it just gives a little bit of brightness and a little bit of lift and because this is such a lightweight formula it blends in really nicely with other concealers. 

These are great for adding concealer to highlight any part of the face where you don’t really need a lot of coverage but you just want to add some brightness. For me, that would be the center of the forehead and the center of my chin. I typically don’t have any blemishes, dark veins, or anything to cover there but I do like to add some brightening concealer to those areas.

It is like reverse contouring instead of using a deeper shade to sculpt out the shadows. I will use a brighter shade to bring those high points forward. You use both of these in the same way so kind of interchangeably.

They both have super moisturizing formulas. If I find that I’m using a new concealer that’s just looking a little dry on my face throughout the day. Then I’ll add one of these particularly this Mac Mineralize Concealer with it when I apply and it really helps stay moisturized throughout the day.

Medium Coverage Concealers

Let’s move up to the medium coverage concealers now and here are some I bet you didn’t expect to see in a dry skin post recommendation. It is a stick concealer. It is the Hydrate Concealer from Amazing Cosmetics and  I’ll tell you right now I was so skeptical when I first started using this because I had never liked a twist-up stick-type product ever.

Never a foundation, never a  concealer that had ever worked for my dry skin. This is the one that broke the streak. I don’t know if you can tell but I’ve almost completely used this up. This is such a surprising formula. It gives me great medium coverage. It looks really really natural. I find that this does not get too dry on me during the day even if I set this with powder it still doesn’t cake up on me.

 I don’t know how they do it Amazing Cosmetics. Honestly, it’s amazing. this is pretty pricey but I  do think it’s worth the money,  if you find a concealer that actually works for you and you’re going to use the heck out of it then it’s totally worth it. 

I feel like Amazing Cosmetics is kind of underrated.  I just don’t think enough people talk about Amazing Cosmetics but this is a fantastic concealer. It’s made it into my top 7 so if you have dry skin and you haven’t heard of this Amazing  Cosmetics is sold in stores so go and check them out.

I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.  These next three I use pretty interchangeably and pretty consistently.  A long-time favorite of mine is this one from Urban Decay. It’s the Naked Skin Weightless Concealer and these two are both drugstore options the Maybelline  Fit Me and the Loreal Pro Glow Concealer

These three have very similar textures and similar coverage.  I really really enjoy these and they’re all pretty much equal in my mind. Particularly the fit me and the Urban Decay seem to work really similarly.

There are slightly more shade options from the Urban Decay line but in general, I would equally recommend all three of these perfect medium coverage, Really skin-like natural, just the right amount of dewy but not to where you look like, too shiny in the under-eye area.  These are probably the top three, I would go for.

Full Coverage Concealers

Lastly, my only full-coverage recommendation is dry skin-friendly, and has a crazy amount of coverage. However, it’s not a matte finish. It manages to stay dewy and moisturizing. It’s the Master Conceal Camouflaging Concealer from  Maybelline and it’s amazing.

This comes in a little squeezy tube with a screw-off cap. The product in here is not incredibly thick but it’s not super liquidy either if you’re looking to get the most possible coverage out of this concealer.

 I would recommend that you apply some of this and tap it into the skin instead of blending with a sponge or brush. Wiping a tapping motion is really going to give you a super, super high coverage that’s not going to be matte. It’s not going to be dry it’s not going to make you look like you have crinkly old under eyes. I feel like you don’t believe me that this has the most bomb coverage ever. This stuff has insanely high coverage but it’s not a matte finish.

If you really need a full-coverage concealed, if you’re dealing with things like extreme under-eye darkness or scarring acne, this concealer is amazing. I know a lot of times acne medication can actually make your skin dry and then if you’re trying to put Matt full coverage on top of that, it’s just a really difficult situation. I can’t recommend this enough this is such a great product.  Another one that people don’t talk about, enough is a hidden gem of the drugstore.

I really hope that this post is helping you to find some products to work with your dry skin even if you don’t have dry skin leave a comment and just let me know your skin type and what your favorite concealers are I am always on the hunt for the perfect concealer.

7 Best Concealer For Dry Skin
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7 Best Concealer For Dry Skin
If you have developed dark circles under eye andpigmentation, it takes effort to get rid of them completely. Fortunately, there is a solution to cover up and get you out of this situation. The magic is called concealer.
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