Best Mascara for Asian Lashes [Facts that will blow your mind]

Best Mascara for Asian Lashes

Asian lashes are often described as being short, straight, and drooping. It’s no surprise that Asian ladies are big fans of Mascara and eyelash extensions. Learn about the best mascara for Asian lashes 


What’s up, ladies? So you’ve spent hours choosing the best foundation, the perfect lipstick, the right blush, and love how it all makes you feel. Is your makeup bag missing one extra thing — mascara — to make sure your eyes match your face? I recommend that you keep on reading to find out about the best mascara for Asian lashes that suits us, Asian girls, the best.

Mascara is one of the most important arsenals of your makeup bag. You can use it to give length or volume to your lashes, or just coat them to make them look darker and more defined. Moisturizing mascara also protects the lashes from damage caused by applying mascara in the first place. So what is the best type of mascara for Asian eyes?

You’ve probably found that Asian lashes are shorter in length than Caucasian or African American lashes, which means that you need a different formula when using mascara. Asian lashes are also generally lighter in color, so you need a darker mascara. Finally, Asian lashes are also more curled, so they need a wetter formula to keep the curl under control. 

Before you read about the best mascara for Asian eyelashes, let’s take a look at why your eyelashes are not holding a curl.

Why won’t my eyelashes hold a curl?

If you’ve ever wished your eyelashes would hold a curl, then you are not alone. Nearly everyone wants to have the perfect set of curls for their eyes. Our lashes are part of our face that can help to give us that gorgeous look that we all want. Curls are so important because they can help to accentuate our eyes and make them appear larger, brighter, and more attractive.

There are many ways that you can curl your eyelashes, but the best lashes will be found by applying mascara. If you want to curl your eyelashes for a special date or event, then it is important to apply the mascara well before bedtime so that it has time to dry. This will make sure that when you go to sleep at night your lashes will be set and ready for the next day.

How do Asians keep their eyelashes curled?

How do Asians keep their eyelashes curled

Eyelashes that are curled go a long way in enhancing and brightening eyes. However, not all eyelashes are created equal. Some people are born with curling eyelashes, while others have stubbornly straight eyelashes. You can make your lashes naturally curled even if they fall into the latter category. Although eyelashes may not all have the same form, size, or temperament, they can all learn to bend with the right training.

A decent eyelash curler is one of the most important factors in achieving excellent lashes. Choose from tried-and-true brands like Shu Uemura or Shiseido, or go for heated versions that curl your lashes in the same way that curling your hair does.

Here are the steps that you need to take if you want to curl your eyelashes with mascara:

The first thing that you will want to do is apply some light coats of mascara. You want to make sure that you do not put on too much mascara, because this will cause problems when you try to curl your lashes. It is also helpful if you can use a brand of mascara that makes the lashes stiff. This will help them hold their curl better when they are wet.

After the mascara has dried, you will need to dip your eyeliner wand into some baby oil. This will make it easier for you to separate your lashes when you curl them.

Now start at the bottom of your eyelashes. Gently pull up on your lashes and hold them in this position for about 30 seconds. You want to make sure that you do not pull them out at the roots because this can cause damage to your eye area.

Release your lashes by letting them go back to their normal position or applying pressure on them so that they are curved.

Repeat the process with each set of lashes, until you have curled them all. This will take between 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the length of your lashes.

Apply another coat of mascara if you are going to sleep in that night or if you have long eyelashes that you wish to keep curled for more than one day.

This step is very important because it will help to set the curl in place.

Leave your mascara on overnight for a perfect curl. If you want to remove the curls, then you can do this before getting into bed. You can also use a little bit of eye shadow to help conceal your lashes that are curled for special occasions.

How can I permanently curl my eyelashes naturally?

Ladies, we know how frustrating it can be to apply eyelash curlers and mascara every morning. Permanently curling your eyelashes is something that every woman wants to have. Preferably with a natural way of doing this. It gives you more confidence in doing your everyday activities if you also look good while doing it. So, how can you do this?

Some natural methods can help you out with your quest for lashes of the gods without the pain and the damage: 

  • Waterproof mascara – Apply waterproof mascara on top of your real ones, then gently curl up from the bottom towards your eyebrows as if they’re wetting your lashes with water. Give them a few minutes to dry and repeat when necessary.
  • Rub olive oil on the tips – Get some olive oil, put some on your fingers, then rub it gently on your eyelashes’ tips. Live on the side of caution, though. Olive oil can be pretty messy.
  • Pickle juice – The same thing as with olive oil, except the source is different. Make sure to use it only once you clean off all of the pickle juice from your jar.
  • Warming/cooling pads – They’re not exactly pads in themselves, but they are good for warming or cooling your eyelashes up depending on whether you put them in hot or cold water for at least ten minutes before using them. Cooling pads are better, unless if you’re doing the steam-and-cold application.
  •  Banana peel – You can use this if you want to be extra fancy. Just dip your eyelashes between the banana (skin and all) before curling it up with the other method.
  •  Vinegar – This is mostly for special occasions, but not entirely. If you want to give it a try, mix some red wine vinegar with some water and apply it to your eyes for about half an hour. Then rinse with clean water. It will take at least 1 week for your eyelashes to reach their final state of being curled up, so don’t expect it to look exactly normal at first.

You can go around doing this at home, but you can always go to a salon if you want some serious attention from a professional.

Among these methods, the most popular of all is the banana peel one as it’s not overly complicated and looks quite natural for most people. If you try any, do let us know how they worked out for you! 

What mascara is good for Asian eyelashes?

What mascara is good for Asian eyelashes

Mascara allows you to create the appearance of longer, curlier and fuller eyelashes. There are currently thousands of different mascaras on the market today–each with its brand name, colors, textures, consistency, and packaging. Some mascara may contain waxes or oils that leave your lashes shiny. The most important thing to remember when applying mascara is to not pump the brush in the tube—you will only dry out your mascara. You want to coat each lash evenly. Let me share with you some knowledge on what mascara is good for Asian eyelashes below:

Mascara allows you to create the appearance of longer, curlier and fuller eyelashes. There are currently thousands of different mascaras on the market today–each with its brand name, colors, textures, consistency, and packaging. Some mascara may contain waxes or oils that leave your lashes shiny. The most important thing to remember when applying mascara is to not pump the brush in the tube—you will only dry out your mascara. You want to coat each lash evenly. Let me share with you some knowledge on what mascara is good for Asian eyelashes below:

  1. Curly-Lash Mascara: A mascara designed for Asian women with curly eyelashes to curl lashes. Many curlies, because of their curl, have a hard time applying mascara correctly. To avoid clumping, it is important to apply the mascara first to the root of the lash. Curly-lash mascaras are also enriched with volume enhancers for even more volume and curl.
  1.  Precision Tips Mascara: A mascara that comes with brush tips that are narrower than other brushes on the market is designed for Asian women who are attempting to create a natural look by hiding short roots and layering their eyelashes to make them appear longer.
  1. No-Water Mascara: A mascara that does not contain water, but gel. These are great for women who are allergic to water, as they do not cause watery eyes during application. They make your lashes feel dry and appear thicker.
  1. Volumizing Mascara: A mascara that contains fiber or micro-particles which make your lashes look longer, more voluminous, and fuller. The fibers can be found in ribbon-like tubes or blobs of different sizes and shapes such as tiny balls, beads, pearls, and wands instead of two long wand hairs used in traditional mascara brushes. These products work best when the fibers are distributed evenly over your lashes.
  1.  Lengthening Mascara: A mascara that lengthens lashes for a more dramatic look. This is to be applied in small layers, starting at the inner corner of the eye and to the outer corner. Apply your eyelash brush into the tube, then curl the brush hairs by hand or with eyelash curlers before applying it to your lashes. You want to stroke every lash several times using a good technique mascara technique. The fibers in these mascaras also make your lashes look longer and thicker. The fibers can come in different qualities such as long fibers, short fibers, or medium-length fibers, depending upon their size and shape.
  1. Waterproof Mascara: A mascara that you can put on over your makeup the night before without the fear of messing up every time you open your eyes. It is good for women who wear contact lenses, as well as those who work in high-humidity settings where sweat builds up. When using waterproof eyeliner, under-eye concealer, or powder, apply it first before applying mascara to ensure that they will not get smudges. Make sure to insert the brush in the tube only so that you do not get any product on it.

Can you train your eyelashes to curl?

Many people believe that you can train your eyelashes to curl just like the models in the magazines. One of the main ways that eyelashes can be trained is called manual curling. This involves curling your eyelashes every night with an eyelash curler. Sometimes this may seem like this is not working, but it takes time to do so properly.

Curling your eyelashes with a curler may be easier than you think. Here is everything you might need to know about how to use a hair curler for eyelashes, from the start to the finish. By the end of it, you’ll have lashes that curl almost automatically.

How to Use a Hair Curler for Lashes in 5 Steps:

  • Step One: Prep Your Lashes

Start by gently cleaning your mascara from your lashes with micellar water or baby shampoo and warm water. This will ensure your curls last and your lashes look clean and healthy.

  • Step Two: Pick a Curler

Any kind of curler will work for eyelashes, it is suggested you use a curler with silicone pads. These pads should be very flexible and move to fit the shape of the eye as you curl. This allows for a more precise curl than what you would get from a metal pad, Babaian says. Also, switch up the size of the pad as you curl so it doesn’t become too rigid.

  • Step Three: Put Lashes on Each Side

Start by curling one side and then the other and focus on that one eye for a few minutes. Then, grab a mirror and focus on that same eye for a few more minutes. This step will help you to get used to the feeling of curling your lashes with a curler and will also help your lashes look authentic if someone sees them as you finish.

  • Step Four: Curl Your Lashes

Take several diagonal strokes through the hair as you curl. Do not worry about overlapping your lashes as you curl. If they overlap, try and bring them back to their natural position by pulling them apart and leaving a small gap between each lash. This will help them look more natural and show off your eyelashes even more than if you had tried to curl them all in one direction.

  • Step Five: Repeat

Continue curling your lashes for, the next few weeks, focusing on one eye at a time. It may take up to two months to see results. Also, curl each lash individually and slightly overlap each stroke slightly to ensure they are curved to make them look more natural and curl faster.

Why are my lashes so straight?

Why are my lashes growing straight? That’s probably something you’ve asked yourself at one point. It might be frustrating having to curl your eyelashes every time you put on mascara just to have them go back to being straight once the mascara has dried. These are some of the common reasons why your lashes might not curl so well:

  • Follicle Blocks: Eyelash follicles like the ones that grow hair on the head, don’t work properly all of the time. You can get follicles between eyelashes or you can have a single lash growing from a follicle. If a lash grows from a follicle, it will naturally be straight and won’t look good with mascara. If you have several lashes growing from one follicle, they will naturally curl together so you won’t notice any problems unless you try applying mascara.
  • Too much Makeup: Eyelashes will probably be straight if you wear a lot of mascara and eyelash curlers without doing anything to moisturize your eyelids. If you notice this happening, take a good look at your eye makeup routine and try a different moisturizer for a week or two. 
  • Straight lashes also happen if the eyelash curler doesn’t fit your eye shape very well. If you don’t like the way your eyelashes look after curling them too much, try a moisturizer and talk to your eye care provider about getting a new, customized eyelash curler.
  • Eyelash Curler Damage: Using an eyelash curler too much can cause your lashes to not grow properly. If you don’t get enough sleep, you might find that your lashes are already starting to get stuck together due to being glued together by dried mascara. When this happens, you’ll have problems with your eyelashes even if they are normally coated with mascara.


In this article, we have discussed how Asian lashes are typically straight and can be tricky to manage. If you are looking for the best mascara for Asian lashes, then you need to know how different mascaras react with your eye shape. There is no “one-size-fits-all” type of mascara out there, so it’s all about experimenting until you find one that fits your needs!

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