How To Lighten Hair With Peroxide [The Ultimate Guide]

How To Lighten Hair With Peroxide

Heading to a hair salon for professional hair coloring and highlights is an expensive and time-consuming affair. The first time I lighten my hair with peroxide, I did it myself at home. You can easily dye as well as highlight your hair along with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide (3%) at home.

Ensure to dye part by part and review all the recommendations listed below to be safe. While a beauty salon is THE safest channel to color your hair, it is possible to color your hair safely in the home.

Of course, you could also discard an entire bottle on your scalp and come out with a poor, spotty color job. Therefore read these recommendations, to begin your lightning process!

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide, And Is It Safe?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a long-lasting and demi-permanent dye found at salons, beauty shops, and pharmacies. It contains peroxide as well as alkali. You are putting a few of the same chemicals right into your hair that you would certainly pay for an expert to do.

Generally, a colorist is proficient in the amount to utilize, how long to leave it on, and so on. Always have an expert to bleach your hair, especially if it is over-processed or brittle. Never leave peroxide in high quantities on the skin for a long time.

Dye your hair with an old towel or t-shirt and put on gloves. Ensure that you are using 3% hydrogen peroxide. Verify the active ingredients.

How Will Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten My Hair? 

Peroxide is used in order to bleach hair. When combined with ammonia, it will certainly cause your hair to turn lighter shades. If you have dark brown or black hair, this procedure should work very well for you.

You need to use 1/4 cup of peroxide mixed with one part water. Put it on your head and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Apply shampoo and conditioner to your hair. Leave it on for approximately 15 minutes before rinsing off.

The best way to achieve the color you desire is by doing test strands gradually. In most cases, you will get a shade one to two tones lighter.

Risk Of Brown Hair Turning Brassy

Risk Of Brown Hair Turning Brassy

Dark brown hair may most likely turn chest brown. Too much peroxide might trigger an orangey brownish color. Medium brownish hair might turn golden brownish hair. Read on how to get rid of brassy hair Light brown hair might turn dirty blond. Red hair might turn orange before strawberry blonde.

This is dependent on:

  • if you have wrecked, permed, or even color-treated hair
  • you want to transform your hair color
  • you ruined your do-it-yourself dye job

List of items to dye your hair with hydrogen peroxide

  • An old tee t-shirt to use
  • An old towel to coil your neck.
  • Gloves to shield your possessions.
  • Paw or even butterfly clips to separate areas of hair.
  • Toothbrush, cotton balls, sponge, or even small brush to apply (for highlights).
  • Decisive spray bottle (for whole head).
  • Lightweight aluminum foil (for highlights).
  • Plastic shower limit (for a whole head of hair).
  • A container for a small amount of peroxide specifically for highlights.
  • Hair clothing dryer (optional– mild-warm accelerate the procedure).
  • Coldwater for an extensive rinsing after.
  • Deeper hair conditioner.

Prep The Hair

The first step is to quit any type of hair procedure a few weeks before you intend to dye your hair. Avoid making use of extra chemicals in your hair, like hairspray, gel, and individually more powerful treatments like different colors jobs, straightener, perms, etc. Avoid any heat on hair. Stay clear of hair irons, hairdryers, hair curlers, or hot water showers.

Shampoo and condition your hair and air dry the hair. Test a small section of your hair underneath many coatings as well as leave it on for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water and see if you like the changes in your hair colors. Keep applying for additional time in 15-minute increments up until you obtain the color you love. Wash the hair out after dying.

Get a friend to help you out. An extra pair of hands will certainly speed up the process. Additional help will make administering the color process more manageable and also you will appreciate a second opinion.

How long does it take for hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair?

How long does it take for hydrogen peroxide to lighten hair

The hair is the most important part of our body. It is the foundation for our skin, nails, and even our bones. The process of hair growth is called keratinization. Keratinization is a chemical reaction that occurs when hydrogen peroxide reacts with amino acids in the protein structure of the hair shaft. This reaction produces a molecule called peroxidase which breaks down the protein structure of the hair shaft into amino acids, which then react with oxygen to produce hydrogen peroxide and water.

It typically takes at least 30 minutes to an hour to lighten hair with peroxide. However, it also depends on the thickness of the hair follicle and the color

takes at least 30 minutes to an hour to lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide. However, the time depends on the thickness and the color of the hair. The darker hair the more time or more application is required. 

Ways To Highlight Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

Ways To Highlight Your Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

Start slowly and gradually. The result differs with different hair types, as it is going to react differently, so it is best to take it gradually in the beginning stages. If you plunge right in and do not like the outcome, you will either be truly pissed at your hair for many full weeks or even be required to head to the hair salon for an expensive fix.

You will require a new toothbrush, a small bowl for pouring the peroxide into, as well as a comb along with a parting device on one point to separate different parts of your hair. You will need around 5-10 butterfly clips to the segment of your hair.

Avoid skin with hydrogen peroxide, especially for extended periods as this may lead to skin aggravation or even shedding of the skin. A handful of drips occasionally will certainly not possess a harmful effect. Grab a new toothbrush and dip it right into a tiny bowl of hydrogen peroxide. Get a comb that has a pointer parting tool; grab a few strands of hair. This method would help as you would not want your drastic color changes which make your hair color look weird. Unless that is the look, you are going for! LOL!   I recommend applying heat to your hair as it might expedite the process. Pro Tip: I would avoid this if you do not know what you are doing. Rinse with cold water to get the peroxide out as it will not dry out your hair. Additionally, air dry hair can prevent further dryness.

Repeat the highlight with peroxide each day. If you are doing the whole head, I will wait at least a week before your next dye job to prevent any undesirable side effects in the hair color and texture.

Enjoy the gradual hair transformation; good practice as you have control of the hair color you intend to have.

Ways To Color Whole Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

Before starting the process, read prep the hair for peroxide coloring first. Once you have completed the slow process of hair lightening and are happy with how your hair reacts, dye your entire head of hair gradually with hydrogen peroxide. Fill two spray bottles with half peroxide and half water. Spritz your hair a few times every early morning. Do not expect highlights with this method, but expect a lighter color everywhere.  

For full head and fast result: Obtain a clean and empty bottle, mix with half cup peroxide and half cup conditioner, then apply to hair. Try to mix peroxide with baking soda, shampoo, and conditioner and rub entirely to hair. Surprise yourself with a beautiful and prominent result.  

Will cream peroxide lighten hair?

Will cream peroxide lighten hair

Cream peroxide is the most common hair lightener. It’s made from a mixture of water, peroxide, and alcohol. It has been used for centuries in Europe and Asia to lighten the hair. But today it is also being used by some women to lighten their skin, as well as for other purposes like removing stains from clothes or even bleaching their teeth.

Cream peroxide is a product that can lighten the hair. It is made of hydrogen peroxide, which is one of the most common chemicals used in beauty products. The chemical gets into the hair follicles and causes them to lighten.

The cream peroxide lightens hair and it is safe to use. It can be used by both males and females.

Is Lightening Your Hair with Hydrogen Peroxide Damaging? 

Hydrogen peroxide has been used for decades in the beauty industry, but it was only recently that the dangers associated with its use were revealed. Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizing agent and can damage your hair if you are not careful.

According to research conducted by the University of Maryland, hydrogen peroxide can cause permanent damage to your hair if you have long or thin strands. It may also cause discoloration and breakage as well as dryness of the scalp. The study also found that there was a possibility of damage to other parts of your body such as eyes, mouth, skin, and hands too.

So I would be careful with the usage of hydrogen peroxide to avoid chemical reaction

Hair Care After Hydrogen Peroxide

Massage abundant conditioner into your hair. Do not sacrifice quality! The peroxide will inevitably dry your hair, depending on how long you left it in. You will need to treat your hair. Leave in conditioner longer after hair I find frequent shampooing is drying for the hair as it strips off its natural oil. Generally, I would advise washing your hair on alternate days. An alternative is to use dry powder shampoo if necessary.

Limit heat energy. Only use a hairdryer, hair curlers, or hair straightening after a week minimum of peroxide used. Maintain hair hydration before and after the peroxide process.

Rejuvenate your hair luster. Offer your hair an olive oil or mayo treatment to get your shiny hair back. Massage warm olive oil into your hair and also scalp up until your whole scalp of hair is damp with olive oil. Cover your hair in a towel as well as let it sit for a few hours. Mayonnaise treatment helps to make hair shiny. Massage ½ cup of mayonnaise to your hair and wrap your hair up with a shower cap and hair dry till head becomes warm. The mayonnaise will make your hair very shiny.

How To Lighten Hair The Natural Way

Everybody, including me, would love to lighten our hair at some point in our lives. However, the expensive upkeep and constant worrying about hair damage are real. So how can we have lighter hair color without spending too much money and damaging hair follicles with natural hair color products?

Well, there are a few natural ways; one can achieve a lighter hair tone. However, to be cautioned that these methods will not give you the same results as peroxide.

1. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice use may be the oldest hack. In the past, people used to use lemon juice on their hair and let loose in the sun. The acidity in lemon allows it to change the hair color shade by changing the hair’s pH levels. Try squeezing lemon into a spray bottle and spraying the strands of hair. Dry your hair in the sun. This technique works best in already lighter hair tones.

2. Vinegar

We are encouraged to do an apple cider vinegar rinse to prevent build-up and debris. Prolonged use can lighten hair color. However, use vinegar with extreme caution because too much can be damaging. Avoid the use of vinegar if your hair is extremely fine and brittle. If you have thicker hair dilute vinegar and water at half portion each. Brunettes tend to develop brassy hair color with the use of vinegar. To avoid the development of brassy hair use white vinegar.

3. Baking Soda

Be surprised, besides teeth whitening baking soda can be used to lighten hair color too. Apply the baking soda paste as you would your teeth. Mix one tablespoon of baking soda with 1/3 c. of warm water.  

Apply soda mixture with a color brush or paintbrush and take a stab at some DIY balayage. Paint on your highlights and wrap them in foil. It is advisable to keep off the scalp and focus on the ends of the hair. I recommend applying heat will speed up the lightning process of your hair.

4. Chamomile

Chamomile flowers contain pigments of apigenin, quercetin, and azulene. Apigenin produces a golden tint when combined with azulene and responds well to the hair shaft. Quercetin is responsible for lightening hair.

When all three components are combined, it will gradually lighten the hair shaft. Dilute the chamomile flowers in water and apply to hair. Comb through hair for even distribution of the liquid. Sit in the sun or use a hairdryer to activate the lightning process.

5. Sea Salt

If you love the ocean and have access to it, go swimming as the sea salt can lighten your hair, especially out in the sun. Otherwise, use sea salt and warm water if you have it at home. Dissolve sea one tablespoon of sea salt with about ½ cup of lukewarm water. Apply it to your hair for 20 minutes.

I hope you enjoy reading this lengthy article on how to lighten your hair with peroxide and also using natural sources. I do hope it works for you as much as it did for me. I was pleased with the result by using peroxide; however, I need to emphasize it will take several peroxide applications, especially if you have dark hair!


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    If you’re examining hair loss, damaged hair, preventing scalp disorders, hair growth, hair health in general, similar rules come to mind.

    As a general rule, you should try to steer clear of hair treatments and products that contain chemicals like parabens, DEA and sulfates.

    What is good for your hair is good for your skin also.

    Clearly the content on this page is so accurate for multiple reasons. It steers away from the common traps and traps so many fall into: purchasing horrible alternatives. Thank you so much!

    1. Thank you very much. That is correct, there is plenty of hair products with harmful chemicals. I for one love organic products!

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