7 Legit Online Data Entry Jobs

legit data entry jobs

One of the easiest jobs on the Internet is data entry. I am going to show you seven websites that are hiring you to do some data entry and much more.

In this post you will find some legit data entry jobs that you can actually do from home. This is a great way for you to make an income online without even having to get in a car and go to work so without any further ado, read on to find out more!

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Remote Jobs

First one is called only remote jobs and this is only remote job on this website. They actually have several jobs that you can go ahead and filter through. If you’re looking for more than just data entry but when you click on data clearing or data entry they actually have. If you want to do copy-writing transcription, customer service, data entry, data analyzing, categorizing online chat agent, data cleaning, crowd sourcing, interpreting and you can also be a project manager.  So this is a good website just for anything that you want to do online. If you’re looking for any type of work online this is a really good website. 

It is stated on the website that most online work requires significant amounts of mental energy but data entry is a largely mechanical process. It’s a simple routine task that’s easy to do and that makes it a perfect starting point for just about anyone to break into the world of online work. With just an hour to a free time, you can easily earn money right from your couch.  Once you are comfortable with that you can start taking on more work  or even branch out into print remote work categories.  So this is a super cool website, they will set you up they’re letting you know that you can work just a few hours a day. If you’re new at data entry, it’s really not that hard to get started. You just routinely complete the tasks that you need to do every single day. It’s a great way for you to get started in working online.

Accutran Global            

Accutran Global, now with this website, they are often hiring but you do have to go ahead and contact them and click on applies for work to make sure that they’re hiring in your area.  They are not always hiring for specific areas but this is a very legit company that hires you to do data entry, captioning, transcribing, voice writing and scoping.

So you  just have to click on apply for  work but you can go ahead and try it and  see if they’re hiring in your area and you have the ability to work  independently and  meet client  deadlines.


Alright so the next website is called Axiondata.  This is axiom data entry services they hire data entry workers looking to put your data entry skills to work.  They have a dedicated stable workforce at Axiondata entry services, so openings are very rare.  While they rarely have openings, when they do  you will be registered in Axion’s database and have prior data entry experience all operators work from home as independent contractors.

That means you will use your unfamiliar equipment, handle your own taxes, and work your own hours.  So this website is suitable if you’re an experienced data entry worker because they don’t often hire, or one-day hire. They will hire you if you have experience. So in conclusion, Axion do need workers with more experience and also you have to be residing in the United States.


The next website is called Clickworker. Clickworker is always looking for Internet users worldwide, who can for example create or correct text, participate in surveys and search and categorize data. They are looking for people to search for data, so it’s a little bit different than data entry.  However the jobs that they have on here are very simple, it’s available worldwide and you are collecting data for other companies. So how it works is you can sign up a click worker for free. You work independently, your schedules flexible and all you need is a computer or a mobile device with an internet connection.

You decide when and how much you want to work on a freelance basis so this one is super easy you can even work from your phone. The types of jobs that you’d be doing are text creation which is create informative text products descriptions or titles about a given topic  categorization, you categorize data of websites and etc copy-writing, copy editors, check corrected text with regard  of content style and exact  implementation of the job instruction. 

 You can do proofreading on here as well. Proof readers assess the text created with regard of spelling, grammar, style, expression and implementation of the job instructions and then you also do research search for data and addresses of companies, restaurants and other localities in the web. So this is very simple data research work and if you’re interested you can take surveys as well to earn some extra cash.  Also if you’re interested you can do mystery visits and it says who wouldn’t enjoy getting paid for a weekly shopping trip visit nearby stores take pictures of products and upload them at Clickworker. That’s it so very simple if you live in a busy city or area you could probably find more jobs with Clickworker.

You can help optimize the design, functionality and usability of different applications and you can also do photo capturing. So make short audio video recordings with your phone, upload and done so.  This is just very simple work at your own pace kind of website. So you basically work whenever you want and you pick out the types of jobs that you want on this website. 


Guru is a freelancing website that is available worldwide and you can find many freelance jobs from around the world.  They are flexible; you can find so many different jobs here all around the world. They do hire data entry workers, all you have to do is type in data entry and as you can see they have a ton of jobs. There are many different companies looking for freelance data entry clerks, so you can browse through the jobs. If you just type in data entry you’ll find a ton of jobs on the website.

For example, a hirer needs a qualified virtual assistant so if you’ve ever done anything like that, choirs a little bit more than data entry,  what this person needs is someone to  handle emails and sort documents from  home.  So there are many  different other jobs on Guru example jobs like customer support  or data  entry and they pay sixteen to nineteen dollars per hour okay and you would be working ten to thirty hours a week for three to six months.

 All right so there are many different ones that you can look through on here.  So this is a really good site for you to go ahead and take a look at data entry jobs they are always hiring and if you are not looking for data entry maybe you want something else they are hiring for other jobs as well.


So Nodesk is where you can come to find remote jobs.  They have jobs from data entry, you can become a digital nomad, remote worker and travel anywhere you want. So you can always check this site for work.  If you work remotely you can find and get hired for remote jobs, learn best practices and how to make working remotely work for you.  So they have a lot of tips on how to work remotely, work from home and they have all sorts of jobs on here. So if you come to this website you can use it as a tool to connect with other people who work remotely and get tips and everything like that.

 You can find a ton of jobs on the website, browse seven hundred plus remote jobs at over five hundred and seventy five companies that offer you the freedom to work from anywhere, work remotely from home or places around the world. Jobs such as customer support design, engineering, marketing, operations, sales and more of these categories.

Just click on remote jobs, are the jobs that they have featured right on the front page with many different companies are hiring from anywhere. They are looking for a full time data engineer but you can come over to the website and look for all sorts of jobs. What you can do also is if you know  exactly what you’re looking for you can  type it in, so you can definitely come up  here and look for a job from anywhere in the world.


The last website is called remoteglobal and this is very similar to the last one and you can work and the jobs are 100% remote. You can work from anywhere and this is also worldwide. As you can see they have lots of worldwide and global opportunities.

Here are the categories you can search by region and you can also search by keywords. You can put in the keywords of the certain jobs that you are looking for. All right so another thing that you can do with this is you can get job alerts and actually get notified whenever new jobs pop up.

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