Best Protein-Free Deep Conditioner

best protein free deep conditioner

I often read that a few things are categorized as proteins while some are not. Some people suffer from protein sensitivity and that affects their quality of life.

For this post, I have done my closest to perfect to suggest items that aren’t viewed as proteins. Why? This is because when one develops protein intolerance and one uses hair products that contain protein, for example, amino acids, soy or coconut), one can actually do more harm to the hair.

Even though you may have washed, conditioned and even with superior moisture penetration done you may feel that the texture of your hair is still dry and stringy. This is because of the consequences of protein. Adding protein to your hair is replacing the moisture or protein balance that is required for healthy hair.


Natural hair with sensitivity towards protein tends to develop a great solid structure of the hair. Additionally, hair will not be able to retain moisture. So adding protein will make hair even worse.

When natural hair uses protein, the hair is going down a hazardous path of unmanageable breakage. Personally, my hair never develop a reaction to protein until I began adding superfluous solid proteins to my hair routine. Lesson learned I am always searching for great proteins that work well for my hair.

How can I moisturize my hair without protein?

This process can be a challenge because 90% of common hair items contain coconut. Hence, in this article, I will offer my recommendation of products that do not contain hidden proteins or coconut.

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Top 5 Protein-free Deep Conditioner

Okay minus any additional talk, I bring to you the 5 best profound conditioners I could discover/and attempt that is without protein as deep conditioning treatments 

1. Obia Naturals Babassu Deep Conditioner

The conditioner comes in an 8oz container and retails at Amazon for $18.

This product is explicitly planned for regular twists, wrinkles, and waves. Submerge your twists and crimps in this conditioner profoundly entering and sustaining treatment that profoundly fixes and remakes all hair surfaces and hair types.

Strand-fortifying Babassu Oil will feed, fix flexibility, mellow, and add try to please hair. Avocado Oil, Rosemary Essential Oil, and Pro-Vitamin B5 will fix harm and saturate your hair. This without protein recipe reestablishes your hair’s normal dampness balance. 

2. As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner

Profound molding is a fundamental piece of numerous naturals’ hair care routines. With a variety of profound conditioners focused on various sorts of issues – breakage, dampness, and so forth, there leaves a wide determination of items to look over. 

The As I Am Hydration Elation tries to restore your hair strands with saturating fixings that additionally help to reinforce and fix your hair all the while. The little size of the container may hinder a few, yet the enduring impacts of this concentrated conditioner make it an absolute necessity for some. 

The As I Am Hydration Elation has a delicate smooth consistency that washed effectively all through my hair, and took into consideration a more full inclusion of my strands.

Like with most profound conditioners, this one works best with a hooded hair dryer to permit the fixings to profoundly infiltrate your hair for more dampness. I quickly saw a distinction after one use with this profound conditioner.

3. Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

The Shea all-natural intensive treatment masque has the ability to deeply moisturize and repair the cuticles of very dry and damaged hair.

Consistency of the masque isn’t as thick and terrible (hey there… you understand what crude shea margarine resembles!) as I suspected it would be. Truth be told, the Curl Enhancing Smoothie is thicker.

The dampness from the masque unquestionably made my twists return to life. This item certainly conveyed the dampness to my hair without burdening it. 

4. Alikay Naturals Avocado Cream Moisture Repairing Hair Mask

Fans of organic products, have any of you attempted any hair items by Alikay Naturals yet? In the most recent month, I noticed a bunch of influencers advocating this product in their hair routine on their Instagram account.

They all had positive experiences with this product. Presently, I’m one of those individuals “who need to see to accept specific things.” Like I’m not going to simply believe someone. 

I picked to utilize their Lemongrass leave-in conditioner as a component of the LOC technique I use for styling my hair. I’m on day 4 hair and my hair is holding in the dampness. It doesn’t look dry.

As I keep on applying my Coconut oil blended in with Olive oil, Rosemary oil, and castor oil to my hair day by day it’s holding dampness. It looks somewhat fuzzy however it’s saturated.

My next assignment for my hair is to deal with limiting the frizz. Yet, I accept as my hair keeps on holding the dampness it will deal with the crimped part of my hair later on down the line.

Small steps are natural. Recall a definitive objective for your hair is the general wellbeing of your hair. Having the option to hold dampness is key for me at the present time. 

5. Shea Moisture Baobab & Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein Free Conditioner

This lightweight conditioner mollifies and improves reasonability. Ideal for low porosity, protein-touchy twists, and loops that oppose fundamental dampness.

Injected with quick engrossing Baobab and Tea Tree Oils, Spearmint and Clary Sage to improve scalp wellbeing. The natural Shea Butter works to provide hydration where hair needs it most. Gives enduring dampness without surface development. 

SheaMoisture is devoted to keeping up the precision of the fixing records on this site. Nonetheless, on the grounds that crude fixings postings are liable to change because of INCI, we can’t ensure that these rundowns are finished, modern or potentially mistake-free.

For a precise posting of fixings in every item, if it’s not too much trouble allude to your item bundling.

Protein isn’t simply in the chicken or meat you ingest on your plate, protein assists with reinforcing and developing our twists. Protein-rich items have been on the rise. It is difficult to differentiate the different proteins in different brands to figure out which is best for your hair. The kind of protein treatment you may require relies upon your hair type, surface, and how solid your hair can be at that point. 

It’s all about finding balance 

Finding the ideal harmony between protein and dampness is fundamental for forestalling breakage and limp hair. Protein ought to be actualized into your routine generally every 4 a month and a half and if it’s your first time you can snatch elements for your own DIY formula or buy a treatment pack in your nearby pharmacy. 

What protein sensitivity actually is? 

For those with protein touchy hair or scalps, there can be experimentation in deciding a decent item for you relying upon the formula and fixings inside the actual item. Analyzing what’s inside a protein-centered item or pack and seeing how your hair and scalp respond to it can assist you with choosing whether it will/won’t react well to your twists. 

Fixings to Avoid 

Some curlies find that their bodies disagree with fixings like hydrolyzed protein, collagen protein, vegetable protein, or silk proteins. Every one of these fundamental establishments of a protein could make a hypersensitive response to your scalp that might actually protein-sensitive hair that might cause knocks, disturbance, dryness, or solidness. 

Doing your examination is key when you are protein delicate, and on the off chance that you don’t know, you can decide whether you’re protein touchy through a testing cycle. On the off chance that you find that you are protein delicate, you can utilize one of these DIY plans you can make at home so you know precisely the thing you’re putting on your hair. 

Homemade protein-free deep conditioner.

Gelatin hair cover 

This gelatin hair veil is an extraordinary handcrafted protein treatment incorporating family unit fixings like olive oil, apple juice vinegar, and nectar to make solid, gleaming, and delectable hair! 

Banana, coconut, avocado hair mask

Who realized that things from your cooler could be so incredible for your hair? A DIY veil that incorporates banana, coconut oil, and avocado will give you all the sustenance you require! 

Mayo nectar olive oil mask

Three fixings are key in this DIY formula to give us immaculate outcomes! Mayonnaise, nectar, and olive are joined for an incredible cover to keep your twists delicate and characterized. 

Egg and avocado mask

Is it true that you are searching for strength, molding, and development? This hair veil consolidates sound proteins like eggs and avocados for spotless, characterized twists you will cherish. 

Coconut milk olive oil and argan oil cover 

We are coco in affection with this DIY conditioner that utilizes coconut milk, olive oil, and argan oil to give us delicate and sparkling hair! 

Can I do an overnight protein-free deep conditioner to correct protein overload?

Yes. In order to overcome symptoms of protein overload,  you can also try deep conditioning with heat each week till the protein overload is corrected.

How do I know if my conditioner contains protein?

Usually, you will look for buzzwords in the product description for example “repairing,” “reconstructing,” “strengthening,” or “rebuilding.” Pay attention to the content of the product as well.  Any ingredients that contain “keratin,” “silk,” “protein,” “hydrolyzed protein,” “amino acid,” etc. 

It would be ideal if you make sure to consistently do your examination and do a fixed test to decide if you have a fixed hypersensitivity. Understanding what your twists and skin react to will assist you with making the best treatment for you and give you the sustenance you merit.

Have some good times and investigation with oils and organic products to keep your treatment common and new.

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