The Complete Guide on how to tell if a guy likes you at work

How to tell if a guy likes you at work 2

Does he really like me or is he just being nice? I get it because it can feel really confusing because common sense is telling you one thing but your heart is telling you another.

I have been in this situation so many times where it just seems like a guy really likes you but you can’t tell because he is not really taking that next step and you wonder maybe he is just being nice.  It is a super confusing situation.

I will explain everything you need to know so if you are ready to learn if he actually like you or he is just being friendly.

How do you tell if a male co-worker likes you or is just being friendly?

So let’s get into it first, first I should mention that there are different types of guys. Some guys are just shy and insecure, some guys flirt with everyone. That is just their mode of being.

Other guys are pretty confident and bold but the problem is those guys can sometimes be confused with the flirty guys. So it can be difficult to tell exactly how a guy feels. You don’t know is this just his way of being or does he actually like me?

I had an experience with one of the flirty types of guys. I guess he could be classified as a flirty confident type of guy. He is super good-looking, very charming he flirts with everyone. This is just something that everyone knew about him and even though I knew that. When I met him and he was super flirty with me because that is just what he does.

How to tell if a guy likes you at work 1

I felt like it seems like he really likes and every time we would see each other so we had a lot mutual friend. We would run into each other a lot. He would flirt with me but it just seems felt like he really likes me but he would not ask for my number, he would not ask me out, he wasn’t doing anything, he was just flirting and being very nice when he sees me. I felt really confused.

Looking back it was clear that he didn’t actually like me. He was just being really nice and flirty so it can be really confusing because he tortured me for a really long time to prevent the confusion.

I will share my definitive list of science that he actually likes you and he is not just being nice with you.

9 Signs A Guy Likes You

1. He acts different around you.

If it’s the flirty type of guy like I mentioned above he will obviously flirt with you because that is what his game plan is. However the guy that likes you will flirt with you different than the way he flirts with everyone else. For example, if you notice the way he flirts with everyone else the same but he flirts a different way with you. That maybe a sign he likes you.

2. Body Language

Body language cues do not lie. A guy might be saying one thing but his body language will you how he actually feels when a guy likes you. He will angle his body towards you. You might notice he raises his eyebrows a little.

He will mirror your movement so if you crossed your arms he might cross his arms. If you cross your legs he might cross his legs. Don’t look into this too deeply. You will just look crazy. I am just giving you some signs and if you spot them. Some other signs are licking his lips or pupils dilating when he is looking or talking with you.

3. Grooming

He grooms himself well. This is also a telling sign such as adjusting his tie, hair, shirt are some subconscious acts because he is trying to look good to impress you. If a guy’s is being nice he will pay attention to any of these things.


He will stare at you when a guy likes you and can’t take his eyes of you. Men are visual creatures especially when they see a girl that they like they will not be able to keep their eyes to themselves.

If you are dealing with a shy guy he might look away then look back and then look away and look back. He will focus on you. If a guy is being nice he will just be looking around and scanning for other “possibilities”.

5. Change in Voice

You might notice that when a guy is around a girl he likes his voice changes it gets a bit higher. He will be nervous in his voice and you will notice a shift in his voice.

6. Physical Touching

He touches you on purpose is when a guy is drawn to her physically and he can’t help but touch her. This should be in an innocent way and not overly aggressive.

The confident guy might be a little bolder, maybe he will stroke you arm or just pick a strand of hair off your shirt. If you put your arm on him, he won’t be reflexively flinching away; he will be receptive and warm and open to that touch.

7. Nervousness

If a guy likes you he is going to feel nervous around you and because he likes you he wants to impress you. A shy guy might just be a little bit nervous around everyone so you just have to take it into context with the rest of the sides. Even the confident guy will get a little nervous and fidgety.

8. Asking Questions

If a guy likes you he will be curious about you and will ask questions. He will remember every detail. If a guy doesn’t then he will just be nice he won’t care and make generic conversation.

If a guy doesn’t like you he forgets things that you have talked about and you may have told him that many times.

9. Follows you on social media

If a guy likes you he will keep up with your social media and interacts a lot. Pay attention if this guy is on social media a lot he will be keeping up with their social media and commenting on your profile a lot. He might also bring up things that he found on your social media pages.

How do you tell if a guy is sexually attracted to you?

Every woman assumes that most guys want sex. This is the most common stereotype. The problem with this stereotype is that it is not always true. There are also many instances where it is simply not true.

Not all men are attracted to all women in a physical manner. Also the believe that if a man is your friend it doesn’t mean he actually wants to neither sleep with you nor desire you secretly.

How to tell if a guy likes you at work 1

The truths and I am sure everyone will agree with this one simply because a person wants roll in the hay with you doesn’t mean he is really crazy about you. We could even say that simply because a person finds you attractive, it doesn’t mean he wants to roll in the hay with you.

So, let’s stop assuming that every man goes after the same type of women because they do. Actually you are doing not want to assume a man wants you then start mindlessly flirting with him because that would be terribly awkward if he isn’t interested in you. It could also ruin an honest friendship since and change the dynamic between the both of you.

Now the perception of you will be awkward and he won’t really know I actually do not know what to talk with you. Now let’s take a step back and begin listening to the signs that show whether a person is curious about you sexually or romantically or simply considers you just a friend. These signs are obvious the more you think that about them because they’re all about emotion.

1. He wants to be closer

A man who is attracted will lessen the space between you. He will come slightly into your space just to check the waters and see how you react.  A man who’s interested in you romantically will also have more welcoming visual communication such as spreading legs, uncrossed arms and more platonic touching of your arms or shoulders.  A guy who is not keen and doesn’t desire more intimacy will always keep a good distance even if you’re a good friend.

2. He gazes into your eyes

He gazes into your eyes as if silently sending you messages whether a guy is shy or not he will always long to see you and as if he is communicating with you on how he really feels. He won’t always hold the stare since he figures which will be too obvious but he will keep watching you then glancing away then looking back.

3. Checking out your assets.

He peeks at your assets.  Men aren’t exactly subtle when it involves indulging in their attrac-tions. A guy who desires you will find a way to check you out physically. Be it he stares a long time or just a peek here and there, while staring at cleavage could be just pure instinct.

Actually subtly, some guys actually want to get caught staring since this sends a very obvious message. Men who aren’t that curious about you will occasionally check you out but won’t have an equivalent enthusiasm or nervous tics that an attracted guy will.

4. Prolonging Conversations

Keeps the conversation going an absurdly long time? Men who aren’t that into you got tongs of things to keep him busy. Not so with a man who desires you. He’s interested in you then wants to further engage you in conversation.

He wants to listen to mundane details about your life and also wants to share the less interesting details of his day. He wants to debate things with you sometimes he’ll even joke or hint that he finds you beautiful or pleasant to be around or very interesting. In other words the more he wants to be around you for no apparent reason the more he’s captivated by you.

As you will see sexual tension is less about subtle words and phrases and far more about physical interaction. If you notice a guy is giving positive signs of attraction, reciprocate by acknowledging. Let him feel safe and welcomed giving him back signs of interest then he can escalate the attraction by admitting his feelings or maybe asking you out on a date or a meet up  that kind of seem like a date.

What questions do guys like to be asked?

Guys like fun so they like girls who are laid back and know how to have a good time. So that means getting their attention is easier when you show a more exciting side of you.  Which means you will want to know some fun questions to ask a guy. This because the best way to show him a good time is through a conversation before you even hang out.  

He may not be interested to hang out until he realizes you are fun. Then he can get to know him and you can show him who you are truly are and get him to like you.

A lot of girls think that being easy and flirty and sexual is fun to a guy. While guys might give you attention, it’s not the same attention as they give girls as being fun. Being liberal and overly sexual sends the wrong message. It is basically telling a guy you just want to get into his pants. When he finds out you are not serious, he will just move on. When you are getting to know a guy you like asking the right questions could mean the difference of not having him or having a great relationship.  

Here is how to show him your fun side and show him your affection.

What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done

When was the last time you made a fool out of yourself

What is the funniest thing in the world to you?

If coffee wasn’t legal what would be called in the black market?

IF your life was a movie what would be the theme song

What’s the movie you are embarrassed you actually love.

If you are given $10,000 tomorrow, what would you do with it?

What’s the first thing you would do if you woke up as a girl?

What is the grossest thing you have done as a kid?

If you life was a reality show, what would the name be?

If the last thing you ate was the only thing you can eat for the rest of your life, how soon would you die?

Would you rather be smart or happy, but not both? Why?

IF you have the chance to live on mars but never come back would you do it

What’s the last thing you cried over?

What’s your dream job if you could do absolutely anything?

How do you tell if a guy is confused about his feelings for you?

Love is thought of a complicated thing or is it that we just make it complicated.  Well either way, the heart can seem like a fickle thing as we try to find our way to the right one, believe it or not. Some guys are just not open to love. The mere thought of being in a relationship and in love scares the shit out of some men.

He may have been hurt in the past or fears the thought of being tied down in a relationship whatever his reasons, he is guarding his heart and fighting his feelings for you.  So here’s the thing, a man is only human and bound to develop feelings when the right one enters his life.

If there is a man in your life who you believe to have some kind of special feelings for you, here are the seven signs to look for.  He may very well be interested but hiding his feelings.

Sign number one: Inconsistent behavior

Some days he seems like he cannot get enough of you and then there are other days where you feel like he’s ignoring you. When a guy is fighting his feelings for you, his behaviour can seem inconsistent and really seem like it’s all over the place. His intense feelings for you drive him to stare at you and spend time with you.  So he will give in to this desire occasionally but then he will realize what he was doing and then he will pull back

Sign number two:  He stares from a distance.

He is giving off vibes that he is not interested in you but then you notice him staring at you from across the room.  He will try to ignore you and wants to be able to pretend that you were not there. He may try to not be near you from you but if you are near his eyes he will find you.

Sign number three: He gets close to you when the two of you interact.

He gets as close to you as possible although he may want to fight his feelings for you. When he gives the opportunity to be close to you he will take full advantage. He wants to smell your hair smell your perfume and brush up against you if possible.

Sign number four: He tries to make you jealous.

He would make attempts to make comments about other women in ways that feels like he is intentionally trying to make you jealous. He is almost childlike, looking for a reaction. He is very frustrated. He is confused and he is going to flicked it about what he really wants

Sign number five he knows everything about you

It may not seem like he is listening or paying attention when you were talking to others but he is studying and learning everything about you. He is very interested. He will also stock your social media he will be all over your Facebook and Instagram. He will even check out your Pinterest. This is a covert way for him to find out what you like what you are doing and who you are with.

Sign number six: Intense mental and physical chemistry.

Chemistry is a beautiful thing and in its simplest form and it’s just a connection with another person. You just click with someone and you feel this intense connection with him. He tries to hide his feelings but he can’t help how drawn he feels to you. He physically desires you and the intensity of his feelings  is shown in his eyes when you catch him looking at you.

Sign number seven: body language

A man’s body language will tell you a lot about how he’s feeling about you. Even if he make attempts to hide his true feelings from you. If you pay attention to his body language you will notice that he gives you a lot of eye contacts. He will mirror your behavior and he will gesture on his appearance such as fixing his tie, his socks and his hair he may also get fidgety and play with things such as buttons or pens and touches face of lot; out of nervousness

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