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How to clean boar bristle hairbrush

The bristles on the boar bristle hairbrush are densely packed, and their coarseness allows the brush to remove dust, debris, and other deposits from the hair. While these brushes are effective at cleaning debris, if used regularly, they may become blocked with hair or dirt. Clean your boar bristle hairbrush once or twice a week.

A boar bristle hairbrush, regardless of hair type, is a soft bristle brush that detangles and safeguards the health and gloss of your hair. A boar bristle brush is a crucial hair care tool to have in your hair products inventory, whether you have natural hair, curly hair, dry hair, or dandruff. When a boar bristle hairbrush becomes clogged or otherwise dirty, it’s critical to know how to cleanse it.

Investing in a boar bristle hairbrush, particularly one with 100% boar bristles, is one of the most important strategies to maintain your hair healthily (with no nylon bristles).

Natural bristles are soft and glide easily through hair, reducing breakage. However, dirt, grit, and sebum can readily collect between the brush’s tightly packed bristles. That is why it requires a thorough cleaning once a week. It might be frustrating to remove hair from your brush. Nevertheless, we have got you covered. Keep reading!

What is a boar bristle brush?

What is a boar bristle brush

Boar bristle brushes are excellent in dispersing oil in the scalp, keeping tresses healthy and lustrous.

The ultra-soft brushes are most renowned for their ability to uniformly spread and distribute your natural oil from the bottom to the tip of your hair, creating glossy, lustrous, and smooth strands. They can help maintain the scalp and hair clean by doing so. Furthermore, natural bristles do not cause strands to shatter nearly as much as synthetic bristles.

Boar bristles are extremely soft and help to prevent breakage. They’re also wonderful for smoothing and minimizing frizz in wavy, curly, and/or thick hair.

The best boar bristle brushes remain one of the most timeless options for achieving the shiniest, healthiest hair ever when looking to invest in a new hairbrush.

Is it good to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush?

Is it good to brush your hair with a boar bristle brush

Unlike many other brush types, boar bristle brushes bring out the natural texture of straight, wavy, or curly hair. This isn’t the brush to use on wet hair (it could break it) or for style, but it’s great for detangling, adding body, and keeping your hair shining.

Here’s why you should use a boar bristle brush to style your hair. And it’s truly unbeatable. That’s why so many expert stylists use brushes with circular boar bristles. The same microscopic shingle-like structure can grasp and retain your hair as well. You might sense increased holding strength and tension when styling your hair using a boar bristle brush. The tension helps you pull and keep the hair in place as the heat from your hairdryer sets the hair molecules in place. This movement is what gives you those beautiful waves and bouncy curls. The same procedure can also be used to straighten your hair.

Boar bristle brush (BBB) distributes your hair’s natural oils away from your roots and down to the ends of your hair. It helps you to coat the length of your hair in nourishing and protecting oils that our scalps produce naturally.

When your brush is lacking bristles or spokes, or when it’s too dirty to clean, that’s the most evident symptom.

How can you tell a real boar bristle?

How can you tell a real boar bristle

Either the branding or the brush itself will say 100 percent boar bristle. The bristles come in a variety of colors, from black to blonde.

The stiffness of a material can range from very soft to highly stiff (although the stiffness will reduce with usage).

Honestly, You may not be able to detect the difference. The only option is to purchase from a reputable retailer. Some people have a fake BBB with color variations to make it look more genuine. So, unless you put a bristle under a microscope, you won’t be able to know. Here are some features of a real Boar Bristle brush

  • This brush composed of wild boar bristles must conform to the shape of your scalp. The boar bristle brush should be rounded in the opposite direction of your head shape. This is to ensure that when brushing your hair, the pressure is uniformly distributed on your scalp.
  • It must have a comfortable handle that you can hold. Our boar brushes include a hardwood barrel and a lightweight cork handle. It means that it absorbs heat, which helps to protect your hair from harm.
  • Just brushing the hair with regular brushes isn’t enough. Its bristles must be tough to massage your scalp properly. Nylon bristles are tougher and can penetrate deeper into the hair layers. As a result, the brushing procedure is efficient.
  • Your boar brush’s bristles should be of varying lengths. The longer the bristles, the better the blood circulation. It’s because it brushes through the hair layers with ease. Shorter bristles are more effective in removing hair deposits. The cosmetics mainly cause these deposits we use on our hair.
  • Double-check that the Boar brush is genuine. If the merchant claims that it’s “100% pure boar bristles,” the bristles must be produced entirely of boar hair. This should be the case because false claims are illegal.

The benefit of Boar Bristle brush

The benefit of Boar Bristle brush

The benefit of a boar bristle brush cannot be over-emphasized.

  • Boar bristle brushes can be worn in a variety of hairstyles. 

 A boar bristle brush can help you develop a sleek mane or a voluminous bouffant, depending on your preference. Round brushes are fantastic for curling your hair or blow-drying it straight, but if you want a more voluminous ‘do, a boar bristle brush is your best option for teasing, as its natural ingredients can help you achieve the necessary results without causing damage to your locks.

  • Your Scalp Is Stimulated     

Okay, it might not be exactly what you expect. Brushing your hair with this BBB, on the other hand, also provides a small head massage. Furthermore, the natural bristles stimulate the scalp, which regulates oil production and improves blood flow to the hair follicles, resulting in a healthier-looking head of hair.

  • Reduces Oil Consumption.   

 One of the most important advantages of utilizing a boar bristle hairbrush is that it aids in the distribution of your hair’s natural oils and sebum. Brushing, in other words, helps to distribute oils evenly down the hair shaft, resulting in a more natural-looking shine and less oily build-up around your roots.

  • Hair Breakage is Reduced. Hair can be damaged by over-manipulation and friction from towels, clothes, or even brushing. What’s the good news? Brushes made of boar bristles are extremely soft. Simply put, natural bristles provide less friction, which can help prevent the little everyday damages that brushing can cause.
  • You’ll be able to wash your hair less frequently as a result.

Because natural boar bristles aid in the distribution of sebum from your scalp to the rest of your strands, your hair will not become greasy as quickly. The added benefit is that it may reduce the number of times you need to wash your hair.

  • It is suitable for all hair types.

You can use a boar bristle brush whether your hair is curly, straight, thin, thick, long, or short, as it suits a variety of hair types and textures. “But how?” you might wonder. The bristles are powerful enough to handle thick, coarse manes, but because they’re all-natural, they also perform well on finer hair.

  • It Will Become Easier To Style.

There’s no doubt that the boar bristle brush is extremely beneficial, from promoting healthy-looking hair and minimizing breakage to distributing and controlling sebum. Using one will, in the end, make style easier, regardless of the appearance you wish to achieve. Isn’t it cool?

Do boar bristle brushes damaged hair?

Most people often ask to know if bristle brushes damage the hair, and the truth is if not handled correctly, you can find your hair in a damaged place.

When handled correctly, boar brushes will not harm your hair. Boar brushes stimulate hair development by massaging the scalp and increasing blood flow to the hair follicles. Natural oils are distributed throughout your hair with boar bristle brushes. Your hair will be naturally conditioned if you brush it once at night and once in the morning. Boar brushes to aid in the promotion of lustrous, healthy hair.

People brushed their hair long before conditioners were introduced to maintain healthy hair and a natural glow. Brushing your hair regularly will naturally condition it. Over time, your hair will get a natural shine.

That isn’t to suggest that using a boar brush won’t harm your hair. By tearing through your hair with the brush, brushing when your hair is damp, or even trying to disentangle your hair with a boar brush, you can easily damage your hair. You should avoid employing a boar bush in these situations. Various brushes are better suited for the job and will not harm your hair.

Boar bristle brushes are not for Detangling: Boar bristle brushes aren’t designed for detangling and shouldn’t be used on frizzy hair. The thickly packed bristles can tangle and destroy the hair even more.

Begin at the beginning: Boar bristle brushes are designed to disperse scalp oils across your hair’s length. Brushing from the tips defeats the brush’s purpose.

Brush in Sections: When brushing with boar bristle brushes, divide the hair into sections before beginning to brush. This prevents tangling and ensures that the scalp oils are distributed evenly.

Hairstyling products, such as mousse and gels, should not be used with boar bristle brushes since they can clog the bristles.

Use boar bristle brush On Dry Hair only: Using a boar bristle brush on wet hair can cause damage and breakage by stretching the strands. Make sure your hair is totally dry before brushing it.

How long does a boar bristle brush last?

Hairbrushes are settling grounds for bacteria, dandruff, and yeast, which are all recycled throughout your scalp every time you brush. Yuck. It not only sounds disgusting, but it can also harm your scalp. The bacteria and yeast can irritate your skin and block your hair follicles, resulting in outbreaks.

Your hairbrush will need to be renewed more frequently if your hair seems to be curly, thick, or you use a different product before using a boar bristle brush on your hair.

In the worst-case situation, the brush will get stuck in your hair and break it. If you can’t get the hair and lint out of your brush, it’s time to get a new one.

Another sign: If the cushion or pad is overly spongy or damaged, the brush is probably doing greater harm than good to your hair.

When Should I Use A Boar Bristle Brush?

It can be used twice a day. The frequency, however, is determined by your hair type.

Use it only once a day if you have an oily scalp. Brushing your hair frequently can make it oily. Brushing your hair more than twice a day will help distribute natural oils, minimize frizz, and smooth your strands if you have dry and frizzy hair. It is critical to use the boar bristle brush correctly to maintain healthy hair.

How often should you clean a boar bristle brush?

Regular maintenance, in addition to weekly cleaning, can help maintain your brush in good repair.

Cut Hair Buildup: Loose hair strands can often accumulate at the bottom of the bristles. Trim the matted hair from the sides if feasible. Make sure you don’t cut the bristles.

Keep the wet brush facing down to prevent water from accumulating on the soft fabric padding and causing damage.

Add Essential Oils To The Brush Bath: Add a few drops of tea tree oil or any other essential oils to the last rinse to make the brush smell good.

Steps to clean a boar bristle hairbrush

To clean your boar bristle brush, you’ll need the following items: a regular-toothed comb, your boar-bristle brush, warm water, and your Liquid shampoo/soap (whatever you use to wash your hair), but a sulfate-free shampoo or natural hair cleanser is recommended.

A rat-tail comb with a narrow or pointed end, or a standard toothed comb, can help remove the old hair and crud from the boar bristle brush.

Shampoo or Body Wash: To make a soapy rinse for a good cleaning, you’ll need shampoo or body wash.

Clean the boar bristle brush with warm or room temperature water.

A container should be large enough to accommodate the soapy rinse as well as your brushes.

Step 1

Remove any hair from your brush that you can see. If feasible, you can remove them with your fingertips. If removing the hair from the brush proves tough, use the tip of a comb with a sharp handle or a letter opener. Wiggle the pointed end of the brush up against the base of the brush to remove the hair.

Step 2

A Shampoo Rinse should be made ahead of time.

In a container, combine a few drops of shampoo and warm water to make a soapy rinse. The amount of water depends on the bristles and handle material of the brush. Fill the container just enough to keep the brush from fully submerging if it has a wooden handle and soft padding.

Step 3

Soak the brush in water.

Hold the brush’s handle and place it face down in the water, ensuring that only the bristles come into contact with the water. Swirl it around a couple of times. To avoid ruining the delicate fabric padding and hardwood handle, do not soak for too long.

Step 4

Using Water, Rinse The Brush

To remove the soap, rinse the brush with cold water. This will indeed help remove any dirt that has become loose during the washing process.

To remove any surplus water, tap or shake the brush. Dry your brush by placing it face down on a towel. Because the natural boar bristles are prone to soak up water, this brush could take more time to dry than an artificial bristle brush.

Step 5

Allow The Brush To Dry

Using the rat-tail comb, comb the brush once more to ensure there is no dirt or debris stuck in it. Shake off any extra water from the brush, wipe it dry with a dry towel, and set it aside to dry naturally.

You can effectively clean your boar bristle brush by following these procedures.

To loosen the hair, start at the edges and insert your comb at the roots of the bristles, pulling the comb away from the brush. Do this around the brush’s edges. Then, to remove the hair from the brush, drag the comb through it. Continue doing so until you have removed all or nearly all of the hair and extra sebum from the brush.


By spreading natural oils, boar bristle brushes can help prevent frizz and make your hair shine. When compared to conventional brushes, pure boar bristle brushes can last a lifetime. All you have to simply do is make sure they’re clean.

The procedures outlined in this article will assist you in properly cleaning boar bristle brushes and removing buildup from the bristles.

Experts advise using a hairbrush with natural bristles rather than synthetic bristles. For daily hair maintenance, a hairbrush with 100 percent boar bristles is the finest option. Pure boar bristles do not damage your hair, do not generate static electricity, and maintain the elasticity of your hair, which is one of the main reasons why they are preferred over nylon.

Finally, if your brush is missing bristles, it won’t work as well, and you’ll have to use more heat to style your hair, which can lead to damage and split ends.

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