11 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas [For Bragging Rights]

Friendsgiving Decor Ideas

I love fun skipping just a stress-free gathering with my BFF some work in my club it’s totally chill

So yeah when it comes to turkey day 68% of people aged 18 to 38 would rather spend the day gorging and giving thanks with friends. According to a survey, one big reason no personal questions from family.

I think it’s totally appropriate to gracefully say you know I prefer to talk about something else other reasons carving Turkey and friends giving is the top choice. There is no need to worry about offending those thin-skinned relatives and less pressure to impress dinner guests.

I look forward to Friendsgiving every year with my wonderful friends. We usually have great food and exchange presents. I feel so blessed with all my friends. They have been a great emotional support during my darkest time all these years.

This year I am going to throw a Thanksgiving party. So, now I would have to think about the decoration for the party.

I have been researching the internet for some cheap decorations to make my place real pretty! So I have decided to share what I have found, so enjoy!! I hope you find it useful.

15 Friendsgiving Decor Ideas to brag about!

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1. Friendsgiving Invite

Friendsgiving is a perfect day to send out a handmade card number one because it is literally the day of giving thanks.

So all those thank you stamps and dies that you’ve accumulated but haven’t used it’s now time to get them out. Number two, there’s bound to be a loved one or a friend that you’re not able to see during this holiday. So sending them a handmade greeting card is a perfect way to express your gratitude.

When organizing a Friendsgiving party, the first thing we need is a nice invitation to my Friendsgiving party. Below you will find some awesome invitations you can purchase easily if you have no time for self-made cards.

Invitations don’t have to be so formal and there are so many out there. These are some of my personal favorites.

2. Friendsgiving Banner

Welcome your friends to your home with this banner. You can hang it on the wall behind the dining table.

3. Friendsgiving Straw

How cute are these? It will for sure make your table look super cute.

4. Gold Balloon

This is cute especially if you are looking for a gold theme Friendsgiving party.

5. Placement cards

A place card is a piece of paper card that assigns a guest to a sit for a event such as wedding or even friendsgiving! A place card typically has the guest’s name and table number and also have some interesting design to add a tint of style.

You can make simple DIY placecards. Whether you are inviting friends or family, making a simple place card can be very simple to make. You can put these placement cards on the dining table to give a more formal look.

6. Table Runner

A table runner is always a must-have for your dining table. There are so many cute designs out there to choose from.

7. Friendsgiving Photo Booth Props

Who doesnt love a good photo booth props. You can DIY or even purhcase really cute ones. Recreate memories and add them to your album with these cute photo booth props. Can’t wait for that cute and fun moments.

8.  Friendsgiving Drinking Game Cards

Drinking games are so fun and never boring. Some simple drinking games you can play with nearly nothing! Some games are such as red or black card game, pin pan pon, flip coin, korean game called 369. Go research it if you have no clue what those games are! Friendsgiving will never be the same without a drinking game.

9. Funny Friendsgiving Napkin

Everyone can have a laugh with this funny napkin!

10. Friendsgiving Banner

Hang this Friendsgiving as high as possible to express your gratitude to your family and friends.

11. Friendsgiving Pinata

When I saw this, I literary LOL! This would be fun to get rid of Coronavirus once for all!

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