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Makeup forever HD foundation dupes

High-end makeup products, mainly Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation, are constantly praised by Youtubers and influencers. They aren’t always incorrect in their predictions. On the other hand, the ordinary individual does not always have the $40+ to spend on a single bottle of foundation. What’s the good news? There are dupes for almost every high-end foundation. Some even outperform the more expensive brands. We looked all over the internet for Makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes.


Makeup Forever has some fantastic products, and one of our faves is their HD Foundation. It has a somewhat glistening sheen, excellent coverage, and long-lasting staying power. On the other hand, makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes with a rather expensive price tag are the next best alternative for many of us.

Fortunately, many individuals believe some alternatives to be near dupes for this beautiful foundation.

Foundation is one of the most challenging products to duplicate since everyone’s skin reacts differently. So, don’t expect the items listed below to be a perfect fit for you, and do your homework to ensure they’re suitable for your skin type.

Foundation Tips

Foundation Tips

Many women have a love-hate relationship with foundation. I like the idea of being able to get the illusion of beautiful, even-toned skin without blemishes. On the other hand, I despise how difficult it is to appear as if you aren’t wearing anything at all. To produce a natural-looking foundation, you’ll need a multi-pronged approach.

The best thing is that it helps to reduce shine while moisturizing dry patches—brilliant. It’s You can also use this questionnaire to find out more about the best formulations for your skin type.

Then you must know how to put it into practice like an expert. We’ve got your back. Here are all of the top foundation application recommendations to help you attain flawless skin.

  • Begin with a clean canvas

Maintaining a regular skincare routine is essential since your foundation will only look as beautiful as the skin beneath it. To avoid blocked pores and to eliminate any debris that may be dulling your natural brightness, wash your skin just before applying foundation. Then, exfoliate your skin lightly to remove any dry, dead skin cells that may cause the foundation to apply unevenly or seem flaky. Finally, use a moisturizer; foundation absorbs best when the skin is moisturized.

  • Spend some time priming

Although using a primer adds an extra step to your makeup process, it will help to guarantee that your foundation appears flawless by transforming your skin into a flawlessly smooth surface. In addition, if you have redness, dullness, or uneven pigmentation on your complexion, a color-correcting primer can help balance out your tone for a more natural-looking tint.

  • Keep it simple

Always start with a bit of amount of foundation and gradually increase the amount until you get the desired level of coverage. The objective is to just use foundation where it’s needed, so your skin retains its natural appearance. And, let’s be honest, nothing is worse than a foundation-caked face.

  • Begin from the inside and work your way out

Concentrate your foundation in the middle of your face, where redness and blemishes are most common. Then, apply a tiny amount of foundation to either side of your nose, as well as the middle of your forehead and chin, and blend outward.

  • Don’t rub, stipple

Apply foundation in a stippling motion, meaning lightly tapping it into your skin, whether you’re using a foundation brush (synthetic bristles are ideal) or your fingertips. Wiping or rubbing the foundation will just move it around, causing streaks.

  • Keep your ears in mind!

Ears are a feature of your face that is often ignored. If you have red lobes, softly brush your foundation brush over them to blend them in.

  • For an airbrushed look, use sonic

Try sonic application equipment, which employs vibrating motions to properly apply foundation for a super smooth finish if you want a hyper-flawless airbrushed impression.

  • Make a note of it and then forget about it

Most people equate powder with a matte, cakey appearance, but brushing a silky loose setting powder over your foundation, such as Blended Loose Powder, will keep it in place without dulling the texture. Dip a big, fluffy powder brush into the powder and tap or shake it once to remove any excess—the bristles should be visible through the powder. Then, sweep it lightly around your face, using a stronger touch if required on areas that tend to get shiny, such as your T-zone, chin, and under eyes.

If you have any locations where the foundation wasn’t quite enough, such as dark undereye bags, red patches, or pimples, dab a concealer over them and mix it in without wiping your foundation away.

Make Up for Ever Foundation Dupes

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L’Oréal Pro Glow HD Foundation Dupe

The coverage of L’Oréal Pro Glow is medium. It’s a long-lasting foundation that’s ideal for dry skin.

This HD Foundation dupe has a 24-hour wear duration and retains a moisturizing glow. It has a light and creamy texture. The consistency of this dupe is thin and watery, and it builds up quickly. If you apply a couple of layers, your face will not appear cakey. It feels light on the skin, and you may just need to use a setting powder on the greasy areas of your face. This liquid foundation doesn’t draw attention to small wrinkles or uneven skin texture.

If you’re searching for foundations for textured skin instead, check out this.

Makeup Forever foundation costs nearly twice as much as this L’Oréal Pro Glow dupe. However, when it comes to finish and durability, it performs similarly. This dupe may be found at virtually any pharmacy.

Although this foundation only comes in 12 colors compared to Makeup Forever’s 45, it’s undoubtedly worth the switch if your shade is available.

Wet N’ Wild PhotoFocus Liquid Foundation

Many people consider this camera-ready foundation to be a superb dupe because it costs less than $7!

Although not identical, it shares many of the same characteristics and is worth a try — some even believe it is superior.

NYX mineral stick foundation

A liquid foundation is not for everyone. Some people prefer sticks because they don’t like the consistency or the way it sets. For highlights and contours, others may choose a stick foundation in a brighter or darker hue. If you want to contour using Makeup Forever’s stick foundation, you’ll have to spend more than $100 if you buy two or three. NYX has an excellent Makeup Forever HD foundation stick imitation that we found.

This NYX mineral stick foundation has three functions. It may be used as a highlighter, a contouring tool, or a foundation. The foundation from NYX Mineral Stick has a creamy texture. This Makeup Forever NYX dupe mixes seamlessly into the skin, leaving no cakey residue or uneven areas. This stick foundation provides medium coverage that is easy to create. It does not leave the skin feeling greasy or oily, and it leaves it smooth. Those with dry to medium-dry skin will love this product.

NYX’s mineral stick foundation has nearly identical packaging to Makeup Forever’s. The pricing and color range are the two significant distinctions between the NYX foundation stick and Makeup Forever. Makeup Forever costs $43 per stick, whereas NYX costs $12 to $15.

Only nine colors are available from NYX, with most of them being in light to warm tones. However, people with darker skin tones may need to search for a full-face foundation elsewhere. If that’s what you need, it’ll function as a highlight or contour. In comparison to Makeup Forever, it performs admirably.

CoverFX Natural Finish Foundation

We recommend this smooth foundation if you’re not seeking anything more inexpensive.

This water-based solution has a long-lasting, natural-looking, blurring finish. It’s perfect for dry skin because it hydrates it!

J.Cat Aquasurance Compact Foundation

In comparison to the other brands, you may not have heard of this one. It is, nevertheless, the most accurate Makeup Forever Powder Foundation dupe. This powder foundation has medium to full coverage. The powder is simple to make. It leaves a smooth finish without enhancing the texture or fine wrinkles of your skin. The powder foundation from J.Cat does not cake up or feel heavy on the skin. The powder, like the Makeup Forever powder, offers an airbrushed effect.

The J.Cat foundation is approximately $15 in price. It is less expensive than Makeup Forever. It doesn’t have as many colors as other powder foundations, but the ones it does have are warmer and darker. Many of the hues it does carry are nearly identical to those found in Makeup Forever. You’d have to guess which one was fake if you did a side-by-side comparison. Also, like Makeup Forever, this powder has a comparable wear duration. It’s well worth the money for the price and the similarities.

Colourpop No Filter Foundation

Colorpop is known for its long-lasting lipsticks, but don’t overlook its other offerings! Another excellent Makeup Forever substitute is the “No Filter” foundation.

This foundation has become the new holy grail for many gurus, with 36 colors and a natural (but blurring) texture.

NYX High Definition Foundation

NYX has a Makeup Forever imitation in the form of their NYX HD Studio Foundation. Like Makeup Forever, this liquid foundation blurs the skin’s textures and pores to give you a flawless look. The formula delivers medium to full coverage without the heaviness or cakey build-up of other foundations. Peptides and minerals are also included in the recipe, which assists in nourishing your skin while you’re wearing makeup! It has a light, creamy texture that isn’t sticky.

A soft-focus effect will be used to minimize the appearance of any big pores or fine wrinkles. Your skin will appear smooth as a result of this. NYX HD Studio is available in 12 distinct hues, ranging from light and tan to a few darker tones.

This liquid foundation not only outperforms Makeup Forever in terms of pricing. The sheen of the NYX Ultra HD foundation is similar to that of Makeup Forever. Both of their formulations are designed to be a light, buildable medium coverage. However, it lacks the weight of other foundations. NYX HD Studio has a 12-hour wear duration until it begins to break down. It’s an excellent value for the money.

Revlon Photoready Foundation

An excellent dupe is the Revlon PhotoReady foundation. The consistency differs from the rest of the items on the list today. The consistency of the recipe is thicker yet still creamy. When worn on the face, however, it does not feel or appear heavy. The formula of PhotoReady contains SPF 20 and glitter particles. The coverage may be built up to produce a perfect finish.

If your skin tone is light to slightly warm, this foundation has the most significant overall formula among the others. However, it’s not suitable for those with medium to dark skin tones. At about $6 to $8, this is the cheapest pricing point. PhotoReady has a nine-to-ten-hour wear duration before it begins to break down and form tiny lines. Like Makeup Forever, you may select whether or not to apply a setting powder, but it will still endure.

Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation

This oil-free foundation from Smashbox isn’t significantly less expensive, but it’s a beautiful alternative to Makeup Forever’s HD Foundation.

This buildable foundation hides flaws and gives you a flawless complexion that lasts all day.


One of the most crucial components of Makeup is the foundation. It’s challenging to discover a brand that appeals to you and works well with your skin. Finding one at a reasonable price is even more difficult.

Thankfully, dupes exist, allowing you to enjoy perfect skin without the high cost. Not only will you feel better, but so will your bank account. Please let us know how one of the Makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes works for you! 

Makeup forever HD foundation dupes
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Makeup forever HD foundation dupes
High-end makeup products, mainly Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation, is constantly praised by Youtubers and influencers. They aren’t always incorrect in their predictions. On the other hand, the ordinary individual does not always have the $40+ to spend on a single bottle of foundation. What’s the good news? There are dupes for almost every high-end foundation. Some even outperform the more expensive brands. We looked all over the internet for Makeup Forever HD Foundation dupes.
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