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5 Useful Tools For Skincare

Through the years, the glam industry of beauty and the innovations of technology have converged into a delightful mix for both the well-informed and the excellence-fixated buyers.

Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest adjust and construct client encounters that drive individuals to like and offer substance, all while giving a stage for creatives to flourish and arrive at their objective market.

Obviously, this has additionally streamed down to beauty products we use consistently. A considerable lot of us have dumped cotton cushions for electrical gadgets as per our preference, and age-old cosmetic skin creams are a relic of the past because of LED spot treatments and masks.

Evolution of Beauty

Skincare has been gaining a lot of importance in recent times. As you grow older you realize the importance of investing more in skincare.

With makeup there is a quick fix to all your skin problems, however with skincare, we need to be a lot more patient to understand what really works for your face. There are many skincare devices on the market. 

And today, as we continue remaining safely at home, a considerable lot of us need quality tools that will give us the outcomes we want without heading off to an aesthetician.

A large number of these skin care tools are not only for the Instagram perfect look, however, if followed and used appropriately, but these can also go a long way in helping you achieve that spa-like gleam for a small amount of money.

Most Loved Products

We are going to go through five skincare products or tools that are ruling the skin care industry.

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1. Foreo Luna 3

So, the first beauty product is this device called Luna 3 which is a cleansing tool. It has these little silicon brushes that aren’t porous so they don’t attract dirt and bacteria.

It doesn’t trap any of those germs in there so it’s super hygienic. For those of you who don’t know how this works, the device actually vibrates really quickly so when you actually use it across your face it kind of dislodges and shakes up all the dirt in your pores and helps to decongest and cleanse your face making it squeaky clean.

Just pop a bit of your cleanser onto the bristles and then just wet your face. Then just massage the cleanser. When cleansing your face, you got to do it for at least one minute for your cleanser to be actually effective.

The good part about the device is it’s already timed for one minute so after one minute it will automatically stop, so you know that you’re done with cleansing your face.

After cleansing, you can turn the device over and it has these little gurus this is the massaging side and you can do this on days where you feel like you are a little bit puffier.

2. GUGUG Skin Scrubber

The second device is a GUGUG scrubber which is also known as a skin spatula. Just like the first device, this also vibrates. This tool helps not only to dislodge clogged pores but also extract some of those blackheads and whiteheads.

Always wet your face before using any of these devices as it makes it easier for the device to glide over the face. This device can be used once a week for exfoliation and to end it you can apply your favorite serum.

3. Cooling Face Roller

My next favorite device is this cooling face roller. This device is extremely handy on days when your skin feels puffier than usual or if you have a skin burn.

Stick the roller in the freezer and just simply take it out and roll it over your face. This helps to calm your face down. It can also be used under your eyes.

This device not only helps in calming your face down but helps increase the blood flow in your skin.

4. Derma Cooler

The next device is called the derma roller. This product has been in the market for quite some time now. There are lots of tiny needles to it. It can seem a little scary but this product is actually a number one solution for treating acne scars, potholes, chickenpox marks, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, and aging. This is an effective solution rather than laser treatment or chemical peeling.

When a derma roller is used on the face, it helps in better absorption of your skincare creams. They will penetrate more deeply into your skin thus giving you better results.  When you have a lot of acne scars, spots, etc, naturally the collagen level has been reduced.

The derma roller helps in increasing collagen production. Scientifically speaking, when this roller is used, it will create very tiny punctures on the skin, which may cause some pain. The human body is made to work in such a way, that when a part of the skin is damaged, it will automatically heal and produce new cells.

Similarly, when your skin is punctured with tiny holes, your skin will automatically start producing more collagen.  They come in two types, one is of 195 needles and the other of 540 needles.

The needles come in various sizes and each size is meant for a specific skin problem. Remember to always be gentle with any skincare device.

5. Gold Massage Bar

The last device is called the gold massage bar. This is another vibrating tool. It comes with a little twisting button, where once you twist it, it starts to vibrate.

Before rolling this onto the face, it is recommended to use a serum or any moisturizer as this device helps to better penetrate it into the skin. This device is more like the lymphatic drainage massager.

Your body’s lymphatic system helps to actually move body fluids to flush out toxins. Sometimes you wake up with a puffier face and that is usually because of some kind of blockage in the lymphatic system.

Rolling this gold massage bar actually helps to move these body fluids, thus helping to eliminate the toxins. This device also helps in making your face firmer.


This sums up the best 5 skincare tools that I recommend and use. They have definitely given me favorable and wonderful results and hope they work for you too.

Hope these help you as much as it has helped me. It is good to have the right tools but it is important to understand what works for you and when you are supposed to use it.

It is never a good idea to combine them all. The key to amazing skin care is using the right skincare products combined with the right tools.


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