10 Ideas to Organize Your Bathroom

Organize Bathroom

As an absolute beauty products fan, it’s entirely simple for my beauty assortment to out of nowhere become a total catastrophe. Also, trust me, there’s nothing more baffling at the start of the day when you’re trying to get ready, and you can’t locate your preferred beauty items such as face towels, cleansers, Qtips, brushes, etc.

Also, if you have a little bathroom, or you’re sharing your space with someone else, storage methods can immediately turn into a flat-out must.

Since I live in a city apartment that has insignificant space to place my stuff in. It was a need to make sense of how I can utilize the space accessible to sort out my stuff in there. 

Bathroom Storage Ideas

I’m going to list down my preferred 10 perfect products that can make your association so natural and fun! These items can be used in a little space with no development bother and are modest.

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1. 3-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver

To make your bathroom clean and spacious, remove everything from the surface (of toilets and counters) as it makes it look messy, and trust me, you don’t want that. For this purpose, I bought this 3-Tier Metal Bathroom Shelf Space Saver. It comes with three full layers of storage and you can put an extra toilet or some kleenex here for the show. I also like to put some paper or flowers or candles as it adds a neat and organized look to your bathroom.  

2. Pull-out Mesh Drawers

If you have a small space underneath your sink, what’s best that you can do is to amplify the vertical space as this will not only fit in a small space but it will carry more items as well. For this purpose, I have this jewelry unit. It accompanies net drawers that slide out. This one is personally my favorite as it not only provides effective use of height but also makes it easy to access every item you want. I put the most frequently used products here so I can just slide it out to use.

3. Drawer Organizers

The next must-have thing is drawer organizers. You might have small drawers in your bathroom that do not have enough space to fit most of the stuff. These small organizers are the best choice to put small things that quickly just vanish when you need them like your hair ties and creams chapsticks etc. you can put them in drawers and enjoy how organized your messy old drawer is now!    

4. Storage Basket

That awkward space in your bathroom cabinets around the sink is where you can’t store much of your stuff or if you do, it looks like a great mess. For that area what I like to do is, I put a basket over there. In this way, I’m able to organize a ton of beauty products and I can just slide the basket in and out as per my need.

5. Multipurpose Storage Rack

The next product that you can use to organize your stuff is the shelving unit. I use this in my kitchen as well to store lids and pans etc.  I bought this one from Target as well, it’s inexpensive and super easy to use. It creates an extra layer of vertical space. You can put a basket underneath or a makeup bag to utilize the space. 

6. Towel Storage

The bathroom I have in my apartment is long-sized with no proper bathroom closets in the half where I can store towels, linens and etc. To utilize this space, I went online to find this unit. It costs less than a hundred dollars and provides enough space to put your towels in and decorate it a bit to give it a cool vibe to my bathroom. It gives a neat and organized look to your bathroom while storing a ton of stuff in it.

7. Over-the-door storage

Another great way to organize your storage is to utilize the door space in your bathroom cabinets. You can find such door storage products at major retailers, or online, or can also DIY your door storage. It’s a great way to maximize and utilize the storage that isn’t used usually. They are best for putting things that otherwise get messed up or are hard to store immediately after use like hair straighteners or curlers. 

8. Pantry containers

The next product we have is pantry containers. Yes, the ones you may also find in your kitchen. You can also get rid of those awkward Epsom salt bags under your sink. I put some salts in it and it doesn’t look bad even if you put it next to your tub with a scoop. It’s convenient to grab every time you take a bath. This one also gives a neat and clean look to your bathroom. 

9. Toilet Paper Storage

Do you have a small bathroom cabinet and you don’t like toilet paper taking up all the space? Well, you can get this toilet paper storage and put it right by your toilet. In this way, It remains out of sight and still, it can hold all of your toilet paper leaving the cabinets free to store other things. 

10. Over the shower head storage

Many apartments today have modern showers without many storage options, so if you live somewhere like this, you can get your hands on this storage and put it over your shower head. This is a great product if you are sharing your room with a roommate or spouse. It has two shelving layers where you can put soaps, shampoos, razors, and other products. It also has hooks where you can hang a loofah. You can find this at major department stores or even online retailers. It’s inexpensive and comes in different styles so you can choose the one that can fit your shower well. 

Wrap up!

Your washroom serves numerous capacities in a confined space. If you’re struggling with small bathroom storage issues yet don’t have the opportunity or financial plan for a full redesign, utilize these tips and tricks to benefit as much as possible from each square inch of room you have.

This will not only beautify your space but also make it easier to look at your beauty items and pick the one you’re searching for, and haul it out. No more nudging through different drawers and mess required. 

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