You are currently viewing 10 Apps That Pay You To Exercise: [Make Money For Being Healthy]

10 Apps That Pay You To Exercise: [Make Money For Being Healthy]

I’m going to tell you about a couple of applications you can use to bring in some additional cash online and do this just by working out. 

Make money through exercise

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1. Rover-dog sitters & walkers

You can use this application called Rover-dog boarding and walking in both your Apple or Android gadgets. It pays you essentially to walk dogs. You can also board dogs and you can really make more by boarding up here and there.

An individuals who walk dogs make as much as an extra $1,000 or so every month. You simply need to stroll around and construct a profile as you accomplish for Uber or Lyft and you partake in the gig economy. 

You can likewise deal with cats and stuff also, yet you’re presumably not going to get as much exercise from that.

You can also do house-sitting, boarding drop-in, visit doggie childcare and take a dog for strolling. Obviously, you need to likely do for the most part dog strolling and that is about it to the extent getting the most exercise.

2. Field Agent

The next application that I would recommend is called Field Agent. Field Agent pays you to do a wide range of random temp jobs for organizations to help comprehend customer conduct or see how client assistance functions in specific organizations.

With field operators you get a guide on the application that you can get for your Android or Apple gadget. You’ll see these little marks that pop up on the map/guide. This is ideal on the off chance that you live close to a major city, it bodes well to utilize this. 

You can get paid as much as twenty dollars for each hour or gig by means of PayPal inside 48 hours after you complete the gig. So as to get paid, you simply need to do things like taking pictures of store retirees or telling individuals or letting the application realize how a specific business works and how their store racks are organized.

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3. Gigwalk

Similar to Field Agent, this one is called gigwalk. The app pays you only for these odd gigs that have to do with private companies. So, on the off chance that you see a guide of a significant city and it will have these gigs that pop up on the guide map and afterward you simply acknowledge these gigs, go to them, complete them and get paid. 

They pay you three to fifty dollars for every gig by means of PayPal. You can do this in the United States, Canada or the UK. You can do it in both Apple and Android gadgets.

Gigwalk give you a full portrayal of what you will be doing and afterward you will simply go to the app and complete the job. You simply need to snap a photo of something or simply audit a store’s client assistance or something to that effect.

4. Postmates

Next one is called Postmates, which obviously is not one you would for the most part think to get a ton of activity since you may be thinking admirably. It’s sort of like an entry way run or something like Ubereats where you get food for individuals at a café and you deliver.

Most of the work will be driving for Postmates. If you utilize this in a major city like New York City or on the off chance that you live in a urban zone, downtown particularly, you can really turn into a mobile messenger that would convey food or things from a retail location to individuals.

In the event that the customer apartment downtown is a couple of miles away or something, so you would get significantly all the more strolling in clearly you can utilize your bicycle.

You can utilize whatever type of transportation you have. In the event that you need to get a great deal of exercise, you can really do this gig and simply stroll around downtown and get food and things from other retail locations for individuals.

So, you have somewhat more to the extent choices of what you’re conveying rather than just food and you really have the choice of being a mobile messenger that gets you some workout and gets you around town.

For post mates you can make presumably about $15 or so every hour all things considered.

5. Sweatcoin 

Another application that you can use is called Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin is an application you can get for both your Android or Apple gadget.

It is profoundly appraised and you can get paid for strolling. They pay you essentially to make a living while exercising. In case you’re strolling particularly outside, in light of the fact that it utilizes GPS to follow steps and you will not lose your way

So in the event that you take a walk or run each day, it will have the option to follow that and you can get paid in digital currency which they have of their own, called sweat coins.

You can also get paid through PayPal or in various compensations for state exercise gear and stuff that way. 

You can get your cash and purchase exercise gears such as a nice headphones or running shoes or anything you desire. You can likewise simply give your perspiration coins to a specific reason that you have faith in that sweat coin is joined forces with. 

You can make your profile and associate with your companions also and to the extent deconversion of steps, you can get around five sweatcoins for each 5,000 steps per every day, ten for each 10,000 steps for every day in the event that you have the paid variant.

6. Weight Loss Bet by HealthyWage 

The next application is called HealthyWage. HealthyWage is essentially a way where you put some cash in a pot and the individuals who meet their weight reduction objectives get paid a lot of the pot.

Although the individuals who don’t meet their weight reduction objectives, their cash just remains there and it goes to the individuals into the site. In simpler words, it goes to the individuals who really accomplish their objectives and it goes to the site too; with the goal that they would be able to know to keep the thing running. 

They have an application for both Apple and Android gadgets as should be obviously exceptionally evaluated yet it gives you that additional motivation to lose weight since you’re contending with others.

In addition, you have cash included which is another special reward or motivator to assist you with getting in shape since you will lose cash in the event that you don’t get more fit. 

On the off chance that you go to they really have a weight reduction calculator that can disclose to you the amount you may win how much cash you could make, you just type in and you realize what number of pounds you’re attempting to lose and how long you have to arrive at your objective and the amount you need to wager every month until you arrive at that. 

Suppose you put in like $30 every month for like a multi month objective of shedding 40 pounds or something in the event that you reset the objective you realize you may contribute perhaps a hundred or a little over a hundred dollars and afterward you may make possibly a thousand dollars or something so it just depends. 

In an article by the Penny Hoarder you will see a couple of individuals who did this. one individual who contributed $125 every month for a half year and afterward they won 2,400 or more dollars so you could find out about that. 

There are people that shed 50 pounds in ten months and won $2,500. So there’s a lot of fit people on this app. You may contribute ten, twenty, fifty dollars every month and afterward a ton of times you make perhaps several thousand dollars when you reach your objectives. However, as a rule you just need to lose like forty to fifty pounds or something like that initially.

7. DietBet

Our next application is DietBet. There is no genuine requirement for me to go super top to bottom about this since it’s similar with HealthyWage.

You contribute a specific amount of cash. There is a mix pool of individuals who try to meet weight loss objectives and individuals who really arrive at their weight reduction objectives.

Winners win cash while the individuals who don’t arrive at their weight reduction objectives, their cash remains with the site and goes towards individuals who won.

That is essentially how it functions. They are profoundly evaluated in light of the fact that they assist individuals with getting in shape by giving them two additional motivating forces utilizing rivalry and utilizing cash. The potential of losing money may motivate them to get more fit.

8. Higi

Next application is Higi and you get paid by fundamentally working out in various manners. You don’t need to simply walk. You don’t need to do anything with loads.

You can get paid to follow so much stuff and you additionally check in at these health stations to track where you’re at  and measure your health.

The app is fundamentally attempting to get you to quantify your health and really understand what your numbers are. If you take a look at the application you can see things like blood pressure, weight, weight file, how this is improving after some time, your body to fat ratio. 

It assists individuals with having a motivating force to really realize what their present health state is on the grounds. We often put that off and don’t really watch that as regularly as we should.

They likewise have a guide on here that shows you diverse health stations that you can search for, where you can proceed. At that point you get paid in remuneration for keeping this application and utilizing it and you can utilize the awards towards gear like running shoes or a Fitbit or something that has to do with gym equipment.

9. Achievement 

Next application is called achievement. You can go to or simply get the application for your Android or Apple gadget. This is another app that sort of pays you for a variety of things.

You can get paid to walk and do different activities yet fundamentally you’re going to follow everything too. So this is like the last application, I referenced where you really get paid not exclusively to turn out to be yet to follow what you’re doing and keep tabs on your development. 

You get paid to walk or do practices, and you need to log your dinners, your weight change, your social offers things like that and you get a limit of 80 focuses every day with accomplishment.

You can make $10 for each 10,000 focuses. You get additional cash, earned through studies and different offers in the event that you need to make.

You can even give your cash to a good cause. So, accomplishment is one of those that won’t pay you a ton, the vast majority of these won’t, yet you will have the option to get an additional little impetus of a smidgen of additional cash to monitor your health. 

10.Charity Miles

Last but not least, another application where you can give your cash to charity for getting in shape is to utilize good cause miles. So charity miles don’t work, they just attempt to persuade you to be more dynamic and to care more for yourself and you win cash for your preferred cause just by strolling.

You can follow your means. There’s a variety of approaches to do that yet charity cause miles really will give you a smidgen of additional cash for doing this and following every one of your means and everything.

All you have to do is go to a page and afterward you examine the QR code and it will permit you to download the application.

I don’t trust it in the real application stores like typical ones, however, you can use the site and afterward, whatever you make, you pick which charity cause you need to send it to. 


There are really so many apps out there that pay you to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I hope you will try out some of the apps that I have recommended in this post. Let me know your thoughts, or if you know other apps I would love to know!


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