The Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions: [11 Oil-Free Eyeliners You Need]

Best Eyeliner For Eyelash Extensions

Choosing the right eyeliner is a huge hassle for every girl out there with eyelash extensions.

Some eyeliners are so amazing, that some claim to be able to sleep with them.

Choosing the right eyeliner is crucial to give your eyelash extension a more prominent look.

It adds to the length and volume, which makes the rest of your cosmetics look amazing.

False eyelashes can be sensitive, and there are eyeliners that won’t work well with them.

So how would you make sense of what the best eyeliners for lash growths are?

Indeed, there are a couple of things to remember. 

Above all else, you need to search for an eyeliner that is oil-free.

Why? Oils can separate the paste that holds your extension on, implying that they’ll drop out more without any problem.

A great deal of effort is needed such as oils or brutal fixings to separate them, which can likewise separate your lashes.

Furthermore, shockingly, a lot of liners have oils in them, so you need to watch out for the fixings.

At long last, certain pens/pencils can pull on your covers, which can likewise promote lash drop out.

So, formulas that are cost-effective are your smartest option. The to and fro movement of a firm pencil can be appalling and that’s not what you want. 

Is eyeliner safe to use with eyelash extensions?

However, if you love a more dramatic feel or even love the cat-eye eyeliner look, then investing in a good eyeliner is a must-have.

Water-based eyeliner works best.

Pencil liner tends to develop a sticky consistency and make your lash fall out.

However, I don’t find it an issue on certain brands of pencil eyeliners.

I would advise soaking some makeup remover on a cotton swab.

Then gently clean up the eyeliner.

When cleaning the eyeliner, avoid rubbing the cotton swab to the lash extension as much as possible.

Ever heard of the saying the less is more.

This is true when applying eyeliner with eyelash extension.

I would apply a thinner layer to avoid any buildup on my falsies.

Choose oil-free eyeliner and apply with caution on your eyelash line.

If you are in the habit of tugging at your eyelid when putting on eyeliner, please avoid doing this.

Remain calm and I would apply the eyeliner according to my eye line naturally.

Apply the eyeliner on the eye and not through your falsies.

Protip: If you are broke or looking to save money, you can use your eye shadow as a replacement for your eyeliner.

Wet the shadow so that it will stick on the eyelash line longer.

Eyeshadow is easier to remove than gel or liquid eyeliner.

Pick a thin brush and dab some of the wet shadows to make it look more long-lasting.

A super pigmented product can give the same look as any eyeliner.  

Guide on picking the best eyeliner for your eyelash extension

Falsies lovers know that buying a good eyelash extension can be pretty expensive to invest in.

Therefore, it is important to pick good eyeliner that matches well with your eyelash extension.

Most importantly gentle enough to maintain your eyelash extension.

There are so many varieties of eyeliners out there.

So what are some top considerations when purchasing eyeliner that would work for you? We will discuss this below:

Price Points

The most important consideration is one’s affordability to spend on good eyeliner.

You will find eyeliners in the lower range price points to the higher in price.

Some eyeliner is so expensive, that you could literarily go broke.  This would be up to you on how much are you’re willing to spend.

You will be surprised though, the cheaper alternatives can do as good of a job as the higher price range.


I would recommend selecting eyeliners that are oil-free. The reason is that oil does not mix well with the components on the eyelash extension.

This can actually make your extension fall off more easily or even make the extension faulty.

Smooth Glide

It is best to also select eyeliners that are made of ingredients that are less clunky and glide easily when applied on the eye line.

Top Eyeliners

Discover our picks for the best eyeliners to compliment your falsies. You paid great cash for those extensions, ensure you’re treating them well with an effective eyeliner.

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1. DLUX professional flawless eyeliner

On the off chance that you love fluid eyeliner, yet are baffled on the best way to discover an equation that is lash-accommodating, at that point look no farther than DLUX Professional Flawless Eyeliner.

It’s an oil-free formula, so it won’t tear your lashes, and in spite of the fact that it’s waterproof, it tends to be effectively expelled with a delicate cleanser.

Besides the entirety of that, it likewise happens to be a truly extraordinary eyeliner.

Its pen configuration guarantees exact application, making it ideal for everything from feline eyes to thin lines.

  • great for fluid eyeliner lovers
  • oil-free formula
  • waterproof
  • pen configuration for accuracy of application

2. Jolie Cake Liner

Powders are an incredible alternative for those with lash extensions since you simply need a drop of water to transform them into the fluid.

Jolie Cake Liner works precisely like that. A drop of water on the finish of a brush, and you can draw a line in a snap.

Since it was applied with water, it additionally can be removed with water well, so no scouring or scrubbing to get the color off.

Also, Jolie’s liner dries matte, making a smooth line that is long-wearing.

  • easy to remove with water
  • matte formula
  • long lasting

3. TonyMoly black gel liner

In the event that you haven’t attempted a gel liner yet, at that point you should try TonyMoly’s black gel liner out.

It skims onto tops like a fantasy, making whatever liner plan you could need.

Since it utilizes a gel base rather than oil, it’s lash extension friendly. Furthermore, gels are a lot simpler to expel than customary fluid liners, so there’s no cleaning or pulling that will make your lashes drop out quicker.

TonyMoly’s liner is exceptionally pigmented and accompanies its own brush for simple application.

  • gel based, last extension friendly
  • easy to expel
  • exceptionally pigmented

4. Xtreme lashes glide liner long-lasting eye pencil

On the off chance that you prefer pencils, you should give Xtreme Lashes Glideliner Long Lasting Eye Pencil an attempt.

It’s actually more like a pen than a pencil, however, the application is the equivalent beside one significant detail.

This liner coasts on effectively, rather than pulling at your eyelids.

It’s additionally advanced with vitamin E, which encourages it to float on too smoothly. That makes it astounding if liners that tug tend in general to beat down your lash extensions.

Additionally, you can smear it out to make a smokey eye, which means you have more collection.

  • coast on effectively
  • contains vitamin E
  • easy to smear out to make the smokey eye look

5. Marc Jacob high liner gel eye crayon eyeliner

The conceivable outcomes are endless, with 40 distinct shades to browse. This eyeliner comes in matte, satin, glitter, and shimmer finishes and a collection of hues that could keep us engaged for a considerable length of time.

Have a go at smirching one of the bolder shades over your top for a break from your regular cosmetics look.

  • variety shades to choose from
  • available in matte, satin, glitter, and shimmer

6. Bobbi Brown long-wear gel eyeliner

Implanted with extraordinary colors, this liner applies as decisively as a fluid yet with the ease of a gel.

It provides up to 12 hours of waterproof, sweat-safe wear that doesn’t shed or disappear.

What’s more, with a huge number of five-star audits on Sephora, we’re considering that we’re not by any means the only fans. 

  • fluid but ease of a gel when applying
  • waterproof and long-lasting

7. Kate Von D tattoo liner

Fortunately, finding an oil-free formula doesn’t mean surrendering a fluid liner.

The ultra-fine brush tip on this liner from Kat Von D takes into account a super-exact, even line that won’t smirch for the duration of the day.

Notwithstanding being oil-free, it’s additionally cruelty-free, which is something we can get behind. 

  • ultra-fine brush tip for accuracy of application
  • oil-free and cruelty-free

8. Essence long lasting eye pencil

This super-smooth pencil floats over the lid easily, and Essence guarantees it will keep going for a considerable length of time upon hours without smearing.

The cost point is likewise crazy; grab up every one of the three hues for not exactly the expense of lunch. 

  • long lasting
  • glides on easily
  • cheap

9. Maybelline eye studio lasting drama gel eyeliner

Maybelline’s gel liner accompanies a brush to spare you the problem of scanning for the ideal one all alone.

The rich gel equation is such a fantasy, you’ll never feel the need to return to your old pencil.

Also, its rich shades last as long as 24 hours, so there’s no compelling reason to stress over final details for the duration of the day

  • gel liner with a brush
  • rich shades
  • long lasting

10. Soap & Glory supercat eyeliner

This fluid liner from Soap and Glory offers incredible quality at a reasonable cost.

The adaptable marker tip takes into consideration a simple, thin line, or a strong, exaggerated one, contingent upon your mindset.

As the name Supercat demonstrates, it was essentially designed for making the ideal cat-eye.

  • high quality
  • reasonably priced
  • ideal for creating the cat-eye look

11. Smashbox always sharp waterproof kohl liner

This waterproof liner gets the name Always Sharp gratitude to its implicit sharpener which guarantees that its exact tip remains perfect.

The kohl is hyperpigmented and waterproof to guarantee that it won’t move regardless of what the day involves.

Smear it along your lash line for a characteristic, barely-there look.

  • hyperpigmented
  • waterproof


There are a variety of eyeliners available in department stores, and beauty stores online, and offline. However, not every eyeliner can be used or be effective with your eyelash extensions.

is vital to avoid all challenges that you may face that could ruin those expensive and beautiful falsies.

Once you have considered the perfect eyeliner that will serve that eyelashes justice, the next consideration would be the amount you will be willing to spend.

There are so many products available out there and could be confusing to decide which would be best. This post of my top picks of eyeliners would help you make a wise decision.

I would love to know what you think?

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