How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

How long does semi-permanent hair dye last

When you decide to change your hair color, you must have in mind the amount of time it is going to last. Here we will see how long semi-permanent hair dye lasts so that you can be prepared.

Hair color is one of the most transformative and exciting processes in the beauty world. A Lot of people love having various hair colors, from deep dark reds to soft pastels and everything in between. 

Semi-permanent hair color is a no-ammonia, no-bleach, semi-permanent gel formula that gradually fades with shampooing. It is perfect for blending away gray hair or adding slight changes to natural color.

Your hair has an expiration date. Hair dyes last anywhere from 3-8 weeks to even up to 3 years depending on the color and the brand. Yep, that rich crimson color that was so vibrant last year? It’s already starting to fade away. After a time of using hair dyes, your hair becomes less porous and will hold onto pigment less effectively. Similar to how a sponge absorbs water, your hair absorbs the dye. However, once that dye is absorbed into the hair strands it begins to fade away. 

The top layer of the cuticle of the hair opens up to absorb the dye and then closes over again once it’s done. Each time you dye your hair, the cuticles become thicker and they close harder and faster which makes it so that your hair doesn’t soak up as much dye or stay colored for very long. So even though that pearly gray blonde you’re going for sounds like it could be great for this fall, the color won’t stick around for long.

How long does semipermanent hair dye last?

How long does semipermanent hair dye last

Semi-permanent hair dye lasts up to 28 washes. This is because, unlike permanent dye, it doesn’t penetrate the hair shaft. Instead, semi-permanent hair color coats the hair cuticle and fades as your shampoo washes it away. Semi-permanent hair dye only coats the outer layer of the hair, giving the color a much softer, less intense look. 

Many semipermanent hair dyes are expected to last for about six weeks. If you use a dark color on your hair, it might last for a little longer. However, the duration will depend on how often you wash your hair and how quickly your hair grows.

Semipermanent dyes usually fade gradually over time, which is why they are good options if you want your hair to transition naturally into a new color. They can also be used to refresh the color of permanent dye.

How Long Does SemiPermanent Hair Dye Last After Washing?

How Long Does SemiPermanent Hair Dye Last After Washing

Some people want to make a drastic change, going from brown to blond, for example. Other people want to make more subtle changes, such as darkening their hair or adding highlights. If you’re worried about damaging your hair or want the freedom to go back to your natural color then you might consider using a semi-permanent hair dye.

Permanent hair dyes are made with chemicals that penetrate the cortex of your hair and can’t be washed out. Semi-permanent dyes only coat the outside of the hair shaft and will wash out in time. 

Semi-permanent dye is applied directly to the surface of the hair and does not penetrate the hair shaft. The hair shaft has a protective coating made up of sebum and salts that keep moisture out. The semi-permanent color sits on top of this coating, so it is not as durable as the permanent color.

The semi-permanent hair dye will last around 6-12 washes, depending on the formula. Semi-permanent hair color is a no-ammonia product and has a lower concentration of peroxide than a permanent dye. This means that it doesn’t penetrate your hair cuticles as deeply as permanent dyes and will fade over time.

Semi-permanent hair dye can last anywhere from 1-6 weeks. The length of time it lasts depends on a few factors.

How long semi-permanent dye lasts:

The type of dye you use is responsible: Some dyes will last longer than others, even if they are all semi-permanent dyes.

This form of hair color gradually fades out over time. You can expect semi-permanent hair dye to last around 10 washes (not including any shampoos in between) before it begins to fade.

How quickly your color fades depends on the type of shampoo you use, how often you wash your hair, and whether your condition after each wash.

How porous your hair is: If your hair is very porous, then the dye will fade quickly as the color molecules will have more gaps in the cuticle to fill, and thus be able to escape more easily.

Your hair washes routine: If you wash your hair every day you’re going to lose a lot more color than someone who washes their hair once a week. If you have dry shampoo, use that on the days in between to freshen up your roots and avoid adding too much water to the rest of your hair.

The condition of your hair: Damaged or over-processed hair is going to fade quicker than healthy well looked strands.

What is the difference between permanent and semi-permanent hair dye?

 The color will eventually fade due to washing and exposure to sunlight, but the color fades out evenly. The end result is usually a lighter version of the original shade.

The permanent dye contains ammonia and peroxide, which allows it to penetrate the hair shaft and alter the natural color of your hair. If you’re looking for a temporary change in color, semi-permanent dye is a better choice than permanent dye because it’s less damaging to your hair.

Because semi-permanent dyes don’t contain ammonia or peroxide, they don’t penetrate the cuticle layer. Instead, the color sits on top of the hair shaft. There are two ways you can use semi-permanent dye – to refresh your natural color or to create a new look.

Semi-permanent hair color will typically last from 4 to 12 shampoos. The exact length of time it lasts depends on how often you wash your hair and whether or not you have dry hair.

Semi-permanent dye is available in a wide range of colors that are typically more vibrant than permanent dyes, which makes it a good choice if you’re looking for something colorful and temporary.

Because semi-permanent dyes don’t use ammonia or bleach, they are much less damaging to the hair than permanent hair dyes.

Permanent and semi-permanent hair dyes work in the same way: They both contain ammonia and peroxide, which open up the cuticle of the hair and allow the color molecules to permeate into the cortex.

The difference between them is that most permanent dyes also contain a developer, which is used to activate the dye so it can permanently change your hair’s pigment.

Semi-permanent dyes don’t contain a developer, so only coat your hair’s surface and fade away over time by washing.

Semi-permanent dye is designed to wash out after a certain number of hair washes. There are no ammonia or peroxides in semi-permanent hair dye, this helps the color last longer and means there is less potential for damage.

Permanent dye is designed to stay in your hair until it grows out or you recolor it. It opens the outside layer of your hair (cuticle) to allow the color molecules inside your strands where they become a permanent part of your hair.

Is semi-permanent hair dye damaging to the hair?

Is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Damaging To The Hair

Semipermanent hair dye has damaged the hair, it just does not damage it as much as permanent hair dye. The added conditioner in the dye helps to offset some of the damage that would otherwise be caused by using a permanent color.

Unfortunately, a lot of people who use semipermanent colors tend to leave them on longer than they should (I used to do this). When you let semipermanent color stay on your locks for an extended period of time, it will eventually make your hair feel more dry and brittle.

The best way to reduce the damage caused by semipermanent color is to use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

It also helps to use a deep conditioner once a week. 

Semipermanent hair dye is not as damaging to your hair as permanent hair dye. However, this doesn’t mean it’s completely harmless, particularly if you dye your hair often.

Semipermanent dyes don’t contain peroxide or ammonia, which means they don’t penetrate the hair shaft in the same way that permanent dyes do. This also means they don’t lighten the natural pigment in your hair as permanent dyes do.

Instead, semipermanent dyes coat your hair strands with color but don’t tighten them. If you have dark brown or black hair and use a semipermanent red dye, for example, your hair will look red — but it won’t lighten to a strawberry blonde first.

Many people use semipermanent dyes when they want to experiment with a crazy color without committing to it long-term. You can always wash it out after a few weeks (or sooner if you’re using shampoo for color-treated hair). It’s also a fantastic choice if you want to conceal grays without using the harsh chemicals of permanent dye.

Will my hair go back to normal after using semipermanent hair dye?

Semi-permanent hair color is a color that will wash out over time. The time before all traces of the dye disappear depends on several factors, including how often you shampoo your hair and the original color of your hair (darker colors generally last longer).

Semi-permanent dyes typically last between six and 12 shampoos, although some formulas claim to last up to 24.

Semi-permanent color is a great way to experiment with new shades without fully committing to them. If you’re using a lighter shade, however, semi-permanent dye won’t lift your color — it’ll only add highlights. If you want brighter or lighter hair, you’ll need to use a permanent dye.

Semi-permanent hair dye will last around eight to twelve shampoos. Temporary hair dye typically lasts two to three shampoos. Permanent hair dye lasts until your hair grows out or you recolor it with a different shade.

No matter how you color your hair, the result will eventually fade over time. You can minimize this by using products formulated for color-treated hair.

Will the color in semipermanent hair dye wash out completely?

The length of time it takes for the dye to fade out is dependent on your hair type, length, and health. If you have shorter hair, your dye will fade out much faster than someone with longer hair. You can also keep the color by using shampoo like Clairol Shimmer Lights or a moisturizing deep conditioner that is free of sulfates.

Semi-permanent hair dye usually lasts for about 4 to 6 weeks and is gradually washed out of the hair. The lighter the color, the more quickly it fades. 

Is semipermanent hair dye bad for hair?

Semi-permanent hair color lasts longer than temporary dye, and it penetrates the hair shaft to deposit pigment. Conditioners in the dye help your hair retain moisture and stay soft while the color fades gradually. Because semi-permanent hair dye won’t lighten your hair, you can choose any shade.

Semi-permanent dyes are also less damaging than permanent products because they don’t contain ammonia or peroxide. 

Semi-permanent hair dye is a good choice for people who:

  • Feel like trying out a new color before committing to permanent hair dye
  • Want to reduce gray coverage
  • Don’t want their natural color to show as they grow out their dyed hair

Semi-permanent hair color does not penetrate the cuticle like permanent color, it coats the hair, so it is less damaging. However, all hair colors will weaken the hair, so it’s very important to use a great conditioner after rinsing out your color.

Yes, semi-permanent hair dye is bad for your hair. It is not as damaging as a permanent dye, but it can still cause side effects. Most people do not experience any side effects from using semi-permanent hair dye, but some may develop contact dermatitis on their scalp. This is most likely to happen to people who are allergic to one of the dye’s constituents.

What Makes SemiPermanent Hair Dye Different from Other Types of Hair Colour?

Semi-permanent hair dyes are usually ammonia and peroxide-free, meaning they don’t penetrate the hair shaft and instead coat it with a layer of color. This is what causes the wash-out effect after about 8 to 10 washes.

This means that semi-permanent dye is perfect for:

Experimenting with new colors – if you want to see if you can rock red before committing to a permanent dye job, this is the one for you.

Covering up greys – semi-permanent dye won’t leave your hair feeling damaged or brittle like permanent dye can.

Anyone who doesn’t want their hair to be dyed permanently – i.e., if you want to go back to your original color at some point.

Who Is SemiPermanent Hair Colour Good For?

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Suits:

Those with virgin hair – If you’re going from your natural hair color to a new shade of semi-permanent hair dye, you’re in luck! Most semi-permanent hair colors are formulated to provide a bright and vivid result on virgin hair.

Not all shades will suit everyone – Some semi-permanent hair colors are more suitable for certain hair colors, so be sure to check the color description before purchasing.

If you want to go lighter – Semi-permanent dyes can’t lighten your hair because they don’t contain any bleach or peroxides. This means they can only darken your existing color. To achieve a lighter shade of color, try using a permanent dye instead.

Semi-permanent dyes are great for those who have not yet tried to dye their hair before. This is because they are less likely to cause any kind of damage and they will wash out after a few washes. They are also great for those who want a little change but don’t want anything permanent.

After washing your hair, the color will fade gradually over time leaving your hair its original shade. It can last up to 4-6 weeks but this does depend on how much you wash your hair and how often you use shampoo. We would recommend using a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to prolong the life of your color.

Can SemiPermanent Hair Colour Lighten Hair?

Hair color, like most things in life, is a whole lot easier to lighten than darken. It’s also relatively easy to go from one shade to another shade of the same color (say, light brown to medium brown). But if you want to make your hair lighter than its natural level, you can’t just dye it again with lighter hair color. The only way to make that happen is through a chemical process called bleaching.

How long permanent hair dye lasts depends entirely on the condition of your hair and how porous it is. The semi-permanent dye should last around 8-10 washes on virgin hair (i.e., hair that has never been dyed), but if your hair is dyed or porous, it’s likely to fade much sooner.

Is semi-permanent hair color safe?

Semipermanent hair color is generally a safer bet for gray coverage than permanent hair color. The reason is that semipermanent (as well as deposit-only) color products do not contain ammonia or peroxide. 

Because semipermanent and deposit-only colors don’t lighten or lift, they’re perfect for persons with blond or light brown hair who need gray coverage and want to add depth and richness to their original hair color without becoming darker.

Semipermanent hair color is also a great solution if you want to experiment with a new shade, but aren’t ready to commit to an entirely new look.


There are many different types of semi-permanent dye, and it varies from brand to brand how long they last, but on average you should get up to 15-28 shampoos out of the semi-permanent dye (or until the color fades), then you will have to apply fresh dye again.

All of that said, you should know semi-permanent hair dyes can last on your hair for up to six weeks. If you want to keep the color in your hair longer than that, you’ll need several touch-ups along the way.

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