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47 Easy College Halloween Costumes (To Make You Stand Out)

This post is all about college girls’ Halloween costumes that are simple to put together. Stand out from the crowd with this year’s costume ideas!

College Halloween Dressup

I remember my days as a college student. I had a lot of fun, especially during Halloween.

Everyone looks forward to Halloween on campus. There is a lot of dressing up and parties to go to. Those were some fun times!

I created this post, to inspire you on costume ideas you can walk around fabulous on campus, this year. I hope you have a blast this year!

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1. Mummies

This costume is really easy to recreate to scare everyone on campus. The creative part here is adding some dirt and bronzing your skin.

Recreate this costume:

2. Wonderwomen

This costume is actually easy to put together. You can opt to purchase the exact costume. Alternatively, purchase a Wonderwomen theme shirt, make your own cape and headband and pair it up with some jeans!

Recreate this costume:

3. Cactus

Hands down the easiest costume to put together. Find a green sweater and some white pipe cleaners.

Recreate this costume:

4. Zombie

To create this look all you need is a red spray resembling fake blood. Put on a white shirt and spray the red paint.

Recreate this costume:

5. Galaxy Girl

Put together a shiny and glitter skirt or shorts and you will have a really cute costume!

Recreate this costume:

6. Angel

Put together white lingerie, angel wings and you come up with a sexy angel costume.

Recreate this costume:

7. Hot Boxers

Are you ready to knock off some teeth? just kidding! This costume idea is really cute with a satin robe with a sports bra underneath.

Recreate this costume:

8. Playboy Bunny

Playboy bunny is a classic costume idea. Really easy to put together.

Recreate this costume:

9. Flapper Girls

The flapper girl costume is truly vintage and the new gets old.

Recreate this costume:

10. Cheerleader

Cheerleaders are so cute and fun!

Copy this costume:

11. Clown

Be a spooky but cute-looking clown for your college Halloween party!

Recreate this costume:

12. Bratz

If you are bored of Barbie, then consider a Bratz-inspired costume.

Recreate this outfit:

13. Cat

Easy to throw together by putting on some cat ears, a black dress, and cute boots.

Copy this costume:

14. Alien

Alien costume is really special and unique. You can definitely look unique.

15. Maleficent

I find this costume idea really unique and so fun to put on with the black horns and wings.

Copy this costume:

16. Harly Quinn

Top favorite costume for this year! Be the accomplice and lover of the joker.

Copy this costume:

17. Cheetah

Be sassy and fast like a cheetah!

Copy this costume:

18. Indiana Jones

Find your adventures with this Indiana Jones-inspired costume.

Copy this costume:

19. Cards Against Humanity

Play dress up with your best friend with this cards against humanity costume.

Copy this costume:

20. Cereal Killer

Recreate this unique costume by sticking cereal boxes. This will get people talking.

Recreate this costume:

21. Serena & Blair

I think this is a great costume. The silver shorts can be reused for other costume ideas.

Recreate this costume:

22. Hunter

If you have some camo clothes and great looking boots, you can easily create this look.

Recreate this costume:

23. Deer

Really easy, what you need is just antler’s ears.

Recreate this costume:

24. Unicorn

This costume never gets old. Just pair it up with a colourful tutu and unicorn horn flower.

Recreate this costume:

25. Racer Girl

This costume is so cute that you can wear it daily.

Recreate this costume:

26. Power Puff Girls

Girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Be a sexy, cute superhero to save the day.

Recreate this costume:

27. Hydroflask Bottles

Unique costume for a group of besties with a varied colored.

Recreate this costume:

28. Frat Boys

Act foolish with frat boys theme!

Recreate this costume.

29. 50 Shades of Grey

Find your inner kink by recreating this outfit. Find some paint swatches and tape them on.

Recreate this outfit:

30. Darla From Finding Nemo

A prominent character that most college students will remember!

31. Arthur

Hands down the easiest costume to recreate. You don’t even need to spend much money and can reuse stuff from your wardrobe.

Recreate this costume:

32. Fruit

Easy to create, just to add fruit patterns on a huge T-shirt.

Recreate this costume:

33. Sun and Moon

This costume is insanely cute!

Recreate this costume:

34. Daphne & Velma

Fans from Scooby-Doo, you won’t go wrong with this Daphne and Velma costume.

Recreate this costume:

College Halloween Costume on Amazon

Well if you are busy or pressured for time, Amazon has some amazing costumes that your can purchase.

35. Butterfly Wings

36. Jasmine from Aladdin

37. Wizard

38. Hippie

39. Sexy Cop

40. Monkey

41. Skeleton Costume

42. Minnie Mouse Costume

43. Toy Story Girl Costume

44. Oktoberfeast beer babe

45. Swat Team Babe

46. Snow White

47. Sexy Astronaut

47 Easy College Halloween Costumes (To Make You Stand Out)
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47 Easy College Halloween Costumes (To Make You Stand Out)
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