10 Best Blow Dryer for Natural Hair


Black hair appears to be rich and natural, but it is difficult to maintain and style. When it comes to styling black hair, a blow dryer is sometimes used. Kinky hair, on the other hand, is delicate and vulnerable to breaking due to heat damage. It may also have an effect on hair structure. For hair styling, a blow dryer is a much better and more compact choice.

A perfect silk press is a hairstyle that has been admired for a long time. Even though a blow dryer isn’t the most important factor in the outcome of a silk press, choosing a good salon blow dryer is always a good idea. On normal hair, an exceptional blow dryer will improve your hair and result in a superior silk drive.

As a result, on the off chance that you have Afro-finished hair and need to achieve a flawless silk press, these amazing blow dryers we will present today are a must-have. If you don’t want to read the whole post, here is a list of the blow dryers we recommend for the silk press.

What Kind of Blow Dryers Can Achieve a Silk Press Perfectly 

Blow drying is, in reality, a necessary step before leveling your hair to achieve a lovely silk press. We’ll probably straighten your hair as much as possible so that you can repair it with a level iron later. As a result, you’ll know what the most important part of a silk press blow dryer is.

Incredible Airflow Speed for Faster Drying

The first rule is that you cannot level iron wet or damp hair. Aside from that, the warmth will harm your hair, and the damage will be permanent. As a result, if you don’t want to wait hours for your hair to dry before using the level iron, an exceptional quality blow dryer with salon-grade capacity is what you need.

Consider blow dryers with a variety of heat/speed settings so you can control the wind current pressing factor depending on your hairstyle. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer hairdryers with two setting catches, which can provide a more precise victory. The material of a hairdryer can also influence how well it dries. A titanium hairdryer, for example, can provide warmth and wind current faster and more effectively.

Nozzle for Concentrator

You’ll need to use a brush and direct hot air to the brush to get natural hair straight. If your hair isn’t excessively long and thick, you can use a hairdryer brush to get the job done. However, if you have beautiful thick wavy hair, such as 4B and 4C hair, a professional hairbrush, and a hairdryer spout would be extremely beneficial. A concentrator spout will get your strands away from the heat engine, avoiding potential dangers and heat damage. Furthermore, since there is no intermittent wind stream moving about, using a spout speeds up the drying process and ensures that hair areas are dried securely.

Before silk pressing, check to see if the blow dryer you’re using has a spout. In the event that this is not the case, you can buy a standard dryer spout.

10 Best blow dryer for natural hair

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BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Hair Dryer – Quick Silk Press Blow Dryer 

This excellent BabyBliss blow dryer is almost definitely a reliable model for people with normal hair. The blow dryer provides an optimal drying experience and a satisfactory drying period, making it a major success for the entire company.

From the outside, you do not know how amazing it is. In any case, this is a 2000W move through the quick and hot wind. Despite the fact that it already has a lovely high wattage, BabyBliss has added nano titanium to speed up the drying time. The dryer becomes lightweight and comfortable to carry as a result of the titanium materials. There might not be a better blow dryer for experimenting with different hairstyles than this.

Hot Tools Signature Series 1875W Turbo Blow Dryer 

For unusually normal hair, the beloved Hot Tools blow dryer can be a great helper. This pass-up Hot Tool is designed to speed up the drying process, and they claim that it includes a super engine that can deliver the most intense hot wind stream and complete the victory 40 percent faster.

The dryer’s excellent Ionic® Technology completes the silk press by making your hair sleek and silky after blow-drying. Aside from the spout, it also comes with a diffuser for twisting your hair, giving you more styling options with this lightweight hairdryer. Similarly, the dryer’s covered dryer body will protect your hand from being scorched by accident and ensure a long life.

TREZORO 9300 Professional Ionic Salon Hair Dryer 

This TREZORO 9300 dryer is one of Amazon’s most popular blow dryers, and it performs admirably on a variety of hair types.

With its superior warming breakthrough and indestructible 2200w motor, this hairdryer can dry thick hair easily. It comes with two different spouts for styling to suit the needs of different clients. To get your hair mostly straight before silk pressing, use the spouts that provide more options and a faster wind current.

Will, it hurt you because of its lovely high wattage? The dryer incorporates tourmaline+ionic+ceramic developments to provide a shield for your hair, ensuring that it remains healthy after each season of use.

VAV 1875W Professional Infrared Hair Dryer 

The VAV calling dryer’s contacts outnumber all other blow dryers in terms of quantity and variety. For all hairstyles, a spout, a diffuser, and a quest are appropriate tools for creating haircuts. It also features incredible infrared warmth and ionic haircare technology.

Finally, this VAV competent is a bargain, and you can get this high-end dryer for a few dollars. You’ll enjoy taking a chance on it.

Revlon Infrared Hair Dryer

Revlon’s Proline includes an infrared hairdryer. It makes use of infrared heat, which penetrates the cortex and heats it from the inside out, giving the hair full shine, softness, and control. Negative ions released by tourmaline ionic technology helps to minimize frizz and static electricity while also improving shine.

The triple ceramic coating uniformly distributes heat and helps to prevent hair damage. The blow dryer has two heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cold shot button to keep your hairstyle in place. Three hair sectioning clips are included for hairstyling or concentrated hair drying. To have full accuracy, it comes with a concentrator attachment and a volumizing finger diffuser attachment.

Remington Damage Protection Hair Dryer

The Remington Damage Control Hair Dryer features Advanced Coating Technology, which provides three times more styling protection. To keep hair safe, it employs unique Micro-Conditioner Technology. To reduce hair damage and frizz, it blends ionic and tourmaline ceramic technologies.

This technology also uniformly distributes heat. To customize heat and airflow, it has three heat settings and two-speed settings. It also has a cool shot button that aids in the development of hairstyles. To style hair and add volume, it comes with a concentrator and a diffuser. It has a filter that can be removed to help clean the dryer. For faster hair drying, it has a 1875W DC engine.

Conair Full Size Pro Hair Dryer

Ionic technology is used in the Conair Full Size Pro Hair Dryer to minimize frizz and improve shine. Tourmaline ceramic technology uniformly distributes heat, resulting in faster drying and less hair damage. To set hairstyles, it has a cool shot press. For your comfort, it comes with a five-foot power cord and a concentrator for concentrated airflow. Both hairstyles are accommodated by the custom settings. For your hairstyle and comfort, it has three heat settings and two-speed settings. The dryer is easy to clean thanks to the removable filter.

Revlon Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer

Steel and plastic make up the Revlon Volumizing Turbo Hair Dryer. It has a turbo airflow button that boosts airflow and speeds up drying time. Hair is protected from damage by a three-layer ceramic coating. For better heating and styling, the hairdryer has three heat settings and two-speed settings. It also has a cold shot button for securing hairstyles. Curls and wavy hair are described with the finger diffuser attachment. It includes a diffuser to help uniformly distribute air. This helps describe curls and add volume by softening the airflow.

Andis Tourmaline Styling Hair Dryer

The Andis Tourmaline Hair Dryer employs also heat ceramic technology to protect the scalp’s natural oils. It also keeps the hair hydrated by sealing moisture in the hair shaft. It employs ionic technology to dry hair by dissolving water molecules.

The three heat settings and cool shot button not only help you dry your hair but also help you keep your hairstyle in place. The 1875W motor in this hair dryer produces high-velocity airflow. Ceramic technology keeps hair safe and uniformly distributes heat.

The blow dryer is made of polymer and has dual voltage for travel as well as a high-speed turbo boost setting. A soft-bristle attachment, a large-tooth comb, and a fine-tooth comb are included.

Opulent Care Professional Tourmaline Ionic Hair Dryer

The Opulent Care Professional Hair Dryer is a salon-quality hair dryer that dries hair quickly using infrared heat. It accomplishes this without causing hair damage. The tourmaline-infused ceramic design does not strip your hair of its natural moisture and eliminates static and frizz.

The dryer has three heat settings, two-speed settings, and a cool burst that smooths and shines hair. It comes with a nine-foot cable, a removable air filter, and two nozzle attachments to help with hair drying. It uses 1875W Advanced Ion Technology to maintain the protection of your hair. It’s part of the ProDryerX array, which uses infrared heat to halve hair drying time.

Tips on Blow Drying for Silk Press 

Dry Your Hair in Sections 

You can part your hair and dry it in sections to speed up the drying process. You can dry your hair as quickly as possible by using a spout and directing the wind stream to the segments.

Using a Heat Protectant

Before you use the blow dryer, remember to use a heat protectant or hairdryer cream. Similarly, you should not use a very hot heat setting on your dryer when blow-drying to avoid high heat damage.

If possible, wait until your hair is completely dry before using a flat iron.

To use your level iron to silk push on natural hair, make sure it’s completely dry first. After blow-drying your hair, you can wait until you think it’s completely dry. Otherwise, you’ll hear a shocking sizzling sound and the iron or hair straightener will burn your hair.

Is blow-drying good for natural hair?

The answer to this question is not easy to answer. This is because there are many factors that come into account. These factors include the quality of the hair, the length of the hair, and also what type of blow-dryer you use.

Blow drying your hair can be done in a number of ways. Some people prefer to simply comb their hair out and then let it air dry while others prefer to use a blow dryer on their hair. Blow drying your hair can be a great way to get it looking healthy and shiny again but it can also have some negative impacts on your natural locks if done incorrectly or too often.

What should I put on my hair before blow-drying?

This is why, before blow-drying your hair, you can use a heat protectant (a spray is best for fine hair; a cream is best for thick hair). When you do this, make sure your hair isn’t dripping wet. It’s also best if you apply it from the root to the tip.

How do I stop my blow-drying hair from frizzing?

So you’ve done the dirty work and are probably tired of blow-drying your hair with your arms. If your hair still has flyaways and frizz, use a soft spray wax or a matte pomade to calm it down.

These are our top 10 choices for natural hair blow dryers. Your curly hair, particularly when it comes to heating tools, deserves all the attention it can get. These products are our best picks to choose from, in order to get your best blow dryer. Select a blow dryer from the list above, keeping in mind the points covered in the buying guide.

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