21 Fabulous Costume Ideas For What To Wear In Vegas

21 Fabulous Costume Ideas For What To Wear In Vegas

When it comes to packing for a trip to Las Vegas, the age-old question often arises: “What to wear in Vegas?” 

Sin City is known for its glitz, glamour, and endless entertainment, making it the perfect playground for dressing up and expressing your style. 

Whether you’re headed to the iconic Las Vegas Strip, a dazzling nightclub, or a themed event, we’ve got you covered with 21 fabulous costume ideas that will help you make a statement and stand out in the crowd. 

So, let’s dive into the world of Vegas fashion and discover your perfect ensemble for the desert oasis.

Classic Vegas Glamour

1. The Showgirl Extravaganza

If you want to channel the classic Vegas showgirl look, this costume is for you. Adorn yourself in a sparkly, feathered headdress, a sequined leotard, and sky-high heels. 

Top it off with dramatic makeup and a boa for that extra wow factor.

The Showgirl Extravaganza


2. Rat Pack Cool

Capture the essence of the Rat Pack era with a sleek tuxedo or a sultry, vintage-inspired dress. Add a fedora for men or a feathered headpiece for women to complete the timeless Vegas look.

Rat Pack Cool


Las Vegas Icons

3. Elvis Impersonator

Pay homage to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with an Elvis-inspired jumpsuit, aviator shades, and a slick pompadour. Don’t forget the guitar for a truly legendary Vegas costume.

Elvis Impersonator


4. Marilyn Monroe

Embrace the allure of Marilyn Monroe with a white halter dress, blonde wig, and red lipstick. Strike her iconic pose, and you’ll be ready to turn heads on the Strip.

Marilyn Monroe


Casino Royale Elegance

5. James Bond or Bond Girl

Emulate the sophistication of James Bond or the sultry allure of a Bond Girl with a tailored suit or a slinky evening gown. Accessorize with sleek gadgets or dazzling jewelry.

James Bond or Bond Girl


6. Poker Player

Get your poker face ready with a green visor, a deck of cards, and a poker chip necklace. Don’t forget to brush up on your card skills before hitting the casino floor!

Poker Player


Las Vegas Themes

7. Retro Vegas

Go back in time with a retro-themed outfit. Think poodle skirts and leather jackets for a 1950s vibe, or disco-inspired outfits for a ’70s twist.

Retro Vegas


8. Casino Dealer

Dress as a suave casino dealer with a black suit, a bowtie, and a dealer’s visor. This costume is perfect for those who want to play the part.

Casino Dealer


Neon Nights

9. Neon Raver

For a wild night out, don neon-colored clothing, glow sticks, and flashy accessories. You’ll light up the dance floor as you party into the early hours.

Neon Raver


10. Neon Sign

Transform yourself into a walking neon sign with glow-in-the-dark clothing and neon body paint. You’ll be a beacon of fun in the Las Vegas nightlife.

Neon Sign


Celebrity Impersonations

11. Lady Gaga

Embrace your inner pop star with a wild Lady Gaga-inspired outfit. Think bold and eccentric fashion choices, including meat dresses or avant-garde ensembles.

Lady Gaga


12. Elvis Presley

Pay tribute to the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll with an Elvis costume. You can opt for the classic jumpsuit look or recreate his early rockabilly style.

Elvis Presley


Movie and TV Inspirations

13. The Hangover Crew

Assemble your own Wolf Pack with costumes inspired by the popular movie “The Hangover.” Recreate the iconic rooftop scene with matching outfits and sunglasses.

The Hangover Crew


14. Austin Powers and Fembot

Get groovy with an Austin Powers costume or dazzle in a Fembot ensemble from the iconic spy spoof films. Shagadelic, baby!

Austin Powers and Fembot


Extravagant Vegas Show Attendee

15. Carnival of Venice

Embrace the magic of Venice with a stunning Venetian mask and elaborate costume. It’s perfect for a night at a masquerade ball or a themed event.

Carnival of Venice


16. Cirque du Soleil-Inspired

Show your appreciation for the incredible Cirque du Soleil performances with a colorful and whimsical circus-inspired outfit.

Cirque du Soleil-Inspired


Las Vegas Sports Fan

17. Hockey Enthusiast

Support the Vegas Golden Knights or your favorite NHL team with a hockey jersey and a foam finger. Go Knights go!

Hockey Enthusiast


18. Boxing Champion

Pay tribute to boxing legends like Floyd Mayweather or Mike Tyson with a boxing robe, gloves, and championship belt.

Boxing Champion


Out-of-This-World Extravaganza

19. Space Cowboy

Combine the glitz of Vegas with the allure of outer space by dressing as a space cowboy or cowgirl. Metallic fabrics and futuristic accessories are key.

Space Cowboy


20. Alien Abductee

Turn heads with an alien abduction costume complete with a silver jumpsuit, UFO prop, and alien-themed makeup.

Alien Abductee


Pool Party Chic

21. Pool Party Attire

For a daytime pool party, don a stylish swimsuit, oversized sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat. Accessorize with a cocktail in hand, and you’ll be the life of the party.

Pool Party Attire



Las Vegas offers endless opportunities to dress up and have fun, and with these 21 costume ideas, you’ll be well-prepared for any occasion. 

From classic Vegas glamour to wild neon nights and celebrity impersonations, there’s a costume for every style and taste. 

So, the next time you find yourself pondering, “What to wear in Vegas?” remember this guide, and let your inner fashionista shine as you hit the Strip in style! Vegas, here you come!

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