You are currently viewing 40 Crazy Cute Halloween Costumes for Best Friends in 2022

40 Crazy Cute Halloween Costumes for Best Friends in 2022

Halloween will be here before you know it, which means it’s time to start planning a chilling playlist and, of course, an outfit before the last minute sneaks up on you. So, have you begun your search for Halloween costumes yet?

You’re already late if your answer is “no.” Halloween is quickly approaching, therefore it’s time to start shopping for cute Halloween costumes.

I strongly advise you to go for a matching costume with your best friend if you want to be unique and impress all of your friends.

Dressing up with your best friend is always a good idea, whether you’re going to a party (lucky you!) or celebrating at home (thanks, Corona).

Getting matching Halloween costumes with your close friends can be a terrific method to cheer you up, especially during these times. You won’t need any sewing abilities, but you will need to shop your closet to help bring these Pinterest-perfect ensembles to life. When you’re done, grab your cameras and Instagram captions because you’ll want to capture the moment.

Let’s get started with these amazing ideas!

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This post is to show you the crazy cute Halloween costume to go mad with your bestie this Halloween!

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M&M Halloween Costumes

M&M Halloween costumes are perfect if you’re feeling sluggish this year but still want to dress up in a nice outfit.

All you need is a huge t-shirt with an “m” on it, along with some adorable makeup and hair. This is such a simple and unique outfit!

Hippie Girls

This costume is ideal for a last-minute costume. A dyed t-shirt will do most of the job for you; all you need to do now is add a few accessories.

With round glasses and a flower headband, this one looks fantastic.

Recreate This Look:

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Cher and Dionne From Clueless

My favorite Halloween costumes will always be the Clueless ones. Cher’s style is one of my favorites, and this ensemble in particular is stunning. Halloween is a fantastic opportunity to dress up as her for a day!

In the movie, Cher and Diane are great friends, so why not dress up as Cher and Diane with your bestie?

Recreate This Look:

Rock Fangirls

This is such a fun costume to wear with your bestie, whether you enjoy rock or not. The look is simple to put up, and the black star makeup is sure to make you stand out!

Recreate This Look:


This is a pretty cute boxer costume, but it also has Victoria’s Secret vibe to it. Perhaps it’s due to the pink satin robes?

In any case, you may make these Halloween costumes out of clothes you already have. Black shorts and a sports top, for example? It doesn’t get any simple than this!

To add to the fun, you can grab a pair of boxing gloves for the lowest price on Amazon (ever!). Don’t forget about the braids!

Recreate This Look:

Money Heist Halloween Costumes

Money Heist is perhaps one of Netflix’s most well-known series. If you enjoyed the show, now is your chance to dress up as the main character for Halloween.

It’s a pretty simple and inexpensive costume, and you can get everything you need on Amazon!

Recreate This Look:

Space Cowgirls

By far the most creative Halloween costume I’ve ever seen!

I love how they take a classic costume like the cowgirl Halloween costume and add a twist with all those silver bits and accessories to make something truly unique.

Recreate This Look:

The Sun and The Moon

These Sun and Moon costumes are perfect if you want to look put together without expending too much effort on your Halloween costume this year.

Recreate This Look:

60s Girls

Have you ever fantasized about living in a different decade? With this wonderful outfit, you can bring flower power back


You may wear any floral dress with a headband and a pair of adorable white go-go boots.

Recreate This Look:


Riverdale Vixens

These Riverdale Halloween costumes are adorable and simple to put together.

The tees and socks are available on Amazon for a low price.

Recreate This Look:

Mean Girls Halloween Costumes

“She doesn’t even come here!” exclaims the narrator. — From the film Mean Girls

Like Mean Girls, this is a classic line. OMG, I’ve probably seen this movie a hundred times and I’ve never gotten bored of it.

This is such a simple costume that you can make it with items currently in your closet. All you have to do to make the “burn book” dress is pin the letters on a pink frock.

Recreate This Look:

Netflix & Chill

If you’re addicted to the Internet (don’t worry, I’m one of them), you’ll recognize the phrase “Netflix & Chill.”

These Halloween costumes are so adorable, and they’re so simple to make! It’s impossible to go wrong with them.

Recreate This Look:

Cheerleaders from Bring It On

Source: @loganlaurice

Cheerleading films are fantastic, but this one stands out as the finest. Because of Bring It On, did you also aspire to be a cheerleader?

All I know is that dressing up as a cheerleader with my best buddy for Halloween would be a dream come true.

Recreate This Look:

Powerpuff Girls

If you have two best friends, you may dress up as the Powerpuff girls in this group Halloween costume.

You may each pick your favorite character and customize their outfits!

Recreate This Look:

The Flintstones

The sexier version of The Flintstones Halloween costume is shown here. Take a look at those darling skirts!

Recreate This Look:

Angel and Devil

This is a very traditional Halloween costume. It’s impossible to go wrong with this one!

Recreate This Look:

Spongebob Squarepants

These characters are hilarious and quite popular on the internet right now. They are a terrific combination for a Halloween costume with your bestie because there are tonnes of memes about them.

Recreate This Look:

A Magician and her Rabbit

This is an excellent costume. I had never considered it until I saw it on Pinterest and knew I had to add it to my to-do list.

It’s both unique and simple to duplicate.

Recreate This Look:

Two Broke Girls

I used to binge-watch this show and was utterly enamored with the characters.

These outfits are adorable, and if you haven’t seen the show, you may use them as a 50s waitress costume.

Recreate This Look:

Cursed Twins From The Shinning

There isn’t a more well-known horror duo than these two! The cursed twins from The Shinning are a classic, so if you dress up as them for Halloween, everyone will grasp the reference.

Recreate This Look:

Daphne and Velma

I’m always reminded of girl power when I see these two characters! They are intelligent and brave, and they are always willing to aid one another.

This is why Daphne and Velma are some of the most fun characters to dress up as with your bestie!

Recreate This Look:


The Parent Trap

Is there anyone alive who hasn’t watched the film The Parent Trap?

It’s one of the greatest films of all time, and it’s about sisterhood. There isn’t much else to say.

The ensemble is very simple to put together, and the majority of the items are likely already in your closet.

Recreate This Look:


All the girls who used to play with Barbies when they were younger are being called out!

As a child, I used to love trying on the most gorgeous costumes on my Barbie, and I wished to be just like her when I grew up. Maybe I’ll pretend to be her for a day!

Recreate This Look:

Unicorn Onesies

This Halloween costume is simple to put together. These unicorn onesies can be found on Amazon for a very low price.

Recreate This Look:

Pink Ladies

Source: @savstrieter

For a Grease group costume, grab some pink satin jackets and gather your closest friends.

Recreate This Look:

Cookie Monster and Elmo

Source: ·@alisonrancourt

Is it possible to be friends with another youngster at heart? Assemble as these Sesame Street characters. A boa or feathers can be used to form the headband.

Recreate This Look:

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Salt & Pepper


Nothing beats salt and pepper when it comes to flavor. Make these S and P gowns with felt cut-outs to match your friend’s outfit.

Recreate This Look:

Dessert Duo

Looking for a tasty Halloween treat? These best friends were as well! Make your own T-shirts with materials you can easily find at a craft store (think: pipe cleaners for sprinkles and fabric paint)

Recreate This Look:

Sunshine and Rainbow

When you come out in this outfit on the holiday known for terrors, you’ll add a dash of sunshine and rainbows to everyone’s day.

Recreate This Look:

McDonald’s Hamburger and French Fries

The Hamburger and medium fries were dressed to perfection by these best friends. Take a look at the ketchup packet on the side as well.

Recreate This Look:

UFO and Alien Costumes

Source: @ktyex3

With SpaceX’s launch this year, outer space is now closer than ever! With this ingenious idea, you and your bestie can fly in from any galaxy you live in.

Recreate This Look:

Best Friends Peanut Butter & Jelly Costumes

Halloween costumes for best friends

We found the ideal last-minute costume for pals who didn’t have time to design their outfits for the holiday season.

Recreate This Look:

Anna and Elsa from ‘Frozen Costumes

Because you’d rather make a snowman with your best friend than anybody else.

Recreate This Look:

Hot Coffee and Drive-Thru Costumes

Who doesn’t enjoy a cup of coffee with a donut? This creative idea will be a hit at any gathering, no matter how you drink your coffee.

Recreate This Look:

Glinda the Good Witch and Dorothy Costumes

Best Friend Halloween Costumes - Glinda and Dorothy

Iconic characters, such as those in The Wizard of Oz, are great on their own, but they’re much better when they’re teamed up with a pal.

Recreate This Look:

Lucy and Ethel Costume


This Halloween, reminisce about the delightful ’50s show I Love Lucy. Chocolates and crimson lipstick are a must-have.

Recreate This Look:


This Halloween, dress up in plaid shirts, blue jeans, and boots with your girl gang. 

Recreate This Look:

Bikers Girls

Biker Girl Halloween Costumes.

Dress as characters from Sons of Anarchy to the nth degree (or, any biker crew). To finish the look, throw on your favorite moto jacket and some temporary tattoos.

Recreate This Look:

Chicken & Ketchup

Although you may prefer a different dipping sauce for your chicken nuggets (hello, honey mustard), there’s no denying that these companions look cute in their matching outfits.

Recreate This Look:

Alice in Wonderland

source: @shawnahurst

Alice and the White Rabbit make a fantastic team. To make it a larger group costume, add more characters from the classic story.

Recreate This Look:

Wrap up!

So this is all on cute and trendy best friend Halloween costume ideas. Find out what costume you and your bestie can totally slay and enjoy Halloween like never before!

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