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How to lighten hair with developer and shampoo

It is always preferable to learn the tips and tricks for lightening hair with a developer and shampoo while remaining lovely and stunning. Your grey hair will seem highlighted if you apply less than 10 volume developers. It’s time to talk about the steps and procedures for getting light-colored hair.

The good news is that you may do it yourself by combining bleaching powder with regular shampoo for a milder lighting procedure.

Of course, it has its secrets to save you from harming your hair or injuring your scalp.

When we talk about bleaching, you’re probably aware that it involves mixing two powerful chemicals, such as developer and bleach.

If your hair isn’t in excellent enough shape, a chemical explosion could result in you going bald. Its adverse effects are quite damaging because it weakens and changes the internal structure of your hair.

Because the chemicals are diluted with the shampoo, mixing your shampoo and the developer is gentler.

Can I Lighten My Hair with Just a Developer?

Can I Lighten My Hair with Just a Developer

You can lighten your hair with a developer alone, as many people are discovering. However, you must apply it correctly to avoid permanently harming your hair. The developer volume you use and the time you leave it on your hair and how you apply it are all significant.

While you can lighten your hair using a developer alone, doing it without damaging it or causing undesirable outcomes takes a little finesse and expertise. Hair can be lightened simply by using a developer. However, this method is ineffective and necessitates the use of heat. In addition, the developer must remain in your hair for some time. The final hair color will be brassy, and it will feel like straw in the hands.

The hair color is lightened by one shade using a 20 volume developer. Because the peroxide is not activated when used alone, it is not inherently detrimental to the hair.

As a result, a developer alone is the most effective way to lighten hair by one shade with the least amount of harm. It’s because bleach is the main cause of hair damage while whitening the hair.

If your hair isn’t in excellent enough shape, a chemical explosion could result in you going bald. Its adverse effects are quite damaging because it weakens and changes the internal structure of your hair.

Because the chemicals are diluted with the shampoo, mixing your shampoo and the developer is a much gentler process.

Can I lighten my hair with Just Shampoo?

Can I lighten my hair with Just Shampoo

The answer is, in general, yes. It is possible with a hair-lightening shampoo, which is readily accessible on the market. However, it takes time. A hair-lightening shampoo isn’t like bleach or hair dye in that it has its method.

It lightens the hair gradually, so any obvious lightening takes months. Furthermore, despite months of consistent application, the hair may only lighten by one shade.

The quality of the final hair is the key reason for the popularity of hair-lightening shampoo. It doesn’t affect the hair like hair color or bleach would. However, the hair color you get eventually may not be what you imagined. It produces a bronzy tint that varies depending on the application.

Will 30 volume developers lighten hair without bleaching?

Will 30 volume developers lighten hair without bleaching

It’s simple to lighten your hair without spending a fortune in the comfort of your own home, and utilizing a 30 volume developer will help you get there. Because it is a stronger developer, a 30 volume developer is one of the best options for whitening black hair and dark hair colors. It’s more likely that your hair will be damaged if you use a developer with a volume of more than 40. Even though 10 volume developers and 20 volume developers are excellent products, they will not work on black or dark hair.

Hair developer is a product that comes in a cream or a liquid and is used for bleaching, dyeing, or lightening hair. This product contains hydrogen peroxide, which opens the cuticles on your head so that the chemical can easily get to your hair. The four stages of hair development are 10 volume, 20 volume, 30 volume, and 40 volume. Dark hair is frequently treated with a 30 volume developer, whereas lighter hair is treated with a 10 or 20 volume developer.

By itself, a 30 volume developer will not be able to lighten your hair properly. It just lightens your hair a shade or two from its original hue. As a result, 30 volume developers should be used with bleach powder or dye powder to lighten your hair as quickly as possible.

What can I add to my shampoo to lighten my hair?

Bleach washing, often known as bleach bathing, is a gentler and less time-consuming method of lightening or removing darker colors from your hair. A bleach wash involves mixing a bleach solution with shampoo and applying it to wet hair. The shampoo bleach combination combines swiftly and smoothly through wet hair, making it easier to apply and manage than traditional bleach treatments.

  • Color Protection Shampoo 20ml
  • Hi-Lift Bleach powder
  • 30 vol developer sachet
  • 40ml Color Protection Conditioner
  • Gloves

How to Bleach Your Hair and Wash It

How to Bleach Your Hair and Wash It

As is customary, refrain from washing your hair for at least two days before using a developer or bleach solution, as your natural oils protect your scalp and hair from harm.

Wear a shirt or robe with a front opening (not your best – any stray bleach wash will brighten the fabric). Before preparing your bleach wash combination, wet your hair and towel dry it.

Mix the bleach and developer with your tint brush. Add the same amount of shampoo as the bleach and developer combined to this combination, For this, use whatever regular shampoo you have on hand, as well as a Color Protection Shampoo.

Using a small amount of water, dampen your hair and then work the bleach mixture through it.

The shampoo combination will flow evenly and consistently through your wet hair, providing a more controllable application technique and consistent results than a traditional bleaching procedure.

Allow 15-20 minutes for the mixture to soak in, depending on the color you want to obtain. After washing it out in the shower, use Bleach Wash’s Colour Protection Shampoo and Conditioner to shampoo and condition your hair.

If possible, wait at least two days before recoloring your hair, and you’ll be able to use a lighter color option because your hair will be free of darker pigments, and your base color level will be at least 1-2 levels lighter.

Keep in mind that when you lighten your color, the natural contributing pigment typically reveals undesirable warmth. Recolor after a bleach wash using color with cool secondary tones to counteract and neutralize undesired warmth. Your hair will be drier and more porous after a bleach wash, and we only advocate doing a bleach wash 1-2 times a year to pull out darker pigments. They should not be used for lightening regularly.

How long do I leave developer and shampoo in my hair?

How long do I leave developer and shampoo in my hair

If you’re highlighting your hair with a 20 volume developer, the bleach will stay active until you rinse it off, so you can leave it on until you get the results you want. It’s crucial to note that bleach and developer can damage and dehydrate hair, so the less time you spend with them, the better.

When using any developer on your hair, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid causing damage to your hair and scalp. Even if the lotion has only been on for a few minutes, if you feel a burning feeling at any point during the process, rinse it off quickly to avoid harm.

How much can you lighten hair without bleach?

However, it depends on how long you want to lighten your hair; numerous natural methods can help you lighten it without causing damage. Make sure you don’t expect immediate outcomes from these techniques. All of the substances employed in natural methods will give you a very subtle appearance.

Before choosing one of the methods for lightening your hair without bleach listed below, think about the outcomes you want to attain. Natural whitening procedures are only effective if your hair has a fine structure.

If you have blonde hair, it will turn blonder. The red highlights will fade into strawberry blondes, and the light brown hair will darken slightly. Continue reading to learn about some easy ways to lighten your hair with natural materials from your kitchen.

  • Vinegar and Honey

1 cup honey, 2 cups apple cider vinegar or white vinegar, and 1 tablespoon coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil are required.

Apply the paste to damp hair and comb it through to ensure uniform distribution. Wrap your hair in a shower hat or a clean towel and leave it alone for the night. Deep condition your hair the next morning after rinsing it out.

You’ll need fresh lemon juice, water, and a spray bottle in equal parts. You can also use 1-2 tablespoons of conditioner if your hair is dry and damaged. If you’re using conditioner, combine both items in a spray bottle and mix everything in a basin. Spray or apply the mixture to your hair, paying careful attention to the roots. Allow 2-3 hours for natural drying. Hair should be washed and conditioned correctly.

  • Cinnamon with honey

You’ll need one tablespoon of cinnamon powder and two tablespoons of honey, plus 1-2 tablespoons of hair conditioner or one tablespoon of olive oil for added hydration if you have any on hand. Combine all of the ingredients and try to form a smooth mask.

Apply the mask on moist hair and leave it on for three to four hours or overnight. You can also wear a shower cap overnight and wash your hair the next morning.

  • Hydrogen Peroxide with Baking Soda

Use about two teaspoons baking soda, and one and a half tablespoons of 3% hydrogen peroxide are required. Mix the two ingredients to produce a paste.

Apply the paste to dry hair and let it sit for 30-60 minutes. Apply the appropriate conditioner to your hair after rinsing it. After this application, you’ll find that you’re 1-2 shades lighter.

Can you lighten dyed hair with a developer?

You may have heard of folks using only developers to lighten their hair. However, how effective is this method? Is it worth it for the color effect, and does it cause less damage to your hair than using bleach and developer? Let’s take a closer look.

We recommend one of two methods for lightening previously colored hair. The first option is to apply a powerful lifter—treatments that contain a high concentration of ingredients such as ammonia, peroxide, bleach, or other chemicals that remove the color from hair molecules. After that, you can apply your desired color after you’ve raised your hair. What are the benefits of option one? It’s a quick procedure, depending on how much you want to lighten and tone.

The second alternative is to wait 8-10 weeks after you’ve colored your hair to enable time for the color to fade and the dye molecules in your hair to decrease. You may dye your hair at home if your hair color has gone. With that said, at-home hair color normally only allows for 1-2 shades lighter after allowing time for your hair color to fade. Option one is for you if you want to lighten your hair considerably, perhaps 3-5 shades (bleaching).

What volume developer should I use for dark hair?

The volume developer you should employ is determined by the outcomes you desire.

When applying hair dye, a low volume developer is sufficient to lift the hair cuticle just enough to allow the color to penetrate. Still, when bleaching your hair, a greater volume developer is required. This is because you must expose the cuticle sufficiently to extract the natural color pigment in your hair.

Because it opens the cuticle, the hair developer causes damage. As a result, use the lowest volume developer you can get away with as long as it produces the necessary results.

10 Volume Developer

Suppose you’re using no-lift permanent hair color. It won’t dramatically boost your basic hair color, so use it when you want to add a tone or tint to your hair while keeping the color level the same. Many toners use a 10 volume developer because it is the least harmful to the hair and all you want to do is deposit a tone to cover up undesired color. The 10 volume developer is only used to open the hair’s cuticle layer, allowing the color molecules to deposit in the cortex for long-term results.

20 Volume Developer

For 100 percent gray covering with permanent hair dye, use a 20 volume developer if you wish to achieve a one or two-level color lift or if you have more than 50 percent grey hair. If you use less than 10 volume developers, your grey hair will appear to be highlighted.

To lighten naturally blonde hair more softly, combine 20 volume developers with bleach.

30 Volume Developer

The 30 volume developer allows you to lighten your hair by two or three levels while coloring it, allowing more pigment to penetrate the hair shaft. 30 volume developer is a wonderful alternative if your hair isn’t too damaged and you want a lighter, longer-lasting color. If you have low porosity hair, a 30 volume developer may be preferable because your hair is inherently more resistant to color.

To lighten light to medium brown hair, combine 30 volume developers with bleach.

40 Volume Developer

 If you’re bleaching dark brown or black hair, you’ll probably need a 40 volume developer, but bear in mind that this is the most destructive to your hair. It contains 12% peroxide, which can cause burns to sensitive scalps.

Suppose you’re bleaching your hair at home. In that case, it’s far healthier and safer to do numerous rounds with a 30 or even 20 volume developer, followed by a lot of conditioning treatments and protein builders.

Any developer with a volume of 50 or above will burn your hair, damage it, and make a large mess. Use a bond builder, as well as maybe numerous bleaching sessions, if you need to elevate your hair a lot. You don’t want a chemically burned haircut, so do it slow and steadily. Keep your hair and scalp’s health at the forefront of your attention at all times.


There’s always a danger that using a 30 volume developer to lighten your hair will produce problems. You should give your hair a nutritious treatment once a month and attempt to let it air dry. After reading this 30 volume developer analysis, you should have a basic grasp of how to lighten your hair properly. Before attempting to lighten your hair on your own, always read the directions on the container and seek expert advice.

You may achieve the desired effects with a little attention and follow the hair lighting process without skipping any steps. Feel the difference by using a good quality developer and shampoo for the job. It’s time to show off your hair and garner a round of applause from your friends.

We hope you’ve mastered the art of lightening your hair that’s already been colored. It may appear difficult, but if you’re patient and prepared to seek professional help, you’ll get the reward.

How to lighten hair with developer and shampoo
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