Can You Grow Eyelashes With Vaseline?

vaseline on eyelashes

On the lookout for something that may offer you long lashes faster than you can bat them? Is growing eyelashes with Vaseline a myth? Well, Vaseline isn’t it. Oil products, such as the V, are not proven to accelerate hair growth — differently, or to your lashes, eyebrows.

Some advantages offered by these petro jellies, which may make your eyelashes seem lavish. Keep reading to understand how to improve your eyelash texture.

Vaseline 101

The new petroleum jelly you are probably familiar with is Vaseline. It has become a family skincare benchmark and was made in the 1860s.

Vaseline contains 100white petrolatum, a mix of oils, and waxes. It is possible to locate different brands of “miracle jelly” in the current market, but a lot of them contain additives like odor.

It may develop beauty success and health while Vaseline is not a miracle grow to your lashes.

Plump the jam up

Among the superpowers of petroleum jelly is its ability to lock moisture. It does so by developing a coating barrier, which reduces loss. Dry skin enjoys this type of TLC!

Vaseline will make your lashes lush and delicate. It is even a part of treatment regular to get peeps with the eye.

Because it lacks impurities, Vaseline is soft on the skin. Vaseline makes it a moisturizing choice for individuals with psoriasis, complexions, or concerns like dermatitis.

As always, in case your peepers are vulnerable to irritation or infections, before utilizing any products in that 34, it is ideal to find a green light.

Health is wealth

When applied sparingly, this ointment can make your lashes healthier. The jelly conditions the hairs and helps to prevent them from breaking off. So eyelashes will appear fuller, longer, and shinier while getting stronger.

Simple as ABC

As in Absolutely Fundamental Care! There is nothing more simple than dabbing on petroleum jelly if all beauty and health regimens were this fast and straightforward!

Vaseline is an item, meaning it removes makeup — such as some glued lashes and can moisturize skin and lashes. (Woo! More room freed up on the vanity)

Pairings are for cheese and wine.

Vaseline and other skincare solutions play well. Use it along with ointment or your favorite face cream for hydration.

It is just like a cami beneath

Some folks swear by applying Vaseline to their lashes. The promise is that the oil makes the lashes glide, leading to more excellent protection. Why don’t you give it a go? Vaseline may be a great alternative to primers.

Pennies heap-o

What better than a beauty find? One that is simple to get on your hands and inexpensive as simple. As you require a minimal amount, every time Vaseline provides a whole lot of bang for your dollar.

Successfully applying Vaseline for your lashes is one of the things in existence. #bless

  • Always wash your hands before applying. Be sure to get rid of any gunk under your nails. You want to minimize the chance of getting dirt or bacteria on your lids and lashes.
  • Put a tiny amount of Vaseline (about the size of a short grain of rice) onto the tip of a clean cotton swab.
  • Carefully apply the jelly to the skin of your upper and lower lash lines of both eyes. Remember: A little goes a long way.
  • With the clean end of your cotton swab, apply a tiny bit of Vaseline to your lashes until they are lightly coated. Blinking as you use can help distribute the jelly to each and every lash.
  • If you’re using Vaseline at bedtime, you’ll probably have some stickiness in the morning. Simply wash your face with warm water and a washcloth, gently rubbing the lashes and eyelids, to release any lingering ointment.
  • Vaseline can bother some eyes or momentarily blur vision. If this happens, use a couple of drops of artificial tears to clear away any Vaseline that snuck into your eyes.

Consistency setbacks

Petroleum might not be for everybody. A lot of men and women find it tacky or too thick to be effective or more comfortable.  In this case, you can try mixing the jelly with your other favorite products, and use it less often or only overnight.

You could also find it hard to use it correctly or delicately. The critical thing here could be practice makes perfect! Additionally, use wash, tight-tipped cotton swabs (not those rolling about your makeup kit with large, fuzzy endings!).

Vaseline is promoted as non-comedogenic (will not clog your pores). It’s fatty, and petroleum may be trapped by it because it functions as a moisture barrier. If you’re prone to migraines, it might not be the best alternative.

If you are not cautious, over moisture can be trapped by Vaseline. Dead skin cells, dirt, and much more can cling to the substance. Fungi and bacteria can survive in Vaseline and move to whatever that you touch while they will not rise in the jelly. Ew.

It is made from nutrient oils and natural waxes and is mild enough for most people to use.

Petroleum will not make your lashes grow quicker, thicker, or longer. However, it may make them more healthy, which might provide the appearance of new lashes that are flutter-worthy. Vaseline is a facial moisturizer In addition to hydrating your lashes.

A petroleum jelly regular is harmonious with other skincare products, affordable, and straightforward. Vaseline deserves to be added to a shopping list!


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