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How to use side hair combs

These aren’t your typical combs! Instead, they side combs that give your hair a polished look! Choose the color and form that most closely resembles your personal flair!

Hair side-combs are most commonly used on hairstyles with medium to long hair. If you have thin hair and a little hair volume, you should use frequent and tiny teeth combs; you should use a large teeth side comb if you have thick hair and a high hair volume.

Side-combs allow you to design your hairstyle in minutes rather than hours, so you don’t have to spend hours perfecting your look for everyday use.

Choose the handcrafted variety if you want side combs that are flexible and have a smooth edge. These side combs are made of cellulose acetate. This substance contains up to 95% natural materials such as wood and cotton. They’re also manually polished to a dazzling sheen, with any rough edges eliminated to avoid scratching your scalp or tangling your hair.

What are the side combs?

What are the side combs

Side combs are hair accessories that are fashioned like a comb and are used to embellish the sides of your hairdo, as the name indicates. However, there is no hard and fast rule that side combs should only be used at the sides because they work nicely with buns.

Side combs come in various materials, including plastic and metal, to provide a variety of functional and aesthetic options. They’re part of a resurgence of retro hair accessories for all the right reasons. In a nutshell, hair side combs are more than simply combs; they’re also instruments for creating a variety of hairstyles.

However, because of their infrequent use, many women struggle to make the greatest use of them. Because of the difficulty, many believe that side combs aren’t for them.

What a shame!

Such conduct to this lovely and charming hair item defies logic.

The best thing is that hair combs may be used on any type of hair. Whether your hair is thin or thick, dry or silky, long or short, side combs have you covered. This function is useful for generating a wide variety of styles.

How to Use Side Combs in Your Hair?

How to Use Side Combs in Your Hair

Let’s get to the bottom of the elephant in the room. Your creativity will determine how you use your side comb. To assist you, here are a few basic methods to use your side comb.

  1. Position the side comb so that the curvature faces your hair.

Although side combs are meant to be utilized in such a manner that their curve points to the other side of your face, this is not always the case. On the other hand, a simple hint may affect a lot of things, and this is one of them. As a result, utilize the side comb as the curve guides towards your face, whether you set it on the right or left side.

  1. Comb in the area

To get a more put-together and formal look, insert the side comb into the area of hair you wish to drawback.

  1. Turn the side comb around.

Another technique to get the most out of a side comb is to flip it towards your scalp just as you reach past the place where it has to sit, like a frowny face.

  1. Use a side comb to secure your hair.

Push the comb onward towards the scalp while toying with your side comb, then wiggle it lightly into position until it’s secure in your hair.

  1. Make it more voluminous or sleek

Side combs are so effective that they can do two functions at once. Yes, they may give your hairstyle more volume while also making it smoother. It all depends on how you style your hair with this amazing item.

Hairstyles to Make with Side Combs

The following are some of the most beautiful hairstyles you can get using a hair comb.

  1. Side Comb with Side Sweep

Follow these steps to create a super-easy hairstyle that looks incredibly stunning, especially for novices who want to learn how to use hair combs to achieve this hairstyle.

First and foremost, turn the side comb upside down with the curve pointing upwards.

Pull the hair back into the spot where you want it to be pinned. After that, use one hand to hold your hair in one area and the other to put the comb’s teeth along that portion.

Then, using your second hand, turn the comb back over and press it forward to the point where it remains firmly in place, all while holding the hair back with your first.

Finally, do the same thing on the opposite side (only if you wish to use a second comb).

  1. Side Combed French Pleat

This one is a little hard to make at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be an expert in no time. Because the curl fits precisely around a larger roll of hair, French Pleat is a fantastic choice for ladies with thick hair. Make sure you have a 10cm side comb if you have fine hair. To create the hairstyle:

Begin twisting the hair upwards in the style of a ponytail at the nape of the neck.

Then, with the rill against your skull, hold it there. If you have long hair, try tucking the roll-top back over directly under the twist.

Continue to push the twist against your head and gradually roll it to the left so that the ends are covered behind your scalp.

Turn the comb upside down, so the curve points upwards. Side comb the upper layers with the teeth of a side comb.

Finally, make sure the comb is firmly pressed into the hair below the twist by turning it around. They will stay solid for a long time if you do it this way.

  1. Half-up hairstyle with the comb

Half up is a simple and stylish hairstyle that can be done in less than a minute. It’s easy to make if you follow the directions below.

Starting at the top of your head, make a hairpiece and pull it back with your palm.

Push the teeth firmly into that piece of hair while holding the comb upside down with the teeth pointing down.

Only use hairspray to secure the hairdo if your hair is really thin or slick.

Let’s move on to the next step: the hair combs themselves; now that you have a brief yet usable list of hairstyles you can create using hair combs.

It doesn’t matter how excited you are about side comb hairstyles. If you don’t have good hair combs, you’re not going to make any progress. As a result, we’ve decided to show you some of the most beautiful side combs.

Best Side Combs To Decorate Your Hair With

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How do you use side combs for fine hair?

Have you ever wondered how to keep a metal hair comb from slipping out of your hair? Do you have a hairdo where combs tend to come out by themselves? It may be challenging, and it may appear to fight gravity to stay in position at times.

It is, in fact, simpler to work from a firm foundation. A tight bun, a sloppy updo, or a twisted or tucked portion of hair pinned into place might all be examples. This isn’t to say that a comb can’t be used in different hairstyles. All it takes is a little planning (and a lot of bobby pins!).

If you’re concerned that your dream wedding hairdo and bridal hair comb may clash, here are three ways to attach a metal comb.

Lift a layer of hair and use a fine hair comb to softly tease the underside. Next, lower a piece of hair, insert the comb and hold it in place with bobby pins over the comb’s teeth. For a more seamless finish, try to cover the bobby pins as much as possible. For example, 1-2 bobby pins concealed under the hair in an X shape may be enough to keep your comb in place.

Have you seen the transparent hair elastic bands that are so tiny? If you have very short hair, creating small ponytails in the region where you wish to wear the comb is a fantastic method to secure it. It’s ideal for hiding the small ponytails behind a portion of hair. Gently nestle the comb teeth into the bands once you’ve made a small row of elastic bands. Under the hair, secure with a couple of bobby pins. This approach is ideal if you want to wear a side hair comb or a bridal veil in your short hair.

Gather a tiny bit of hair in the area where you want the comb to go. Twirl it around your fingers to make a little curl, then pin it to your head with two bobby pins arranged in an X pattern. A little hair spray can also help to keep it in place. Your metal comb should be tucked beneath the bobby pins.

To keep in place, heavy headpieces may require a firm base. Upstyles or half-up hairstyles may help to assist these.

If your comb is made of plastic, it may be more challenging to use bobby pins to keep it in place. Small alligator hair clips might come in handy.

Hairpins, halos, and other similar items can be made using these procedures.

If you want to alter your hair accessories on your wedding day (for example, remove your wedding veil after the ceremony), note how the comb was attached, so you don’t ruin your bridal hairdo trying to remove it. Then, before the comb is pulled out, enlist the help of your bridesmaids in hunting for the bobby pins.

Side combs for thick hair

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  1. Resin comb, Real dried flowers, Custom and Handmade, Decorative comb for thick and Coarse hair
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How do you secure a hair comb?

We’ve had many brides ask us how to keep their bridal hair combs and pins tight, so we thought we’d share some of our tips!

Hairpins work best with an updo, but if you want to add a little glitter to your hair while wearing it down, you’ll need a little added stability.

One of the simplest methods is to raise a piece of hair where you want the pin to sit and gently back brush it. Then, drop the top layer of hair and carefully push the pin in; it should grasp the backcombed hair properly and last all day and evening on your big day!

If you don’t want to backcomb your hair, another fantastic technique to attach hairpins and combs is to raise the top layer of hair and place two kirby grips in an x shape right below where you want the hair comb to sit. Then, drop the top layer of hair and fasten it with a comb or pin in an x shape – kirby grips that match your hair color are ideal!

It’s always a little more difficult to get the hair accessories to stay in place for brides with short hair. Lift the top layer of hair and tie little ponytails with micro elastic bands to guarantee your pins/comb don’t slide out. Return the top layer of hair to its original position and tuck the comb or pin into the concealed ponytails. This is a really simple and quick technique!

Why does a comb have two sides?

The majority of the combs were two-sided, with one side used to straighten knots in the hair and the other with fine teeth used to extract lice and eggs. Most combs discovered in archaeological digs were fashioned of wood, with a few made of bone and ivory threw in for good measure.


We hope this has given you some ideas for some of the looks you may create using our combs. The first time you use them, they may appear intimidating, but practice makes perfect!

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