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A Complete Guide to the Best Organic Eyeliner

It’s essential to bring up that this article isn’t about manipulating through scare tactics, the same number of the eyeliners and other eye-centered excellence items out there are totally protected to utilize, regardless of whether they’re not “normal.”

However, for individuals with delicate eyes or skin, a portion of the basic synthetic fixings found in customary eyeliners and mascaras can cause a disturbance, which is the place where regular choices come in. 

In any case, it’s additionally critical to take note that there is no administration-directed meaning of the expression “characteristic” or even “natural” with regards to magnificence and individual consideration items.

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For instance, an item that contains one plant-based fixing can at present be named as “common,” and the expression “natural” is similarly as obscure, except if fixing is noted as guaranteed natural by an association like the USDA.

In case you’re attempting to do the change to a cleaner marvel schedule, your smartest choice is to look into fixings. Acclimate yourself with the sorts of natural and regular confirmations out there.

On the off chance that you think your cosmetics or skin health management items may be behind any aggravation you’ve been encountering, go see a dermatologist see whether you’re susceptible to a particular fixing. 

All things considered, in case you’re just keen on finding a cleaner eyeliner elective without going down the entire, befuddling, “characteristic excellence” bunny opening, here are five incredible synthetic-free picks.

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Avoid These Ingredients in Eyeliner

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  • Aluminum Powder-Aluminum powder is a metallic compound utilized as a corrective colorant in eye cosmetics. It’s a result of aluminum fabricating and is viewed as a neurotoxin. It is recorded on cosmetics names as aluminum, LB Pigment 5 or shade metal. 
  • BAK-Benzalkonium chloride (BAK) is an additive found in eyeliner, mascara and cosmetics remover. A recent report discovered BAK to be poisonous to the epithelial cells of the eyes. BAK might be recorded as benzalkonium chloride, quaternion-15 or guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride. 
  • BHA and BHT-Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHA) and butylated hydroxyanisole (BHT) are additives obtained from oil and found in some mascara equations. BHA is an endocrine disruptor and a potential cancer-causing agent. BHT is a respiratory aggravation and is viewed as poisonous or harmful to human organ frameworks. 
  • Carbon dark conveys shading to customary mascara and other eye cosmetics. It’s been connected to disease and organ framework poisonousness. Search for names with carbon dark, D and C Black No. 2, shade dark 6 or 7, acetylene dark, channel dark, heater dark, light-dark and warm dark. 
  • Coal Tar Dyes-Coal tar is perceived as a human cancer-causing agent and might be debased with low degrees of hefty metals. These colors are utilized as a colorant in eye cosmetics. You may discover them recorded as CI followed by a five-digit number. (incorporates FD&C Blue No. 1 or Blue 1, Green 3, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Red 33, and so forth) They may likewise be marked as Aminophenol, Diaminodenzene or Phenylenediamine. 
  • Ethanolamine mixes (named as DEA, TEA and MEA)- Ethanolamines might be polluted with nitrosamines, which are disease-causing synthetic compounds. 
  • Formaldehyde-Diazolidinyl urea, Imidazolidinyl Urea, DMDM hydantoin, methenamine and quaternion-15 are formaldehyde-delivering additives found in makeup. Formaldehyde is a cancer-causing agent just as a skin aggravation. 
  • Parabens-Parabens are a sort of additive used to forestall the development of microorganisms and drag out the timeframe of realistic usability of lip medicine, antiperspirant, moisturizer, and other magnificence items. The most usually utilized are methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, isobutylparaben and butylparaben. Parabens disturb chemical capacity and are connected to an expanded danger of bosom malignancy and regenerative poisonousness. A recent report discovered high centralizations of parabens in bosom tumour tests. The European Union prohibited the utilization of parabens in beauty care products in 2012. 
  • Synthetic aroma: Beauty items can list scent as one fixing and don’t need to reveal the way that these definitions may contain many fixings. Manufactured fragrance may contain cancer-causing agents, endocrine disruptors, allergens, respiratory aggravations and neurotoxic synthetic substances. Manufactured musk like galactoside and tonality, are connected to chemical interruption. Aroma definitions additionally contain phthalates, which are chemical disruptors.

What Ingredients to Look For in Natural Eyeliner

  • Wax–beeswax or carnauba wax 
  • Oil–jojoba oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sunflower seed oil, and so forth 
  • Colours iron oxide, mica 
  • Additives nutrient E, citrus extract, zinc

What Type of Eyeliner I Use

There are a couple of various types of eyeliner out there: 

Kohl eyeliner resembles a pencil and should be honed. I like to utilize a kohl eyeliner pencil since it gives my eyes a less unforgiving (or “delicate”) look contrasted and fluid eyeliner, and I can even now hone it so it goes on neatly.

The look is adjustable since the eyeliner can be smeared with a Q-tip. Kohl eyeliner is useful for the “smoky eye” look as well. Make a point to get a great eyeliner sharpener.

For quite a long time I had a modest one that didn’t hone well. I can’t accept the distinction a decent sharpener makes. I hone my eyeliner about once every week. I discover that it shouldn’t be honed for each utilization. 

Curve-up eyeliner is helpful since it shouldn’t be honed, yet I see that the line is too wide to even consider getting great control.

Perhaps the initial not many occasions I go through the contort it remains sharp and clean, however, I don’t feel like the eyeliner remains sharp and clean for in excess of a couple of utilizations. 

Fluid eyeliner gives your eye-popping definition, and in the event that you need the “feline eye” look, this is the best sort of eyeliner for that.

The issue I have with fluid is that it’s harder to fix an error in the event that you apply it wrong, and I likewise feel that it looks excessively painted-on and unforgiving.

It’s fine for going out around evening time, however for regular use, I very much want a kohl eyeliner. 

Instructions to Apply Eyeliner

organic wear eyeliner

I have totally exchanged up the manner in which I apply eyeliner from when I initially began. My old technique for applying eyeliner included pulling the skin firmly on the edge of my eye.

With the skin-tight, I would draw a line on the top cover. NO, NO, NO! This strategy extends your skin, and who needs the skin close to their eyes to loosen up and get all creepy? 

Start with a sharp point or tip. I don’t have to hone my eyeliner consistently (I do it about once per week), yet the entire cycle of applying eyeliner goes such a lot smoother with a sharp tip. 

The BEST technique for applying eyeliner to your top cover is to gaze directly in the mirror while applying, taking into consideration NOT to pull the skin tight on your eyelid. This is a one-gave work (your hand is holding the eyeliner, that is it). 

I start at the focal point of my top and draw a line outward, at the external corner of my eye. The tip of your eyeliner ought to be as near the underlying foundations of your lashes as could reasonably be expected.

Your eyeliner ought to be adequately smooth to go on effectively in one line or a couple of short strokes, and you don’t have to squirm the eyeliner persuasively to and fro. 

For the subsequent advance, I draw a line from the focal point of my eyelid internal, at the inward corner of my eye. You can utilize a q-tip to eliminate any deviant imprints and to help shape the line. Indeed, it’s that straightforward!

Keep in mind, you don’t have to contact or pull any skin all over to apply eyeliner. I took this strategy from a capable cosmetics craftsman at Bobby Brown, and I’m happy I did the switch quite a while past. For regular wear, I just line my top. 

For a more emotional look (exceptional events, supper out, and so on), I line my lower lashes, just as my upper lashes, with eyeliner. For the lower cover, start at the external corner and draw a line as near your lash roots as could be expected under the circumstances.

I adhere to a meaningful boundary on the top piece of the roots (near yet not on the waterline) and right with a Q-tip. This line is drawn exceptionally slim, so ensure your eyeliner is sharp.

Advantages of Natural Ingredients 

Utilizing natural eyeliner is gainful on the grounds that they are made with characteristic fixings that have to sustain, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial or potentially antibacterial characteristics that make them alright for anybody to utilize. Here are some basic characteristic fixings you should search for while picking the correct eyeliner for you: 


This has antimicrobial properties that can shield your eyes from disease. Beeswax specifically lessens aggravation around the eyes and furnishes your skin with extra cancer prevention agents. It additionally makes eyeliner waterproof on the off chance that you need a look that will last more for the duration of the day. 

Citrus extract 

This assists in improving the presence of photoaged skin. The citrus extract improves skin versatility and builds skin solidness. It is likewise an incredible exfoliator that helps more current, smoother skin cells to surface all the more quickly. Eyeliners that contain citrus extract incorporate HAUS Laboratories and Neutrogena Precision Eyeliner. 

Jojoba Oil 

This makes a delicate spread and consistency upon application while sustaining your skin. Eyeliners that have jojoba oil in them include Burt’s Bees Nourishing Eyeliner, Pacifica Beauty Natural Eye Pencil, Honeybee Gardens Effortless Eyeliner, and ZuZu Luxe Liquid Eyeliner. 

Olive Oil 

This is an incredible antimicrobial which implies that it will prevent harmful microorganisms from developing and spreading around your eyes and causing contaminations. Olive oil likewise has brilliant saturating properties that can give your skin a solid shine. 

Shea Butter 

This has a sumptuous surface that mellows your skin and causes it to have that sound sparkle. It’s an incredible cream. Items like the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil and the Avril Organic Eye Pencil have shea spread recorded in their fixings. 

Nutrient E 

This is an extraordinary cell reinforcement that can forestall harm to skin cells. Nutrient E can relax and fix harm never really a skin. It is likewise known for improving eye wellbeing and vision. Both the Jane Iredale Eye Pencil and the Pacifica Beauty Natural Eye Pencil contain Vitamin E. 


This shields skin from UV beams, giving superb assurance from the sun. It stops the maturing cycle of skin, shields skin cells from harm, and forestalls skin dryness. It can reduce delicacy in the skin brought about by sun harm and can give dried-out skin a milder vibe. 

Chemicals Used in Non-Organic Eyeliners 

Since you find out about the medical advantages that characteristic fixings have on the eyes and skin, it is similarly critical to find out about the kinds of fixings utilized in many eyeliners available that don’t utilize natural fixings. Here are probably the most widely recognized synthetic substances utilized in eyeliners: 


Benzalkonium Chloride (BAK) is an additive that has a great deal of proof connecting it to harmfulness in the epithelial cells. These phones are the ones that keep residue, water, and microorganisms from entering your eyes, and they likewise assist your cornea with retaining and conveying oxygen and cell supplements successfully. BAK upsets this cycle and disturbs the sound working of your eyes. 

BHT and BHA 

Butylated Compounds (BHT and BHA) have appeared to mirror estrogen likewise to parabens which can prompt hormonal disturbances and even tumor development. BHT and BHA are bio-aggregate which implies that they develop over the long haul and your body can’t dispose of them. The drawn-out impacts of this development are as yet dubious. 

Carbon Black 

Carbon Black makes profound dark shades. It is likewise a malignant growth causing specialist and can even reason organ harmfulness. With expanded data about this current substance’s poisonousness comes re-naming techniques utilized by brands that have this fixing in their items. So on the off chance that you see fixings recorded as channel dark, color dark 6, shade dark 7, acetylene dark, follow, arogen, arotone, arovel, bolt, Atlantic, or dark pearls, it would be ideal if you note that this is simply carbon dark under another name. 

Ethanolamine Compounds 

Ethanolamine Compounds are something that may not be destructive all alone, yet they have been found to contain nitrosamines which are cancer-causing in nature. Attempt to dodge any items that rundown DEA, TEA, or potentially MEA in its fixings as these mixes have been connected to the bosom disease. 

Substantial Metals 

Substantial metals like nickel, aluminium and chrome have been found in cosmetics and can be very harmful to your skin and sensory system. Weighty metals are marked as neurotoxins that can cause mental harm. Nickel is recognized as a human cancer-causing agent. 


Parabens are the most generally utilized additive in beautifying agents around the globe since they help broaden the timeframe of realistic usability of cosmetics. Nonetheless, they can negatively affect chemicals as they have estrogen-mirroring properties that have been found in examples of bosom malignant growth tissue. Less extreme (yet at the same time concerning) impacts incorporate hormonal interruption, skin disturbance, skin maturing, contact dermatitis, and rosacea. 


p-Phenylenediamine is a sort of coal tar color that helps make eyeliners look truly dark in shading. It’s occasionally recorded as CL and followed by a five-digit number on the name. It is a compound that affects respiratory frameworks and contains substantial metals. 

Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax 

Prime Yellow Carnauba Wax is utilized to harden eyeliner and make it waterproof. This can thus obstruct the oil organs in the eyes and is one of the primary offenders of dry eye sickness which can cause eye aggravation irritation and scarring on the outside of your eyes. 

Retinyl Acetate 

Retinyl Acetate, otherwise called retinyl palmitate, are a manufactured forms of Vitamin A that your body will experience difficulty utilizing. They can deliver skin malignancy and contraceptive harmfulness. 

Wellbeing and Safety 

Since your eyes are perhaps the most delicate pieces of your body and probably the biggest entryways to your circulatory system, it is imperative to consider the dangers various synthetic substances can have to your general wellbeing. This is particularly critical to consider if eyeliner application is a customary piece of your everyday cosmetics schedule. 

Exploration of Makeup and Eye Safety 

The examination has indicated that eyeliner application may mess vision up, particularly on the off chance that it is applied on the internal eyelid, the most well-known zone for eyeliner application. After some time, the particles in the eyeliner relocate to the eye through the tear film, making inconvenience, eye disturbances, and even eye contaminations. 

Our Best Picks for Chemical-Free Eyeliners 

Juice Beauty Phyto-shades Liquid Line and Define 

Juice Beauty is perhaps the most reliable magnificence brand in the U.S. with regards to spotless, all-characteristic cosmetics and skin health management items. Large numbers of their items are USDA affirmed natural, while the vast majority of their different items, similar to the Phyto-colors Liquid Line and Define eyeliner, contain numerous USDA ensured natural fixings. 

This fluid eyeliner has an ebony shade and firm, pointed tip that makes drawing exact lines simple. It’s made of an amazing mix of normal and confirmed natural fixings, like jojoba oil and aloe vera juice.

A blend of daisy, turmeric, henna, basil, and cranberry is utilized as an option in contrast to engineered colors to give it its rich tone. While the smear confirmation (note it’s not waterproof) recipe makes it appropriate for use on even the most touchy of eyes.

You won’t discover any parabens, oil, propylene or butylene glycol, phthalates, counterfeit colors, or manufactured aromas in this eyeliner, which is likewise veggie lover and remorselessness free, similar to all the other things Juice Beauty makes. 

Ere Perez Natural Jojoba Eye Pencil 

Ere Perez is a characteristic marvel brand from Australia known for its top-notch, plant-based recipes. This dull earthy colored non-waterproof eyeliner is detailed with a mix of herbal waxes and oils, in addition to mineral-inferred shades to give it its rich tone.

The equation even contains nutrient E and jojoba oil to keep your eyes saturated, which can likewise help sustain your eyelashes whenever applied close to the lash line. 

Like all the other things in Ere Perez sans brutality line, this eyeliner is free of parabens, propylene glycol, engineered scent, lead, powder, paraffin, and any remaining known synthetic aggravations. 

Jillian Dempsey Natural Khôl Eyeliner 

Made by top big-name cosmetics craftsman Jillian Dempsey, this waterproof kohl eyeliner comes in four perfect tones: dark, earthy colored, Burgundy, and dark sapphire.

The last two shades are ideal for intensifying your fundamental eye looks when you’re searching for simply a trace of shading. 

Zeroing in on quality over quantity, Dempsey’s line contains only a small bunch of (executioner items), all of which utilize just spotless, wellbeing cognizant fixings.

This particular eyeliner recipe contains natural jojoba oil, natural shea margarine, and marula oil, bringing about a smooth, simple to-mix stick that is ideal for making smoky eyes, because of the pencil’s inherent smearing apparatus. Like the entirety of the items recorded above, you won’t discover any of those normal compound aggravations here. 

Pacifica Beauty Natural Eye Pencil 

With regards to clean yet moderate magnificence items, you can generally depend on Pacifica. Additionally liberated from all the typical compound suspects — parabens, carmine, propylene glycol, mineral oil, oil, powder, and even nut oil and gluten — this dark eyeliner is advanced with shea spread, jojoba oil, and a mix of nutrients for a smooth, margarine like completion. The equation is even waterproof, notwithstanding being vegetarian and remorselessness-free. 

W3LL PEOPLE – Natural Hypnotist Eyeliner 

Another strong non-waterproof eyeliner alternative — this one hinders you about $7 not exactly the Ere Perez — W3LL PEOPLE’s recipe meets the typical regular excellence norms: it’s without mercilessness, vegetarian, and doesn’t contain any parabens, colors, scent, lead, powder, and whatnot.

The dark pencil mixes and skims on effectively, while saturating fixings like jojoba oil give it a smooth, sleek completion, so it doesn’t need any pulling on the skin.

Last Thoughts 

There are numerous fixings utilized in non-natural pencils that may effectively affect your well-being over the long haul. Natural eyeliners are an incredible elective decision for you in the event that you are worried about your wellbeing chances.

They are additionally an extraordinary alternative in the event that you need to be more eco-accommodating or on the off chance that you have touchy skin. 

The natural eyeliner you pick will rely upon the sort of feeding, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial or potentially antibacterial characteristics you need in an item, so make certain to focus on the fixings recorded on the item and in our survey to locate the ideal eyeliner for you.

A Complete Guide to the Best Organic Eyeliner
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A Complete Guide to the Best Organic Eyeliner
It's essential to bring up that this article isn't about manipulating through scare tactics, the same number of the eyeliners and other eye-centered excellence items out there are totally protected to utilize, regardless of whether they're not "normal." Read our complete guide to the Best Organic Eyeliner
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